National Kouign Amann Day - Celebrate National Kouign Amann Day and learn to transform this simple tea-time snack into a delectable dessert.

National Kouign Amann Day 2024 – June 20, 2024

National Kouign Amann Day falls on June 20 each year. Made with a simple recipe of flour, butter, and sugar, kouign amann is made in different varieties and flavors. Since it originates in the region of Brittany, the kouign amann combines the simplicity of Welsh foods with the elegance of French taste.

History of National Kouign Amann Day

Americans love to celebrate National Kouign Amann Day because it reminds them of the history of their food and how cuisines from different parts of the world have been Americanized over the centuries. The tradition of celebrating this day is, however, relatively new.The initiative was taken up by b. patisserie, a French-style bakery based in San Francisco, California. The owners, Belinda Leong and Michel Suas, were well-established in the community with their vibrant patisserie and baking school along with enviable credentials, to say the least.They began with a mission to create awareness about kouign amann and to make it a highly popular product across the country. At the same time, they were driven by the desire to contribute to the community as they committed to donate 10% of all their proceeds on this day to Family House, which is a charity for children with cancer.

National Kouign Amann Day timeline

The Kouign Amann is Invented

Yves Scordia, a French baker in the town of Finistere in western France, improvises his recipe for croissants to make the first kouign amann.

Pastry Becomes Popular

New Yorkers take a keen interest in new types of pastries such as cronuts and kouign amann.

Belinda and Michel Come Along

The two highly successful pastry chefs Belinda Leong and Michel Suas join up to establish b. patisserie in San Francisco.

Official Recognition

National Kouign Amann Day becomes a nationally celebrated day on the national calendar.

National Kouign Amann Day FAQs

What flavors can I add to kouign amann?

While the natural buttery flavor is the best, you can add coffee, cocoa, caramel, and almond to create a variety of flavors.

Can kouign amann be had the next day?

Yes, provided that you keep them in an airtight container and reheat them for about five minutes in the oven before serving.

Can I use croissant pastry dough to make kouign amann?

Croissant pastry dough is made by adding milk to the mixture, so you should prepare kouign amann dough separately without adding any milk.

How to Celebrate National Kouign Amann Day

  1. Try making one yourself

    Kouign amann is very easy to make. If you are using a very basic recipe, you only need flour, butter, and sugar. To start, you need to prepare a nice dough with a good amount of yeast. Then you simply roll in the butter and keep applying more. The more you do this, the flakier and fluffier your pastry becomes. There are many interesting videos and online tutorials you can follow to prepare delicious kouign amann.

  2. Have a traditional tea party

    If you don’t like to sweat it out in the kitchen, you can simply order a batch of fresh kouign amann from the local patisserie and treat your family to a nice cozy tea party. Everyone loves an opportunity to have an afternoon snack with their loved ones and try out some delicious new food. It can be an excellent way to bond with your family by taking out some time from your busy schedule.

  3. Explore French pastry

    Nobody makes pastries like the French. While you are at it, why not explore other kinds of French pastries and see which ones you like. Every region has its own variation depending on the ingredients and technique. Try some of the lesser-known bakeries and patisseries tucked away in the inner parts of the city. You might be surprised by the authentic tastes that they offer.

5 Facts About Pastries That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Proportions of sugar and butter

    Different types of pastries are made by varying the proportion of sugar and butter.

  2. The birthplace of pastries

    Most of the pastries that are known today have originated in France.

  3. Different types of filling

    Pastries can be made with different types of filling, such as cream, fruit, or chocolate.

  4. The secret ingredient

    The authentic taste of any kind of pastry is attributed to the butter, which depends on how much salt is added to it, the type of grass the cows that it came from fed on, etc.

  5. It spread through pirates

    French pirates are often credited with taking the kouign amann to other parts of Europe, especially in the 18th century.

Why We Love National Kouign Amann Day

  1. It’s a great lesson in history

    Celebrating National Kouign Amann Day is a fantastic way to learn about the history of the food we eat. Since America is such a diverse nation, it has foods and recipes that originated in different parts of the world that were adapted to its unique climate and way of life. By tracing the different ingredients and baking techniques, one can learn so much about how people from different regions have contributed to the rich heritage of our country.

  2. It teaches you new skills

    Pastry-making is a true art and learning to make different kinds of pastry such as kouign amann can be very satisfying and rewarding. You can make them for your family as a special treat. You could even start your own business from home if you become really good at making kouign amann and other types of pastries.

  3. It is good for socializing

    Having coffee or tea with pastries is a great way to break the ice with new people or to make new friends in the neighborhood or at the office. You do not need to make a fresh batch of pastries every time, since one roll of pastry dough lasts pretty well in the freezer.

National Kouign Amann Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 June 20 Tuesday
2024 June 20 Thursday
2025 June 20 Friday
2026 June 20 Saturday
2027 June 20 Sunday