National Lina Day - It’s National Lina Day. No Lina will be left without congratulations and gifts on this day.

National Lina Day 2025 – March 9, 2025

National Lina Day is celebrated on March 9 each year. It is a day to celebrate the life of all Linas. Lina is a short form of various names ending in ‘-lina,’ namely Catalina, Angelina, Carmelina, Carolina, Marcelina, Nikolina, and Rosalina, to name a few. The region of origin is Germany. In addition, the root of the name can be traced back to ancient Iranian and Greek languages. On this occasion, people organize small celebrations for their friends, relatives, and colleagues named Lina. After all, every Lina should receive congratulations on her day.

History of National Lina Day

Lina has different meanings in several languages. It is usually considered a transcription of the Arabic ‘Līna,’ which is the name of a type of small young palm tree. In Arabic, it means ‘tender’ or ‘tenderness.’ It is also said that Lina comes from Sanskrit, which means ‘united,’ or ‘absorbed.’ In Greek, Lina is written as Λίνα, which means ‘sunlight’ and also refers to the olive crown used for a hero. In Persian, the name means ‘light,’ “ray of sunshine,” or “beautiful girl.” In Kurdish, it means “cascading waterfall.”Lina is a female form of the name ‘Linas,’ a common name among people of Lithuanian origin. The popular nicknames for Lina are Ina, Lani, Lila, Lilli, and Lina. Male versions of Lina are names for boys Lino or Linus. Lina’s name is also rooted in France and China. In Chinese, ‘Li’ means ‘beautiful,’ and ‘Na’ means ‘elegant.’Lina is a common female name in Spain, and the Middle East, such as Egypt, Iraq, Northern Iraq, Iran, France, Italy, Central Asia, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, especially among those born after 1980. It is popular in Slovenia as well as in Scandinavian countries such as the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. According to the American rating, in 1880, the name was in the top 200 but then declined, becoming less and less used. However, after 2008, the rating went up again. As of 2020, Lina ranks 684th in the United States, 6th in Germany, and 5th in Belgium.Famous people named Lina include Ukrainian artist Lina Condes, American singer Lina Santiago, German writer Lina Ramann, and Ukrainian poet and writer Lina Kostenko, among others.

National Lina Day timeline

Lina in the Silent Film Era

Lina Basquette, an American actress, stars in the film “The Godless Girl,” which is based on the life of Queen Silver.

A Musical Has Lina as a Lead

“Singin’ in the Rain” is an American musical romantic comedy and the main character is named Lina Lamont.

A Fictional Lina

Lina Inverse is one of the most popular anime characters in Japanese manga and the anime series “Slayers.”

Lina Writes History

Lina Khan is the third Asian-American to serve on the Federal Trade Commission.

National Lina Day FAQs

What does Lina mean in Latin?

In Latin, the name ‘Lina’ means ‘strong.’

Is Lina a biblical name?

This name in Hebrew means ‘alive’ or ‘noble.’

What does Lina mean in Spanish?

In Spanish, “una lina” translates as “one line.”

National Lina Day Activities

  1. Read up on the name

    National Lina Day is a great day to learn more about this rare name. Look for information about the history of this name and some interesting facts and events related to it.

  2. Give Lina a present

    Make Lina happy on her day by buying a gift or even making one with your own hands! It can be a personal t-shirt with a photo, a bracelet, or a pen.

  3. Post a story

    You have the opportunity to congratulate all the people named Lina by posting a story on your social media account. Write sincere and warm wishes, and include famous people and their achievements.

5 Facts About Lina Esco That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Lina Esco appeared in music videos

    Esco’s first music video was “Jealous,” followed by “Southside” and “Amalgam.”

  2. She founded the ‘Free The Nipple’ movement

    Esco supports many advocacies and even established an organization that seeks to unite men and women to end gender inequality.

  3. She co-founded ‘The Human Campaign’

    Together with Trevor Neilson, Esco started a political campaign that seeks to include equal rights in the U.S. Constitution.

  4. She has a passion for boxing

    Boxing is Esco’s long-standing passion, as she is naturally drawn to sports.

  5. She practices transcendental meditation

    Esco believes in the power of meditation, and she regularly practices transcendental meditation because she considers it necessary for her brain.

Why We Love National Lina Day

  1. It has an unusual history

    Lina’s name has undergone many changes and variations since it first came into use. National Lina Day celebrates an interesting and long way through which the name passed to its final form and popularity.

  2. We respect the name

    Each name deserves respect and its unique history. On National Lina Day, we express our respect for such a name as Lina.

  3. We can honor the memory

    There are many famous people with this name. These are writers, actors, singers, politicians, and athletes who have already died. National Lina Day commemorates all of Lina’s contributions to this world.

National Lina Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 March 9 Thursday
2024 March 9 Saturday
2025 March 9 Sunday
2026 March 9 Monday
2027 March 9 Tuesday