National Lineman Appreciation Day - Linemen (and women) work on power or phone lines. We pay tribute on National Lineman Appreciation Day while remembering the pop classic "Wichita Lineman.

National Lineman Appreciation Day 2025 – April 18, 2025

Not every holiday’s lucky enough to have a classic pop song attached to it.  But that’s exactly how things turned out for National Lineman Appreciation Day.“I am a lineman for the county And I drive the main road Searchin’ in the sun for another overload…”Jimmy Webb wrote “Wichita Lineman” in 1968 and Glen Campbell recorded it later that year. “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked it at number 195 on a list of the 500 greatest songs of all time.More on that later.Linemen (and women) work on power or phone lines — keeping the current flowing to our homes and businesses. It’s a dangerous job. After 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, the 113th Congress passed a bill designating April 18 as National Lineman Appreciation Day.The bill became law in 2013.

National Lineman Appreciation Day timeline

Linemen began work

The introduction of telegraph lines on trees and poles for long-distance communication created the need for linemen.

A dangerous job

Labor organizations eventually formed to represent the workers and advocate for their safety.

Demand for linemen grew

They traveled from city to city, making a good living and returning home between jobs.

Wichita Lineman

Songwriter Jimmy Webb noticed a solitary lineman atop a pole while driving through southwestern Oklahoma, recalling it later as "the picture of loneliness.

The American Lineman

Alan Drew's book "The American Lineman: Honoring the Evolution and Importance of One of the Nation's Toughest, Most Admired Professions" has over 500 photos and illustrations.

National Lineman Appreciation Day Activities

  1. Say you appreciate them

    Maybe you can spot one working in your neighborhood, or send your power company a note when they come through for you.

  2. #thankalineman

    Post on social media with this hashtag to encourage others to appreciate and recognize the important job that linemen do.

  3. Donate to a fallen lineman

    Nonprofits seek assistance for injured linemen and their families. Help out on this day.

5 Powerful Facts About Linemen (and Women)

  1. Safety first

    All linemen wear personal protective equipment that includes rubber gloves, rubber sleeves, flame-resistant clothing, and bucket liners.

  2. The Kiss of Life

    Rocco Morabito's famous 1967 photo captured a lineman giving an unconscious lineman mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while in a harness on a pole. The unconscious lineman survived and the picture became famous.

  3. They receive good training

    A lineworker apprentice takes part in a four-year training program before becoming a "Journey Lineworker.

  4. The storm that kept lineman busy

    Over 67,000 lineman responded to Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

  5. All American

    There are approximately 115,000 linemen in the U.S.

Why We Love National Lineman Appreciation Day

  1. They keep the power running

    Think about going without power for just one day. Linemen work behind (or, actually above) the scene so we can keep our lives moving.

  2. A risky occupation

    Dealing with high voltage electrical wires at great heights is dangerous. Linemen are brave enough to get the job done.

  3. They give up family time for us

    They work tirelessly, often during odd hours, away from their families to address electrical problems.

National Lineman Appreciation Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 April 18 Tuesday
2024 April 18 Thursday
2025 April 18 Friday
2026 April 18 Saturday
2027 April 18 Sunday