National Making Life Beautiful Day - Remove those Snapchat and Instagram filters; see people for their real beauty!

National Making Life Beautiful Day 2025 – June 11, 2025

National Making Life Beautiful Day is celebrated on June 11 each year, and we wish it was not just one day in a year. However, it is also up to us to decide to make life beautiful every day, so to encourage such a mindset, we bring you the beautiful facts about this very special day. First and foremost, the purpose of National Making Life Beautiful Day is to celebrate those who make life beautiful for others — be it our own or a larger group of people. The truly freeing part is that you often do not even realize when or how you are creating beauty in the life of another. You could be investing in relationships, or lobbying for causes you feel strongly about, or just encouraging someone when they feel blue — these are all beautiful actions that are bound to have a ripple effect. The word beauty itself is so vast that essentially everyone deserves to be celebrated on this day, just for adding beauty to the life of at least one other person in some subjective way.

History of National Making Life Beautiful Day

The inception of National Making Life Beautiful Day was on June 11, 2015, the founding anniversary of Apriori Beauty — an organic skincare and beauty products company based in Laguna Hills, California, which began in 2009. The reason behind the company’s submission for such a day to be commemorated as a national holiday was to help launch their mission to help people recognize their inner beauty, by making them feel beautiful. It then also evolved into a celebration of those who do make life beautiful for others, in a myriad of ways. One can never underestimate the beauty of making someone else feel good about themselves or love themselves a little more, so this day was founded in the hopes that this form of beauty would spread. The company’s mission statement is threefold, aiming to achieve beauty through “pure product innovation”, “building relationships” and “beauty that comes from personal success”. They also tied up with the non-profit Foundation Apriority, which supports womens’ charitable initiatives.British Romantic poet John Keats wrote, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” and that assures us that the impact we may have on someone’s life can be a memory that brings joy to them forever. Everyone expresses things in different ways. Some may create art to make life beautiful for many, while others may add beauty by simply performing their job well, especially in the case of service providers and laborers. These beautiful people serve, empower, and lead by example, so this day needs to be a celebration of them.

National Making Life Beautiful Day timeline

Songs on Life

Pop group Ace of Base release their song ‘It’s A Beautiful Life.’

Apriori Beauty is Founded

Californian beauty product company Apriori Beauty is founded on June 11.

Message Through Art

Street graffiti artist Banksy paints his “Life is Beautiful” mural on West Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

National Making Life Beautiful Day is Officiated

Apriori Beauty submits a request for the day to become a national holiday.

National Making Life Beautiful Day FAQs

What National Day is June 11?

Some of the national holidays celebrated on June 11 include National Making Life Beautiful Day, National Corn On The Cob Day, and National German Chocolate Cake Day. 

What day is Beautiful Day?

Beautiful Day takes place on November 20, 2021. The origin of the day is unknown, which means what you choose to celebrate on this day is entirely subjective and personal. The larger intention is for beauty to be seen in the ordinary or mundane details of life. National Making Life Beautiful Day differs from this because the focus is more on people and relationships and how, as human beings, we add beauty to the lives of others. 

Who initiated National Making Life Beautiful Day?

Apriori Beauty started and registered National Making Life Beautiful Day on June 11, 2015.

How to Celebrate National Making Life Beautiful Day

  1. Watch a ‘beautiful’ movie

    Gather your loved ones and plan a movie night, based on movies with the word ‘beautiful’ or ‘beauty’ in their titles. To get the ball rolling, we have a few (highly recommended) inspiring suggestions — “Life is Beautiful,” “A Beautiful Mind,” or “Beauty and the Beast.” P.S., make sure you have a box of tissues handy!

  2. Sit, reflect, appreciate

    Take a quiet moment to pause and think deeply about the people in your life who make, or have made, life beautiful for you. Maybe jot those thoughts and names down in a journal. Then find ways in which you can express your appreciation for them, perhaps through a note, a phone call, a gift, or any other way. There’s no limit to the ways in which you can make someone feel special.

  3. Immerse yourself in beauty

    Whether you want to take in the natural beauty of your surroundings or enjoy things of beauty created by others (art, music, etc.), use this day to remind yourself of all the ways in which life is beautiful, and find a way to celebrate it by adding to the beauty. Even a small compliment can fill someone’s bucket, so go as small or big as you want (like donating to a beautiful cause).

5 Non-Obvious Ways To Beautify Someone’s Day

  1. Listen

    Take time to sit with someone and just listen to them.

  2. Start at home

    Whether it’s doing a chore for someone else or spending quality time, start at home.

  3. Set a personal goal

    We often don’t realize the power of leading by example.

  4. Forgive

    Let go of that grudge you have been harboring, it can free you too.

  5. Shoutouts

    Give a public shoutout on social media for a person who is doing a beautiful thing.

Why We Love National Making Life Beautiful Day

  1. Positive vibes all around

    When you think of beauty, there is no negative connotation that pops up. So it frees us to spread positivity all around as we look for ways to make life a little more beautiful for others around us. The best part is that it’s a win-win, as doing something for others inevitably makes us happier too.

  2. A beautiful message for everyone

    The message of National Making Life Beautiful Day transcends all other differences (cultural, ethnic, regional, religious, and so on) and unites us as fellow human beings. There are no barriers or limitations when it comes to adding beauty — the sky’s the limit!

  3. Ripple effect

    Often with such days, the potential for movements to be created around them is always there, as with this day, which helps us recognize those who add beauty to our lives and think of ways we can pay it forward. Social media is a tool for movements around such days to gain traction and spread, so you never know just how far-reaching the ripples may be.

National Making Life Beautiful Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 June 11 Sunday
2024 June 11 Tuesday
2025 June 11 Wednesday
2026 June 11 Thursday
2027 June 11 Friday