National Martha Day - It’s National Martha Day, a day when the universe revolves around Marthas as it rightly should.

National Martha Day 2024 – December 27, 2024

National Martha Day is celebrated every year on December 27. There’s no disputing that Martha is a lady — the name’s origins in Aramaic mean exactly that. The name means “the lady” — no ordinary woman, this! Martha’s image was set in stone for centuries, given her biblical roots. She epitomized the traditional prim and proper lady, excelling at whatever she chose to do around the house. Over the years, Martha’s broken free from this box. She’s generous, full of outrageous surprises, and the life of the party when she needs to be. It’s one of the reasons we adore Martha and celebrate her today!

History of National Martha Day

Most people are familiar with Martha from the ‘New Testament’ in the “Bible.” For the unversed, Martha is the sister of Mary and Lazarus, the man Jesus famously raised from the dead. All three lived in Bethany and were close friends with Christ. One day, when Jesus stopped by to visit, Mary sat at his feet, listening closely while Martha busied herself preparing meals for her guests. A frazzled Martha reprimanded Jesus for keeping Mary from her chores. Jesus replied that Mary had made the better choice, much to Martha’s bewilderment. For Christians everywhere, the story of Martha and Mary is a lesson in priorities.Martha’s reputation as a dutiful housekeeper stuck. She became the patron saint of housewives, cooks, and waiters. It brings to mind a famous namesake of recent times, Martha Stewart, who transformed a catering venture into a bestselling book, magazine, T.V. show, and business empire. The domestic goddess has a reputation for steely perfection that’s almost chilling. However, given her unlikely friendships and occasional trouble with the law, Martha shows us there’s more to her than meets the eye.Other Marthas around the world corroborate this fact. In Scandinavia, Martha is usually a royal name. You also know you’ve made it when there’s a Beatles song with your name on it. In “Martha My Dear,” there’s no disputing Martha’s worth. Far from proper, Martha is quite silly and lovable in this one. Every Martha-related story shows how you never know what to expect with her — and that’s why we love Marthas so much.

National Martha Day timeline

1789 — 1797
Lady Washington

Martha Washington is the First Lady of the United States.

Martha in the Movies

Martha Hyer is memorable in “Some Came Running” and receives an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Not So Prim and Proper

Mexican boxer Martha Salazar wins the W.B.F. Heavyweight title against Tanzee Daniel.

Martha’s Mean Roasts

Martha Stewart drops the mic and the jaws as she lets insults fly during “The Justin Bieber Roast.”

National Martha Day FAQs

Is Martha a rare name?

Martha as a name has become rarer to find. In 2020, one out of 5,032 baby girls was named Martha.

What is the male version of Martha?

Ancient Romans may have had a male version of the name. It was probably Martinus, a linguistic derivation of Martha.

What does the “Bible” say about Martha?

Literal interpretations of Martha’s story in the “Bible” don’t give her much credit. However, as someone who wants to get stuff done, Martha symbolizes service and generosity.

National Martha Day Activities

  1. Channel your inner Martha

    Marthas of the past exemplified authenticity. Stay true to the course — whether cooking up a storm or fighting personal battles.

  2. Show Martha some love

    Do you have Marthas in the family or community? Rally your loved ones and plan a special day for the amazing Martha in your life.

  3. Spruce up your home or kitchen

    Make the O.G. Martha proud by elevating your housekeeping game today. Decorate a corner, perhaps, or bake something delicious for everyone to enjoy.

5 Facts About Martha Stewart That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. She was a hustler from the start

    Stewart started modeling at age 13 and continued so that she could pay for her college tuition.

  2. She went from stocks to cooking shows

    Stewart was a successful Wall Street stockbroker before leaving to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams.

  3. She broke up with Sir Anthony Hopkins

    She couldn’t stop picturing him as Hannibal Lecter in “The Silence Of The Lambs.”

  4. She’s had infamous brushes with the law

    Stewart spent five months in prison after she was found guilty of insider trading.

  5. She and Snoop Dogg are B.F.F.s

    The two have been fast friends since Snoop Dogg first appeared on “The Martha Stewart Show” in 2008.

Why We Love National Martha Day

  1. Martha deserves it

    The world usually expects Martha to get things done. Not today. Today, she gets a much-deserved break and pampering.

  2. Only you define you

    It’s not the name you were born with, but who you are that matters. The Marthas of the world prove this.

  3. It checks assumptions

    They say Martha is old-fashioned. Did they assume that just from the name? And why is old-fashioned a bad thing, anyway? Martha demonstrates how we’re too quick to judge.

National Martha Day dates

Year Date Day
2022 December 27 Tuesday
2023 December 27 Wednesday
2024 December 27 Friday
2025 December 27 Saturday
2026 December 27 Sunday