National Pitbull Awareness Month - Join all dog lovers across the U.S. in celebrating National Pitbull Awareness Month!

National Pitbull Awareness Month 2024 – October 2024

National Pitbull Awareness Month is celebrated every October. Whenever it pertains to pit bulls or being in their company, many people are apprehensive about it. Because it’s National Pitbull Awareness Month, organizations can spread the pleasure and love that Pitbulls can contribute to your life. Do you think American Pitbulls are vicious and dangerous fighting dogs? What makes you feel uncomfortable when you pass that home with a pit bull on the lawn? If you haven’t yet discovered that pit bulls are affectionate and amusing pets, National Pitbull Awareness Month is for you.

History of National Pitbull Awareness Month

The National Pitbull Awareness Month was formed in 2007 to assist in increasing awareness of the truth about pit bulls. Pitbull rescue and education group Bless the Bullys in Tennessee came up with the concept of National Pitbull Awareness Month, which quickly caught on and spread throughout the country. Pitbulls have been referred to as ‘nanny dogs’ for almost a century because of their loyalty, docility, and love.Pitbulls were once viewed as a representation of American pride. They can be therapy and service dogs too. You can depend on them for anything. The traits that make these dogs such great companions — like loyalty, strength, and a desire to please their family — however, they have been misused by a small number of people, leading to criticism of the entire breed throughout time. They are perceived as being nasty, malevolent, and possibly deadly creatures. a portrayal that is far from accurate and is based more on the conduct of criticized people than that of animals.Pitbulls were bred for dog fighting, which was regrettably common at the time, but they were developed in England in the 18th century as a hybrid between a bulldog and a terrier to help reduce pests and rats brought on by the Industrial Revolution. Even before the breed was dubbed the American Staffordshire Pitbull in the 1980s, many who breed and own the dogs have long believed them to be devoted family companions.

National Pitbull Awareness Month timeline

Pitbulls are Imported

Pitbulls are imported from England to serve as barn dogs as well as household defenders.

America's Dog

During WWII, Pitbulls become the national mascot of the United States, earning the moniker ‘America's dog.’

Resurgence of Dog Fighting

Dogfighting makes a comeback, hurting pitbulls' image.

National Pitbull Awareness Month

National Pitbull Awareness Month is established as a countrywide effort to raise positive awareness and attention for pit bulls and their responsible dog owners.

National Pitbull Awareness Month FAQs

Is a pitbull a good family dog?

Other pit bulls have been bred specifically for work and emotional support. These canines have long been ideal family pets, and they are known for their tenderness, devotion, and loyalty.

Are pit bulls smart?

Pitbulls, specifically the American Staffordshire Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier, are intelligent dogs with average to above-average intelligence. They are the 48th and 94th smartest dog breeds in terms of obedience and working intelligence, respectively.

Are pit bulls easy to train?

Pitbulls are intelligent dogs that are gentle with their owners and fairly easy to train because they want to please them. When it comes to pit bull training, praise is essential at all stages. Positive training methods will be most effective with this breed.

National Pitbull Awareness Month Activities

  1. Show love to a pitbull

    Take measures and ask the puppies' owners whether the canines are friendly and receptive to stranger hugs, but offer your love to every pit bull you see while keeping safety in mind. Just like humans, dogs crave affection and emotional interaction from their human friends.

  2. Educate young people

    Predispose future generations to good pitbull images and thoughts by teaching them how to handle all animals with compassion and caution so that all of their encounters with all animals will be pleasant. Animals are an amazing way to teach your child empathy, kindness, and self-esteem

  3. Share positive pitbull stories

    Share pitbull hero tales and films with other people. There are so many tales out there about amazing pit bulls and positive stories should be used to counteract the bad ones.

5 Interesting Facts About Pitbulls

  1. ‘Pitbull’ is not an official breed

    The word ‘pitbull’ refers to the three recognized breeds of dogs — the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the American Pit Bull Terrier.

  2. They were dubbed Nanny Dogs

    Despite their negative reputation, pit bulls were the breed of choice for parents with young children.

  3. Originally bred to herd livestock

    They were initially designed to drive and capture cattle.

  4. Eight to 15-year life expectancy

    When compared to all other dog breeds, pit bulls have an average life expectancy.

  5. They are climbers

    Pitbulls have an athletic body and are very quick, which makes it easy for them to climb fences.

Why We Love National Pitbull Awareness Month

  1. They are loving

    Pitbulls are highly sociable, devoted, and cheerful animals, and their positive attitudes are contagious. As working dogs and companions who frequently work alongside people, they grow incredibly devoted to the entire family.

  2. They are great cuddlers

    Pitbulls are excellent cuddlers, so if you don't enjoy snuggling with your dog, you should consider a different breed. They cuddle to get warmth, bond with their family members, or pack, and because it releases chemicals and hormones that make them feel good

  3. They are loyal

    If a pitbull could be described in one word, it would be loyal. When you go to a shelter, you won't find a dog who is happier about seeing you than a pitbull.

National Pitbull Awareness Month dates

Year Date Day
2023 October 1 Sunday
2024 October 1 Tuesday
2025 October 1 Wednesday
2026 October 1 Thursday
2027 October 1 Friday
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