National Plus Size Appreciation Day - When it comes to beauty, one size doesn't fit all.

National Plus Size Appreciation Day 2024 – October 6, 2024

National Plus Size Appreciation Day serves as a great opportunity to remind ourselves that when it comes to beauty, one size doesn’t fit all. The purpose of the October 6 holiday is to celebrate the curves that men and women everywhere rock. So, whether you happen to be plus sized or not, get out and spread the word that having a little more to love can be a truly fantastic thing.

National Plus Size Appreciation Day timeline

The launch of Lane Bryant​

Lane Bryant began selling clothes marketed towards the "stout woman."​

High end plus-size clothing​

Marina Rinaldi, founded by Max Mara, became one of the first high-end clothing lines for plus-size women. ​

Sports Illustrated" went plus size​

Ashley Graham became the first plus-size model to appear on the "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit Edition cover.

First National Plus Size Appreciation Day​

For the first time ever, October ​6 is dedicated as National Plus Size Appreciation Day.

National Plus Size Appreciation Day Activities

  1. Talk about it on social media

    Give National Plus Size Appreciation Day a shoutout on your social media accounts. Talking about this day on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram will help spread the word.

  2. Attend a plus-size fashion show

    Since bodies come in all different shapes and sizes, so do our clothes. Keep up with current trends in plus- size fashion by attending a fashion show. It's fun to keep a pulse on the new trends popping up in the fashion industry.

  3. Give a compliment

    An overall theme of National Plus Size Appreciation Day is to make sure that every person feels good in his or her own skin. In honor of this day, make it a point to dish out a few extra compliments to family, friends, and even strangers. There's a good chance a simple, sincere compliment will make someone's day.

3 Important Things To Know About Plus-Size Models

  1. ​Their bodies are healthy

    Plus size is far from being synonymous with unhealthy; in fact, many plus-size models are in excellent physical health.

  2. Some curves may be fake

    Clothing isn't one size fits all, so many models pad parts of their bodies in order to fill out the clothing they are wearing. ​

  3. Is size 6 really plus size?

    You may be surprised to find out that in the modeling world, plus size is designated to women sizes 6-16.​

Why We Love National Plus Size Appreciation Day

  1. National Plus Size Appreciation Day boosts body confidence

    We can all be a little insecure about our appearance sometimes. What we love about National Plus Size Appreciation Day, though, is that it's dedicated to making sure that men and women with a little more to love remember that their bodies are truly beautiful.

  2. It helps to normalize the appearance of plus-sized models

    For years, fashion ads only featured ultra-slim models. Thankfully, within the past few years, plus-sized models have been making an appearance. National Plus Size Appreciation Day is a great time to remember that these curvaceous models more accurately depict what men and women really look like.

  3. It's something fun to rally behind

    Regardless of your body size, everyone can celebrate the message. Let's work to end body shaming, and instead celebrate all of the different shapes and sizes that human bodies come in.

National Plus Size Appreciation Day dates

Year Date Day
2022 October 6 Thursday
2023 October 6 Friday
2024 October 6 Sunday
2025 October 6 Monday
2026 October 6 Tuesday