National Pneumatics Day - This National Pneumatics Day, highlight the importance of sustainable pneumatic automation in optimizing machine performance.

National Pneumatics Day 2025 – April 27, 2025

National Pneumatics Day, celebrated on April 27, was picked by S.M.C. Corporation of America since its parent business, S.M.C. Corporation, was formed on that date in Japan, in 1959. S.M.C. Corporation is the world’s leading provider of pneumatic components. On this day, S.M.C. Corporation of America aims to emphasize the importance of clean, dry compressed air in industrial automation and processing equipment for achieving sustainable manufacturing, peak performance, and product longevity. For those who are unaware, the use of compressed air to store or transport energy is known as pneumatics. It is widely employed in industrial automation and general production.

History of National Pneumatics Day

Pneumatics dates back perhaps to the first century, when Hero of Alexandria, an ancient Greek mathematician, wrote of his inventions that were propelled by steam or the wind. Otto von Guericke, a German physicist, expanded on the concept and invented the vacuum pump, a device that can pull air or gas from whichever vessel it is attached to. Using air pressures, he demonstrated how to use the vacuum pump to separate the pairs of copper hemispheres. The field of pneumatics has evolved significantly throughout time. It has progressed from small portable gadgets to big machines with several pieces that perform various purposes. S.M.C. Corporation, a Japanese TOPIX Large 70 firm founded in 1959, established National Pneumatics Day in November 2020.Sintered Metal Corporation, which specializes in engineering pneumatic control to facilitate industrial automation, was created as S.M.C. Corporation. S.M.C. designs and manufactures a wide range of control systems and equipment for a variety of applications. The headquarters of S.M.C. is in Tokyo, Japan. S.M.C. Corporation had grown to the point that it had established a completely owned subsidiary in the United States in 1977 which was known as S.M.C. Pneumatics Inc. The S.M.C. subsidiary in America was eventually renamed the S.M.C. Corporation of America in 2001. Its global network now spans 83 nations around the world.S.M.C. Corporation is the world’s largest pneumatics firm, with technical development centers dedicated to long-term factory automation. With technical facilities throughout the United States, Europe, and China, as well as Japan, the corporation has a global engineering network.

National Pneumatics Day timeline

The Founding of S.M.C. Corporation

S.M.C. Corporation, a Japanese TOPIX Large 70 firm, is founded in 1959.

A New Name

S.M.C. Pneumatics Inc. is renamed the S.M.C. Corporation of America in 2001.

National Pneumatics Day Exists

S.M.C. Corporation establishes National Pneumatics Day in November 2020.

The First Pneumatics Day Celebration

S.M.C. Corporation of America celebrates the first-ever National Pneumatics Day in America.

National Pneumatics Day FAQs

Are pneumatic engines efficient?

Yes. When a motorcycle’s speed exceeds 20 km/h, a pneumatic engine increases its efficiency by 70%.

Who invented the pneumatic drill?

Samuel Ingersoll devised the pneumatic drill in 1871, along with a pneumatic-powered hammer.

What is an example of a pneumatic tool?

A jackhammer, which is used by road workers, is a pneumatic tool.

National Pneumatics Day Activities

  1. Study S.M.C's history

    Learn about the company's history and accomplishments by visiting its website. Try to virtually attend one of the many webinars that have been organized specifically for this occasion.

  2. Use environmentally friendly products

    You can celebrate this day by participating in activities that reduce CO2 emissions. To accomplish this, buy environmentally friendly products.

  3. Reduce your power usage

    If you work in the industry, mark the occasion by ensuring that your industrial compressed air system is in good working order. Begin by eliminating air leaks, replacing pneumatic air filters, and lowering the air compressor pressure supply. These actions can aid in the reduction of power usage and industrial CO2 emissions.

5 Interesting Facts About Pneumatics

  1. It is used for robot testing

    Pneumatics is utilized on robots to increase their strength while lowering their weight.

  2. It is more powerful

    With the same weight, pneumatic systems are more powerful than mechanical motors.

  3. It was used for enhancing steam engines

    In the 1770s, James Watt’s steam engine used air valves to control the steam inside his engine and consequently increase its efficiency.

  4. It is used in dentistry

    Pneumatic techniques are used by dentists to operate drill bits.

  5. It makes your Disneyland dreams come true

    The Enchanted Tiki Birds, Walt Disney's first audio-animatronic characters, moved thanks to pneumatics in Disneyland in 1963.

Why We Love National Pneumatics Day

  1. Pneumatic systems are durable and dependable

    In comparison to electromotive systems, pneumatic systems are more durable and dependable. Their simple design allows for variable speed movement and is restricted to the bare minimum.

  2. Pneumatics is budget-friendly

    Pneumatics is simple to maintain and can be implemented at a low cost. The extended life of a pneumatic system ensures that maintenance and repair expenses are much lower than those of most other systems.

  3. It raises environmental awareness

    National Pneumatics Day aims to promote sustainable pneumatic automation. One of the important topics of discussion is ways to limit industrial CO2 emissions and prevent machine wear out, with solutions ranging from air leak minimization to filter change and pressure supply.

National Pneumatics Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 April 27 Thursday
2024 April 27 Saturday
2025 April 27 Sunday
2026 April 27 Monday
2027 April 27 Tuesday