National Promposal Day - Are you ready for National Promposal Day on March 11? Learn about the history of the promposal and get celebration ideas!

National Promposal Day 2025 – March 11, 2025

Get out your hot glue gun, because it’s National Promposal Day on March 11! The promposal, the act of asking your boo to prom in a super elaborate way, was first invented in 2001 (as far as we can tell. Promposal history can get a little fuzzy). And, while the promposal has been around forever, National Promposal Day was officially established by Men’s Wearhouse in 2016. As Certified Promposal Enthusiasts™, we’re personally ecstatic to have a day where the tiny little romantics of the world are celebrated! Rock on, high schoolers, rock on.

National Promposal Day timeline

19th century
Where Prom Began

The early American prom, short for promenade, is an event held for college students and has its roots in debutante balls.

Blurred History

Although its origins aren’t clear, many believe promposals started in 2001.

Hollywood Loves Prom

The movie “Prom” is released, centering around the excitement and anticipation leading up to the grand event.

The Best Night of Your Teenage Life

National Promposal Day is made official by ‘Certified Promposal Enthusiasts’ Men’s Wearhouse.

National Promposal Day Activities

  1. Watch a promposal compilation

    I’m sure you saw this one coming. Promposal compilations showcase the creativity, heart, and tenacity of high schoolers. It’s only right to honor their efforts by giving them views! Find these compilations on YouTube, or on your Facebook feed.

  2. Find your old prom dress or tux

    We know you have your old prom dress or tux in the back of your closet. You should bring it out and let it see the light! If it still fits, why not host a prom outfit party? You and your friends can all give your prom clothes their second wind. It’s a great excuse to get fancy and cook some delicious food.

  3. Engineer a different elaborate proposal

    If you haven’t been to prom yet, you should clearly plan a promposal of your own. However, if you’re past prom age, elaborately propose something else! Even if it’s a small occasion, it’s still fun to get grandiose. Show your significant other how much you care for them, or even elaborately propose getting a sandwich with a friend! It’s all fair game.

Why We Love National Promposal Day

  1. Love actually is all around

    Promposals are Love Actually in real life. No matter how disillusioned you are with the state of modern romance, promposals are proof that there are high schoolers out there who aren’t afraid to show their love (and to embarrass themselves while doing so). Could it get any cuter? That’s a rhetorical question.

  2. It’s an excuse to be crafty

    Promposals can get crazy elaborate. There are decorated signs, flash dances galore, and glitter. Oh, the glitter. Promposals give high schoolers an excuse to exercise their creative side and have fun! In a world full of endless homework, a reason to make some good ol’ arts and crafts is priceless. Plus, on how many occasions do you get to use a hot glue gun?

  3. They spawn viral videos

    So you’re scrolling mindlessly through your Facebook. Your friends’ posts aren’t amusing you. What’s going to break the monotony? A viral promposal video, obviously! We love seeing these public declarations of love on our newsfeed; they make us so happy. We’re not crying — you are.

National Promposal Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 March 11 Saturday
2024 March 11 Monday
2025 March 11 Tuesday
2026 March 11 Wednesday
2027 March 11 Thursday