National Pulled Pork Day - Pork. Cooked. Slowly. Celebrate this classic Texas-style dish, and bring along your favorite barbecue sauce!

National Pulled Pork Day 2024 – October 12, 2024

Pork. Cooked. Slowly. Celebrate this classic Texas-style dish on National Pulled Pork Day. And bring along your favorite barbecue sauce! Fun fact: Back in 2016, Sonny’s BBQ set the Guinness World Record for the “Largest Serving of Pulled Pork” — a hefty 2,012 pounds of this dish. Eventually, Sonny’s decided — along with other BBQ industry members — to designate October 12 as National Pulled Pork Day. So no matter what your sauce preferences may be — tomato-based, mustard-based, vinegar-based, etc. — just be sure to slather it on to help celebrate.

National Pulled Pork Day timeline

​Pigs brought to the Americas

​Hernando de Soto, a Spanish explorer, brings hogs over to the New World.

​Hogs move north

​English settlers begin to bring hogs to the Carolinas and Virginia.

A new way to cook meat

Those dealing with the cheapest, toughest scraps of meat cooked the meat slowly for a long period of time — resulting in the tender, fall-off-the-bone meat that we love today.

National Pulled Pork Day Activities

  1. Throw a pulled pork party

    Whip up some nachos topped with pulled pork, make pulled pork tacos, complete baked potatoes with a dollop of pulled pork, or fill phyllo dough with pulled pork for a fun appetizer option.

  2. Host your own pulled pork contest

    Even though you may not set or break a record, it doesn’t mean you can’t hold your own pulled pork games. Throw a pulled pork sandwich eating contest or have a pulled pork cook-off.

  3. Donate to a local food shelter

    Reach out to local shelters and find out if you can serve your pulled pork. If it’s a "yes," get friends and family in on the action, because the more people you can get involved, the more people you can feed.

4 Reasons We're Pulled Pork Fans

  1. It’s a popular meat item

    Pulled pork's among the top 10 best-selling meat products

  2. ​It packs more protein than chicken

    ​Pork also has more B-vitamins, iron, and zinc than chicken.

  3. Pigs outnumber Danes

    ​In fact, there are twice as many pigs as people in Denmark.

  4. ​Pork is popular globally

    ​Pork is the most consumed meat at the global level.

Why We Love National Pulled Pork Day

  1. Carnivores get to rejoice

    Meat lovers of all ages will love celebrating National Pulled Pork Day because, well, it’s an excuse to eat a lot of meat. Whether you just indulge at dinner or decide to go all out and eat pulled pork for lunch, too, this holiday gets meat lovers giddy.

  2. It’s an excuse to buy a slow cooker

    National Pulled Pork Day is a good reminder that investing in a slow cooker is totally worth it. Of course, you can slow cook up a bunch of other dishes too. So many options!

  3. You’ll have extra time

    Because you can prep your pulled pork the night before, you won’t have to spend time cooking the night of National Pulled Pork Day. Instead, enjoy a beer, play some games with the family, and catch up on your favorite shows.

National Pulled Pork Day dates

Year Date Day
2022 October 12 Wednesday
2023 October 12 Thursday
2024 October 12 Saturday
2025 October 12 Sunday
2026 October 12 Monday