National Rocky Road Day - This day commemorates the iconic flavor of the rocky road dessert.

National Rocky Road Day 2025 – June 2, 2025

National Rocky Road Day is celebrated each year on June 2 with great joy and fervor. This day commemorates the iconic flavor of the ice cream and the dessert. Funny enough, this flavor is sold not just in the U.S. and Australia but also in countries like India, China, Japan, South Africa, and many others.

History of National Rocky Road Day

The rocky road dessert was first created in Australia in the year 1853. Many entrepreneurs took these confectionery items, which got spoiled due to the long journey coming from Europe and mixed them very cleverly with nuts that were locally available. Also, they added some low-quality chocolate and then tried to recover them instead of throwing them out. It was actually ingenious.The name was used as a reference to the rocky road that travelers used in order to access the goldfields. Since the dessert sort of had the look of a rather bumpy road filled with rocks and potholes, the name stuck.Years after that, the dessert was turned into an ice cream — the rocky road ice cream. It was invented by William Dreyer in Oakland, in 1929. He made an ice cream that comprised of the same constituents as the original dessert. It was created in order to lift the spirits of people who were badly affected by the crash of Wall Street and the subsequent Great Depression in the 1930s. The name of the ice cream was given to put a smile on people’s faces. The tagline used for this treat at the time was ‘share a scoop, share a smile’.George Farren also claimed that he created the rocky road ice cream. It’s said that he didn’t do much and just blended a candy bar and chocolate ice cream together in a mixer, which went on to create the creamy dessert flavor.

National Rocky Road Day timeline

Dessert Beginnings

The rocky road dessert is created in Australia.

Ice Cream Beginnings

The rocky road ice cream flavor is made by William Dreyer in Oakland.

Biggest Ice Cream Sundae

In the city of Edmonton in the state of Alberta, Canada, the biggest ice cream sundae in recorded history is made.

Most Ice Cream Per Person

Portland, Oregon buys more ice cream per person than any other U.S. city.

National Rocky Road Day FAQs

What is in the traditional rocky road?

Rocky road ice cream is ideally an ice cream that is chocolate flavored. Over the years, there have been numerous variations of the ice cream, far removed from the original flavor. The traditional flavor of rocky road is composed of whole or diced marshmallows, nuts, and, of course, chocolate ice cream. But not many would know that there were no chocolate-chip pieces in the original version of the rocky road ice cream.

Why is rocky road called that?

William Dreyer, back in the year 1929, decided to chop walnuts and marshmallows in pieces. He mixed these into his ice cream, which was chocolatey in flavor. Later that year, when the stock market crashed, the name of the flavor became ‘rocky road,’ in order to give people something to smile about.

Is rocky road Australian?

The origin of the dessert is debated, but the earliest mention of it dates back to 1853 in Australia, where rocky road was supposedly created as a way to sell confectioneries that had spoiled during the long trip from Europe, which were mixed with locally-grown nuts and cheap chocolate to disguise the flavor.

How To Celebrate National Rocky Road Day

  1. Have a rocky road party

    This is a day you enjoy with your closest buddies and family. You can, therefore, invite everyone you know for some rocky road ice cream and desserts. People get to make new friends and you all get to enjoy one of the most popular flavors in the U.S.

  2. Popularize it on social media

    You can enjoy and celebrate National Rocky Road Day and post all your pictures and videos of celebrating this day on social media with the relevant hashtags. This popularizes the event and makes more people aware of it. It helps the holiday grow its reach.

  3. Make rocky road flavors

    On this day, create new rocky road ice cream and dessert flavors and get your friends to taste them. Ask them for feedback to improve your recipe!

5 Amazing Facts About Ice Cream

  1. Milk for ice cream

    It takes 12 pounds of milk to make just one gallon of ice cream.

  2. National average

    The U.S. has a national average of 48 pints of ice cream enjoyed per person every year — way more than any other nation.

  3. Licks for scoops

    It takes an average of 50 licks to polish off a single-scoop ice cream cone.

  4. Global leader

    The country that consumes the most ice cream is the U.S., followed by Australia then Norway.

  5. First recipe

    In 1665, a recipe to make ice cream was written down, probably for the very first time.

Why We Love National Rocky Road Day

  1. Enjoyed with friends and relatives

    On National Rocky Road Day we have another reason to get together with friends and relatives. You can try and get an authentic rocky road ice cream to let everyone enjoy it.

  2. Experimentation

    On National Rocky Road Day you get a license to experiment with varied flavors on your rocky road ice cream. You can use this day to invent a new flavor, which might end up becoming a favorite with your friends and relatives.

  3. Any reason for ice cream

    Do you really need a reason to have ice cream? Rocky road ice cream is delicious and there’s nothing like it to uplift your mood.

National Rocky Road Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 June 2 Friday
2024 June 2 Sunday
2025 June 2 Monday
2026 June 2 Tuesday
2027 June 2 Wednesday