National Sausage Pizza Day - Want to have a stellar National Sausage Pizza Day? Visit our page for all the best recipes, and reasons to love this special holiday!

National Sausage Pizza Day 2024 – October 11, 2024

The world of pizza toppings is a tough space to break into. There’s a lot of great competition — from bacon, to mushrooms, to pepperoni and more — and most people have already picked their favorites. In the minds of many there’s one topping that beats them all…. sausage. On October 11, get your slice on, as we celebrate National Sausage Pizza Day!

National Sausage Pizza Day Activities

  1. Find the best slice

    Use Yelp, or take a tour of your local shops, to find the absolute best slice of sausage pizza around! This pizza shop-hop will be a day to remember.

  2. Make your own sausage

    To make a true sausage, you'd need something to encase all the meat — but for a sausage pizza, the insides will do just fine. Try making your own bulk sausage for a truly unique flavor experience!

  3. Prepare your own pizza

    With the two recipes included here, you're well on your way to having an exceptional National Sausage Pizza Day!

Why We Love National Sausage Pizza Day

  1. It's full of character

    Black olive pizza is great, don't get me wrong, but all black olives are the same. Sausage, though? This versatile pizza-topper comes in infinite varieties, ensuring you'll never tire of the same old taste.

  2. It's universal

    There aren't many toppings that are as widely-loved as sausage. Public policy polling ran a survey in 2013 that confirmed this notion — after pepperoni and mushroom, sausage is America's favorite pizza topping.

  3. It's new

    Believe it or not, pizza with toppings like sausage is a relatively new way to consume it. For a few hundred years, Italians have been eating flatbreads that resemble modern cheese pizzas, but it was only in the 20th century that people started to innovate.

National Sausage Pizza Day dates

Year Date Day
2022 October 11 Tuesday
2023 October 11 Wednesday
2024 October 11 Friday
2025 October 11 Saturday
2026 October 11 Sunday