National Support Public Education Day - Improve your country’s future by promoting and supporting the public education sector.

National Support Public Education Day 2024 – July 30, 2024

There’s no doubt that children are the future of any country, and National Support Public Education Day on July 30 aims to raise awareness about this fact. Education is a basic and important right of all human beings. A nation can only hope to move forward in all aspects of life if its citizens are sufficiently educated and learned. By learning about the intricacies of science, technology, social issues, and commerce, people will be able to pinpoint which sectors need improvement and which can lead them to a most advantageous position on the world stage. And thanks to the hundreds of scholarships available out there, more and more people of all backgrounds can have access to good education. This is why we should strive to support public education by raising our voices for it. 

History of National Support Public Education Day

The first National Support Public Education Day was commemorated in 2010. If we are to look at the history of formal schooling, many records state that Egypt may have had precedent in forming a school system. During the reign of Mentuhotep II in 2000 B.C., schools were developed to educate rich and influential people’s children. These pupils were all male, and they only included royal families, ministerial staff, temple administrators, and physicians. Females, be it royal or otherwise, stayed at home to learn about familial and household duties. As time passed, more and more people enrolled their children into schools, and this time, females also had the opportunity to become pupils. One example of the earliest records of females going to school can be traced back to the early Islamic eras. Once Prophet Muhammad, the last prophet of Islam, started preaching, he ensured that females were given their due rights to education. He believed that an educated individual, male or female, can work to progress the Islamic society in sectors of science, technology, and other areas of life. Coming to the public education sector in America, it wasn’t developed until public schools were established and encouraged. The Founding Fathers of the U.S. were of the strong belief that a truly democratic country can only become strong if all of its citizens have access to education. If people are educated, they can be more aware of the political and social issues plaguing the nation. People will also be able to make better decisions when taking part in civilian duties and elections. Being aware of their rights, morals, and virtues would allow people to lead a good life and become better human beings in the long run. Thus, schooling would teach people to critically analyze the information presented to them, and make better decisions as a result of it. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to education. Moreover, the public education sector needs funding to not only provide better education but also to retain its employees and students.  

National Support Public Education Day timeline

2000 B.C.
First Formal Schooling in the World

Egypt creates the first formal schooling system in the world.

Federal Lands for Public Schooling

Federal ordinances decree portions of federal lands to be designated solely for public schools.

Public Schools Gain Momentum

Horace Mann, an American legislator, promotes public schooling as a key point in the nation’s progress.

Late 19th Century
Public Schooling All Over America

In contrast to the previous years, public schools have become more commonplace all over the country, and not just in cities.

National Support Public Education Day FAQs

What day is the National Support Public Education Day?

The National Support Public Education Day is on July 30. 

What is a public education system?

A public education system is an institution of democracy. It is operated through taxpayers’ money, and this is why public schools do not charge their students. A public school will also have regular meetings with public members to democratically make decisions about the school. 

Are private schools better than public schools?

Contrary to popular belief, private schools are not actually better than public schools. The teachers at public schools are chosen through a meticulous process that tests their qualifications and experience. Public school students also score well or even, in many cases, higher than private school students. Furthermore, public schools tend to have more extracurricular activities.  

How to Observe National Support Public Education Day

  1. Encourage school education

    No matter which field you come from, encouraging education is the way to go. Encourage the children in your life to not skip school, and always strive to do their best in all classes. Talk to them about why education is important, and what it will do for them in the future.

  2. Encourage life education

    Oftentimes, we forget about the importance of the education that we learn in our daily lives. We may become textbook smart, but are we smart when it comes to practical life? This is a crucial question we must ask ourselves daily.

  3. Raise awareness about public education

    In today’s world, education has become a privilege, even though it shouldn’t be one. This is why we must support and raise awareness about the public education sector so that those less privileged can benefit from it as much as they can. You can donate to the organizations and/or talk to your local authorities to improve the public education scene.

5 Facts About Public Schools That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Public school students are equally good

    It is a myth that public school students score lower than private school students as recent years have shown that they score either equally well or higher.

  2. Public school teachers are great

    Many public school teachers have quality credentials and experience — both of which are essential requirements in all 50 states.

  3. More diverse

    Public schools generally tend to be more diverse, with 46% being non-white students.

  4. More extracurricular activities at public schools

    Public schools tend to have more extracurricular activities than private schools.

  5. Public schools encourage parent involvement

    As opposed to private schools, public schools encourage and involve parents in their children’s life at school.

Why National Support Public Education Day is Important

  1. It’s a celebration of education

    Education, like health, housing, and food, is a basic right and requirement to living a good life. Through education, we can learn more about the world we live in. We can learn about how the Earth came into existence and the different ways in which it has operated throughout history.

  2. It’s a celebration of the future

    An educated nation is a successful nation. An educated nation will learn from its mistakes, try new and the best methods to solve problems, and continue to progress. Education will open a world of new possibilities and new horizons, all of which will ultimately lead to a great future.

  3. It’s a celebration of better societies

    Apart from making us learn important life skills, education also teaches us about morals, values, and the way to live in harmony with others. When everyone has access to good quality education, our society will have a higher chance of living good lives. We will become more mindful of not just other human beings, but also other living creatures in the world.

National Support Public Education Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 July 30 Sunday
2024 July 30 Tuesday
2025 July 30 Wednesday
2026 July 30 Thursday
2027 July 30 Friday