National Virtual Vacation Day - Do you know that you can travel the world while sitting in your armchair?

National Virtual Vacation Day 2025 – March 30, 2025

Virtual Vacation Day is celebrated every year on March 30, reminding us that we don’t have to wait to go on vacation anymore! Do you know that you can travel the world while sitting in your armchair? Yes, it’s possible due to the advancement in technology. If you own the right equipment then you can go wherever your imagination takes you!

History of National Virtual Vacation Day

People wait all their lives for a special day to go somewhere. They either wait for their retirement or when they will have enough money to spend on a dream vacation. A virtual vacation can take you on that dream vacation without you having to take time off of work or spend money. You even save yourself from all the worries of traveling and getting airsick or seasick. Every National Virtual Vacation Day, we relax, recharge, and rejuvenate our minds and so should you! Terrance Talks Travel started this day in 2016. Now you can climb huge mountains, trek through forests, walk with wild animals, and go skydiving just by sitting comfortably on your couch. You can go anywhere, even space! With the invention of virtual reality, it is possible to go on virtual adventures.One of the greatest inventions that contributes a lot to virtual traveling are virtual reality headsets. This brilliant equipment creates an incredible virtual experience. Other than this, there are many additional ways to travel virtually like with virtual reality apps, webcams, and online virtual tours. Thanks to these nifty tools, you can now visit the pyramids in Giza and the Taj Mahal in India on the same day!Virtual Vacation Day not only takes you places but it helps you decide which places you would want to visit in person. Although visiting them virtually might not be as good as seeing them in person, it is definitely better than not seeing them at all!

National Virtual Vacation Day timeline

A Modern Term

The term ‘virtual tour’ emerges.

Virtual Tourism is Booming

According to research conducted in 2004, more than 5 million people watched virtual tours every day.

National Virtual Vacation Day is Established

The National Virtual Vacation Day is established by Terrance Talks Travel to share the potential of virtual vacations with the world.

It’s Official

Virtual Vacation Day is proclaimed to be celebrated every year on March 30.

National Virtual Vacation Day FAQs

How to go on a virtual vacation?

Some things you can do before going on a virtual vacation is to make a travel binder or a scrapbook and create a list of the travel programs and documentaries you’d like to see. 

Will virtual tours replace traveling?

Virtual tours can’t replace traveling, however, through virtual traveling we can go to places that are not accessible otherwise. 

How are virtual tours useful?

Through virtual tours, customers can look at businesses, work areas, and other locations from any device.

National Virtual Vacation Day Activities

  1. Experience a virtual vacation

    On this fun day, you can invest in buying a good-quality virtual reality headset. Many virtual reality apps can take you on amazing virtual tours.

  2. Share your Virtual Vacation Day with the world

    Share the experience of your virtual holiday on social media, using the hashtags #VirtualVacationDay or #VirtualVacation.

  3. Invite family friends for a group virtual tour

    Ask your friends and family to come over and share the experience of your virtual travel vacation with you. The more the merrier!

5 Fun Facts About National Virtual Vacation Day

  1. First type of virtual tour

    The first type of virtual tour was a museum visitor tour that consisted of a walk-through of Dudley Castle in England.

  2. First virtual tour participant

    Queen Elizabeth II was one of the first participants of a virtual tour.

  3. Making virtual tours

    The virtual tours are recorded using image stitching and omnidirectional cameras.

  4. Preserving historic buildings

    3D virtual tours are being used to preserve historic locations that are at risk of being demolished.

  5. Virtual walk techniques

    Virtual walk techniques have been used in the making of feature-length movies.

Why We Love National Virtual Vacation Day

  1. It lets us travel to new places

    We love to celebrate this day as it gives us the chance to travel to new places without any preparation. It is a vacation without any planning stress.

  2. This day refreshes us

    While dealing with all the tough situations in our lives, a virtual vacation helps us to refresh our minds and forget all our problems for a while.

  3. A knowledgeable day

    Through this day we can learn so much about the amazing places in the world by checking them out virtually. We can see what it would be like to go there in person.

National Virtual Vacation Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 March 30 Thursday
2024 March 30 Saturday
2025 March 30 Sunday
2026 March 30 Monday
2027 March 30 Tuesday