National Weddings Month - National Weddings Month was assigned to the month of love. Yes, you guessed it — February!

National Weddings Month 2025 – February 2025

National Weddings Month is an annual event celebrated in February. It is believed that February was selected by the National Association of Bridal Consultants to be National Weddings Month because it is around the time couples begin to plan their weddings after proposals made over Christmas and new year seasons.

History of National Weddings Month

It is believed that February was selected by the National Association of Bridal Consultants to be National Weddings Month because it is around the time couples begin to plan weddings after proposals made over Christmas and new year seasons.The month of love, thanks to Valentine’s Day, is not only a popular time for couples to show affection and deep reverence for each other; It plays host to the highest number of bridal shows in a month, too, as many couples gear up to plan a summer wedding.A big part of the reason February seems to be the month couples begin their wedding planning — making inquiries, booking venues, choosing a dress, and arranging for flowers and entertainment — is because by far more wedding proposals take place over Christmas and New Year than at any other time of the year.And In fact, February 14 ranks just behind New Year’s Day for the number of wedding proposals made during the day. Another reason February seems to be perfect as National Weddings Month is because it possesses a highly sought-after date for wedding ceremonies: February 29. Occurring once in four years (a leap year), February 29 is unique, hence a popular choice of date for couples to say “I do.”

National Weddings Month timeline

496 A.D.
Valentine’s Day is Established by Pope Gelasius

The Feast of Saint Valentine, which is the basis for Valentine’s Day and part of February’s appeal as the month of love, is established on February 14 by Pope Gelasius I, in honor of Saint Valentine of Rome, who died on that date in 269 A.D.

A Noticeable Uptick in Destination of Weddings

2010 marks the beginning of an uptick in vacation-style weddings usually hosted at beaches and vacation resorts around the world.

A Survey on the Most-Preferred Wedding Outfit

The place of white as the most preferred bridal outfit color is cemented in a 2018 survey that shows 83% of brides in the United States wore white dresses on their big day.

A Noticeable Uptick in Micro Weddings

The COVID-19 pandemic ushers in an era of even more watered-down wedding ceremonies than before — a way to stay compliant with public health restrictions.

National Weddings Month FAQs

Is there a Marriage Day?

Yes, there is. Marriage Day, associated with what is known as the Catholic Marriage Movement, is observed on the second Sunday of February.

What is the most popular month to get married?

June, because the month is named after the Roman goddess of marriage, Juno.

Which month is bad for weddings?

Folklore names May as the worst month to get married.

National Weddings Month Activities

  1. Get planning

    February is the month to pucker up and commence plans for your big day if you are engaged, like many others do over the holiday season. That's why the month of love was made National Weddings Day. Kickstart the lifelong journey with your partner by finding a wedding planner available on your preferred wedding date.

  2. Get engaged

    What better way to observe National Weddings Month when you’ve been in a long-term relationship with someone if not to jumpstart a lifetime journey with them? Deciding to go down on your knees and pop the question in this romantic month of love is no doubt a beautiful way to observe National Weddings Month.

  3. Get involved in planning someone’s wedding

    Another way to celebrate the holiday is to help a loved one plan their special day. Planning a wedding can be difficult. And most times, your help will be greatly appreciated if offered to a friend. Commit to offering to help with planning friends' weddings as a way to celebrate the month.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Weddings

  1. Myths and wedding rings

    An old myth that led people to believe that a vein on our left finger connects directly to our heart is believed to be the reason why we wear wedding rings on the fourth finger of our left hand.

  2. The world's longest marriage lasted 90 years

    The record for the world’s longest marriage is held by a couple from Bradford, England, who were married for 90 years and 291 days.

  3. What Americans spend on wedding rings

    U.S. couples spent, on average, $3,757 on diamond-encrusted engagement rings (traditionally believed to symbolize eternal love) in 2020.

  4. Nevada, pastors, and rings

    According to records, over 115,000 weddings take place in Las Vegas, Nevada each year.

  5. Americans love to pop the question

    In the United States, over 2.4 million weddings are conducted each year, with the majority preferring June, September, and October as the months to get married.

Why We Love National Weddings Month

  1. It prepares us for upcoming marriages

    In the United States, over 2.4 million weddings are conducted each year! Data suggests that the majority of the proposals that led to these marriages happened over the Christmas and new year holidays. A big part of the reason February became National Weddings Month is that it is usually around the time potential couples begin to plan their wedding.

  2. The excitement of getting married

    Who doesn’t like the excitement and attention that getting married brings to them? We love that family from even the most remote part of the country would be willing to visit during our wedding. Seeing family and friends, some of whom we’ve not seen in a long while, gathered to celebrate our special day is heartwarming. We love the experience.

  3. The beautiful memories

    Wedding ceremonies create fond memories — from helping to plan or attend a friend’s special day to the bachelor’s eve and everything else that lights the fire of remembrance in our mind. It is one of the reasons why we love National Weddings Month.

National Weddings Month dates

Year Date Day
2023 February 1 Wednesday
2024 February 1 Thursday
2025 February 1 Saturday
2026 February 1 Sunday
2027 February 1 Monday
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