Nihachu - If you’re anywhere near Twitch, you may have heard of Nihachu. Today you find out everything we know about our favorite streamer.

Nihachu's Birthday 2024 – November 3, 2024

Niki Nihachu is the profile name used by this gamer who was born on November 3, 2001, in Germany. Her real name is Nikita but nobody knows her last name. She is a streamer, YouTuber, and influencer known for her gaming and vlogging content. Nihachu is also studying to become a psychiatrist who will work with content creators. She is herself a content creator and is currently signed to British esports organization, Guild Esports. Nihachu has about 200k YouTube subscribers, over 400k Twitter followers, 343k Instagram followers, and about 250k on Tiktok. She is making a name for herself and we celebrate her on her special day.

Fast Facts

Full Name:



Niki Nihachu

Birth date:

November 03, 2001


22 years, 8 months

Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:


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Nihachu has established herself as a YouTuber, content creator, and streamer known for her gaming and vlogging content. Nihachu started streaming in 2016 after surgery to correct her legs that disabled her from walking for some time. Bored at home, she was already playing video games so she successfully combined business with pleasure.In 2020, her following peaked sky high after her appearance on the dating show “Love or Host” or “Rajjchelor,” hosted by AustinShow on Twitch. The show featured influencers picking their match according to their tastes. When Wilbur Soot appeared on the show, he eliminated everyone except for Niki. Since then, they have grown to be great friends and are regularly seen streaming with each other.The year 2021 was a crucial one for Nihachu. She reached the milestone of one million subscribers on Twitch and started two YouTube channels. One with cuts of her live streams, another to share her day-to-day life as a content creator. Her popularity caught the attention of the British esports organization, Guild Esports, which signed her on the content creator team in the same year. As one of the fastest-growing Twitch streamers, we believe Nihachu’s manifesto “work hard, be nice” is definitely working for her.

Career timeline

The Debut on Twitch

Nihachu goes live for the first time on Twitch.

The Appearance on “Love or Host”

Nihachu makes an appearance on the dating game show, where influencers eliminate fellow influencers based on their tastes.

The Gaming YouTube Channel

Nihachu posts cuts of her Twitch streams on this channel.

The Opportunity With Guild Esports

Nihachu signs with Guild as part of their content creator team.

The One Million Subscribers Achievement

Nihachu reaches the one million subscribers milestone on Twitch.

The Vlogging Channel

Due to popular demand, Nihachu starts a vlogging channel where she shares her life as a content creator.

Nihachu FAQs

Is Nihachu LGBTQIA+?

Yes, she is pansexual.

Does Nihachu have a terminal illness?

No, she does not. She has, however, revealed her struggle with body dysmorphia which affects her eating and in turn has caused health challenges as her body lacks important nutrients.

What is Nihachu’s real name?

Her real name is Nikita.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She is fluent in three languages

    Nihachu is fluent in German, English, and Spanish.

  2. She was on “Love or Host”

    Nihachu was on the dating game show hosted by AustinShow on Twitch.

  3. She is often on “DrunkCast”

    Nihachu is seemingly a regular on JustaMinx’s segment called “DrunkCast,” in which they discuss random topics.

  4. She has lived in Spain

    Nihachu has lived in Spain but also in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

  5. Minecraft’s “Odd Man Out” video

    Nihachu is featured on Jubilee’s YouTube channel popular series titled “Odd Man Out.”

Why We Love Nihachu

  1. She has a very particular sense of humor

    Watching Nihachu is always a blast. This is mainly because of her weird sense of humor.

  2. She tries to stay close to her viewers

    She does her best to interact with her viewers. She tries to respond to them on every social media platform possible.

  3. She stands up against misogyny

    The industry she is in is such a male-dominated field. With this, she uses her platform to empower other female streamers.

Nihachu’s birthday dates

Year Date Day
2022 November 3 Thursday
2023 November 3 Friday
2024 November 3 Sunday
2025 November 3 Monday
2026 November 3 Tuesday