National No Pants Day - We know the freeing feeling of changing out of your pants after a long day.

National No Pants Day 2025 – May 2, 2025

National No Pants Day is on the first Friday in May, on May 5 this year, and we know just how freeing it can be to change out of your pants after a long day. Can you believe that the oldest pair of pants ever discovered by archeologists are wool ones in western China that date back more than 3,000 years ago? While these pants were typically worn during horseback riding, over the years, pants have changed in purpose and material. From equestrian to labor and fashion purposes, to wool and denim materials, distressed jeans are in fashion, and every person has more than one pair.

When is National No Pants Day 2025?

Feel the breeze and be free on No Pants Day every year on May 6.

History of National No Pants Day

The first instance of National No Pants Day is said to have started in Austin, Texas, during the 1980s. A club at the University of Texas named the Knighthood of Buh wanted to celebrate freedom from conforming to society and the end of the semester. After finishing their finals, they pulled their pants down and walked around in their undergarments. Although this began as a college prank, this tradition continued until 2000 when states throughout the United States and in other countries such as Canada, Britain, and Australia, started catching onto this day and wanted to participate in it as well.Another story of how this day first started was about a man in the 1980s who asked his wife if she could iron his work pants for an important meeting. While he was concerned about being late to work, too much time had already passed, and he rushed out the door, forgetting to put his pants back on. When he finally realized he was pantless, he was already on the subway. Since there wasn’t anything he could do about it, he pretended as if nothing was out of the ordinary and feigned a smile.  Similar to National No Pants Day, there is a No Pants Subway Ride Day that was started in 2002 by Improv Everywhere, a comedy organization. In January of that year, a group of seven rode the subway wearing oversized coats and their undergarments. They did this as a prank to see how other subway riders would react to them being pantless in January weather. Since 2002, this day is celebrated and has spread to other countries, with the specific date announced by Improv Everywhere.

National No Pants Day timeline

6th century B.C.
Ancient Trousers

According to Greek ethnography, the first trousers are worn by a Eurasian nomad while horseback riding.

Enter Denim

Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis get a patent for work pants with metal rivets.

Free the Legs

The Knighthood of Buh, a humor-based club at the University of Texas, drop their pants to celebrate the end of the semester in college.

No Underpants in January

Seven people from Improv Everywhere, a comedy group, go pants-free on the New York subway to see how others will react.

National No Pants Day FAQs

Do I have to wear undergarments only?

If you aren’t too keen on walking around in your undergarments all day, that’s alright! You can wear shorts, a skirt, a dress, or any other article of clothing. Just stay away from the pants! 

What’s the purpose of No Pants Day?

The purpose of No Pants Day is to free your legs from the restraints that pants bring and to give your legs a chance to breathe.

What if someone asks why I’m not wearing pants?

You can let them know about this holiday, or another fun possibility is to pretend nothing is out of the ordinary about your chosen outfit.

National No Pants Day Activities

  1. Relax at home

    If you’re looking to unwind this National No Pants Day, put on nothing but your fluffiest robe and a pair of slippers, and sit back and relax. Don’t worry; you can thank us later.

  2. Go on a shopping spree

    Why not go shopping for everything non-pants related this National No Pants Day? Treat yourself to some comfy new pajamas, a flowy dress, or a robe if you don't have one already.

  3. Go pant free

    When picking out an outfit for the day, opt for something pantless. This way, you’ll give your legs a well-deserved break and a chance for them to breathe.

5 Facts About Denim Jeans That You Need To Know

  1. Dirt be gone

    Jeans were dyed indigo as a way to hide the dirt that got on them.

  2. Cotton abundance

    Approximately 225 pairs of jeans can be prepared from only one bale of cotton.

  3. Its first name

    Before they were named jeans, they were referred to as ‘waist overalls.’

  4. Sorry, North Koreans

    It is illegal to wear blue jeans in North Korea since they are seen as a sign of American imperialism.

  5. Symbol of rebellion

    At one time, several schools, restaurants, and theaters banned jeans because they considered them a symbol of rebellion.

Why We Love National No Pants Day

  1. It’s all about comfort

    A national day where we are not required to wear tightly fitted clothing? Sign us up. After all, comfort is vital.

  2. Another day of celebration

    Here at National Today, we like celebrating. On top of that, we love not having to wear pants. So this one’s a win-win.

  3. It can be humorous

    Just imagine walking about in a dress shirt and no pants pretending as if it’s your everyday attire. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

National No Pants Day dates

Year Date Day
2022 May 6 Friday
2023 May 5 Friday
2024 May 3 Friday
2025 May 2 Friday
2026 May 1 Friday