Oddfellows Friendship Month - Oddfellows Friendship Month reminds us of the joys and importance of friendships.

Oddfellows Friendship Month 2024 – September 2024

Oddfellows Friendship Month is observed throughout September every year across the world. The month reminds us why friendships are so important — they are the source of joy, companionship, and love. No matter our age, we need friends to offer us comfort and solace, especially concerning those aspects of our lives that we keep hidden from our family and other people. A good friendship is like food for your soul — it nourishes you and keeps you going. Oddfellows Friendship Month is also the time to reconnect with friends you have lost touch with and begin new friendships.

History of Oddfellows Friendship Month

Oddfellows Friendship Month, also known as Friendship Month, has been celebrated by the Oddfellows for more than 200 years! The month aims to bring people together to enjoy the brighter side of life. This is also the time to honor friendships and finally reach out to old friends with whom you have been meaning to reconnect for a long time.But the Oddfellows? The Oddfellows are officially known as The Grand United Order of Oddfellows Friendly Society (G.U.O.O.F.S.) — that’s a mouthful! G.U.O.O.F.S. is an international fraternity that is believed to have been established in 1730s England with the mission of encouraging people to make friends. Odd Fellows came up with the idea of Friendship Month to bring people together and help people fight loneliness. That’s a noble pursuit considering how lonely life can be, especially in modern life where we are so caught up in our work and other worries. Probably this is why the Oddfellows have been thriving since the 1730s — friendships have always been important and these social ties can make us feel more rooted.Friendship is at the very heart of human existence. Loneliness is a growing problem everywhere in the world. Research shows how more and more people, including your people, are lonely. Oddfellows Friendship Month is one way in which we can help in bringing communities closer together, and provide ways for people of all ages to socialize and make them feel loved. Throughout this month, take out some time to spend with your friends and show them how loved they are.

Oddfellows Friendship Month timeline

Calvin and Hobbes

Cartoon strips on two friends, Calvin and Hobbes.

You Are My Best Friend

Queen’s popular song is released.

Stand by Me

A popular movie about schoolboys is released.


America’s most popular sitcom premiers.

Oddfellows Friendship Month FAQs

What month is National Friendship Month?

Oddfellows Friendship Month, also known as National Friendship Month, is observed in the month of September.

Is a friend date a thing?

Yes, it is important to have date nights with your friends. This can help you connect better and feel loved.

What is the true meaning of friendship?

Someone who is a true friend stands up for you. They do everything they can to make sure you stay safe and always make you feel understood.

Oddfellows Friendship Month Activities

  1. Tell your friends how much you love them

    There is no better way to kickstart Oddfellows Friendship Month than by telling your friends how much you love them. Send them a text message, give them a phone call, or write them a heartfelt note.

  2. Visit an old age home

    The elderly are often lonely. You can spread the joys of Oddfellows Friendship Month by visiting a hospital or an old age home and spending time with the elderly. You'll be surprised at what a fantastic company they are!

  3. Make new friends

    Old friendships are often a source of pride. But what about making new friends? Celebrate Oddfellows Friendship Month by making new friends—meet an online friend, befriend the person you pass on your way to work every day; there are so many people waiting to be your friend!

5 Facts About Friendships

  1. Animals can form friendships outside species

    That explains the love that our pets have for us.

  2. Not all friendships last

    Only one out of twelve friendships last a lifetime.

  3. Friendships prolong life

    Elderly people who have strong friendships live 22% longer.

  4. You may share D.N.A. with your friends.

    However, the chances are very slim — only about 1%.

  5. Friends influence our health

    We are more likely to lead a healthier lifestyle if our friends do too.

Why We Love Oddfellows Friendship Month

  1. Friendships are so important

    Oddfellows Friendship Month celebrates some of the most important ties of our lives. Friendships are important not just for having fun but also so you have support during tough times.

  2. It brings the community closer

    Oddfellows Friendship Month encourages us to reconnect with old friends and make new friends. This brings our communities closer and helps us rely on each other. This can really help build a society that is kind and empathetic.

  3. Because we love our friends

    The simplest reason to celebrate Oddfellows Friendship Month is because we love our friends. They make us happy, offer support, and have our back on bad days. Our lives are better because of our friends.

Oddfellows Friendship Month dates

Year Date Day
2023 September 1 Friday
2024 September 1 Sunday
2025 September 1 Monday
2026 September 1 Tuesday
2027 September 1 Wednesday
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