Pakistan Day - Can you believe that over 15 million people migrated in the summer of 1947!

Pakistan Day 2025 – March 23, 2025

Pakistan Day is celebrated on March 23 every year. Did you know that the British ruled over the sub-continent for over two centuries? Can you believe that over 15 million people migrated in the summer of 1947!  Pakistan Day is celebrated to honor the moment when the Pakistan Resolution was adopted in 1940, a resolution that is considered as one of the most powerful political movements in the world of politics.

History of Pakistan Day

Pakistan Day is a public holiday observed in Pakistan every year. The reason why it holds great importance for the people of Pakistan is that it laid the foundation for the basis of achieving a separate nation for the Muslims of the subcontinent.The subcontinent was under the rule of the British Empire for over two centuries. The Muslim leaders believed that the Muslims were subjected to become a minority even after the independence of the Indian subcontinent. The great Muslim philosopher, Allama Iqbal, and the founder of Pakistan knew that the Muslims won’t be able to protect their fundamental rights once the British rule ends. In 1940, at a conference held in Lahore, Mohammad Ali Jinnah declared the demand for a separate Muslim state. The Muslim leaders knew that Muslims and Hindus had different beliefs and cultures. They wanted a separate political- and socio-economic system. After the passing of the Pakistan Resolution, the Muslim minority marked a transformation in British India of being a nation having distinct socio-cultural and political features.The Lahore Resolution was passed by the working committee of the All India Muslim League. This resulted in the creation of Pakistan in August 1947 — the world’s first Islamic Republic.

Pakistan Day timeline

December 1930
The Suggestion of a Separate Muslim State

The Muslim philosopher Allama Iqbal suggests the creation of a separate Muslim state.

The Name ‘Pakistan’ is Introduced

The name ‘Pakistan’ is introduced in pamphlets.

Pakistan Resolution is Presented

The demand for a separate state is put forward by the Muslim leaders in a conference.

Pakistan Comes into Existence

Pakistan becomes a separate state and emerges as a country on the map of the world.

Pakistan Day FAQs

Who suggested the name Pakistan?

Chaudry Rehmat Ali, a Muslim activist suggested the name Pakistan and published the name on a pamphlet. 

Why is Pakistan famous in the world?

Pakistan is famous throughout the world because of its many achievements. It has two Nobel Prize winners, six designated World Heritage Sites, and the world’s largest contiguous irrigation system. 

Why is August 14, 1947, an important date for every Pakistani?

August 14, 1947, is an important date for every Pakistani because, on this day, Pakistan came into existence.

How to Observe Pakistan Day

  1. Hoist the national flag

    On this day hoist the national flag of Pakistan on your house. Pakistan’s national flag is also hoisted on many government buildings.

  2. Witness the parades

    You can watch the parades being held at different places in honor of this day.

  3. Watch patriotic TV shows

    Invite family and friends, watch patriotic shows that are broadcasted on TV, and listen to radio shows. You can even sing patriotic national songs and make videos while singing to share them with the world.

5 Interesting Facts About Pakistan Day

  1. The name of the resolution

    The Lahore Resolution was later named the Pakistan Resolution.

  2. The passing of the Lahore Resolution

    The Lahore Resolution was passed on the third day of the three-day session held from March 22 till March 24, 1940.

  3. Minar-e-Pakistan

    In the honor of this day the Minar-e-Pakistan was built on the same place where the Lahore Resolution was signed.

  4. Carving on the Minar-e-Pakistan

    The contents of the resolution have been carved on the Minar-e-Pakistan.

  5. The first constitution of Pakistan

    The first constitution of Pakistan was also passed on the same day — March 23, 1956.

Why We Observe Pakistan Day

  1. Muslims got a separate state

    Every nation has the right to have a separate state. We are glad that Muslims got a state where they could live freely and protect their fundamental rights.

  2. Muslims displayed unity

    During the struggle for a separate homeland, the Muslims displayed great unity. The Muslim nation portrayed a tremendous example of how a nation should fight together for their rights. We celebrate this day to encourage the unity of Muslims during those hard times.

  3. Largest mass migration

    After the Lahore Resolution was passed, Pakistan came into existence, resulting in the largest mass migration in history — 20 million people migrating towards their homeland!

Pakistan Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 March 23 Thursday
2024 March 23 Saturday
2025 March 23 Sunday
2026 March 23 Monday
2027 March 23 Tuesday