Pan American Day - Several countries in North and South America commemorate Pan American Day. It honors the coming together of these states to form a collaborative bloc.

Pan American Day 2025 – April 14, 2025

Pan American Day is marked on April 14 every year. The day celebrates the First International Conference of the American States, which took place on April 14, 1890, and resulted in the formation of the International Union of American Republics. It was the precursor to the Organization of American States (OAS). The day was first commemorated on April 14, 1930, after the organization proposed it in 1930. This day is often celebrated with parades, plays, orchestra performances, art displays, and pageants.

History of Pan American Day

Pan American Day commemorates the first-ever meeting of American states, which took place on April 14, 1890. U.S. Secretary of State James Blane conceived the conference for the Western Hemisphere. He was motivated by the Pan-American concept. It took 10 years for the idea to materialize, but it did. Finally, in October 1988, the inaugural conference began. The idea behind the conference, held in Washington D.C., was to enhance relations between countries in North and South America. The conversation covered various topics such as currency, trade, military, and security. They created a group of American states as a result of the summit.In 1930, a group of American states proposed celebrating Pan American Day. On April 14, 1931, the U.S. was the first to commemorate Pan American Day. President Barack Obama declared April 14 to be Pan American Day in 2015.Pan American Day is celebrated in Belize on October 12th, the same day as Columbus Day, and commemorates the migration of Mestizos and indigenous cultural groups from the Yucatan into Belize. Even though the Organization of American States (OAS) encompasses 35 countries, Honduras is the only one that celebrates the events of 1890 with a national holiday on April 14.

Pan American Day timeline

The First Meeting of American States

The first-ever meeting of American states takes place on April 14.

The Proposal of Pan American Day

A group of American states proposes the celebration of Pan American Day.

The First State to Commemorate the Day

The U.S. is the first state to commemorate Pan American Day.

The Pan American Day Declaration

President Barack Obama declares April 14 as Pan American Day.

Pan American Day FAQs

What is Pan American Week?

The U.S. and Latin American nations commemorate Pan American Week annually during the week of April 14, which marks the birth of the International Conference of American States held in Washington in 1889 and 1890.

Where is Pan American Day celebrated?

Pan American Day is celebrated in Belize.

How does Honduras celebrate Pan American Day?

Flags from all members of the Pan-American Union are displayed on top of office buildings.

How to Observe Pan American Day

  1. Spend time with Americans from other countries

    You can spend time with your pals from other American countries on this day. Let this bond and the joy it brings symbolize the togetherness of the American nations and the good outcomes of their cooperation.

  2. Attend parades

    Participating in or organizing a parade on Pan American Day is a fantastic idea. Various organizations, mayors, and governors hold Pan American Day parades. You can either participate in or organize a show.

  3. Learn about North and South America

    Learn more about the various cultures of North and South America to commemorate the day. Discover their history, political climate, weather & climate, cuisine, and heritage. Learn how to prepare recipes based on their traditional foods and consider visiting one of these countries.

5 Facts About Pan American Day

  1. Pan American games

    The Pan American Games are a multi-sport event that takes place every four years and brings together athletes from across the Americas. .

  2. 41 Pan American countries

    There are now 41 countries in Pan America.

  3. Presidential Pan American week proclamation

    Every year, the President of the U.S. issues a proclamation designating April 14th as the start of Pan American Week.

  4. Pan American Airlines

    Pan American Airlines, or Pan Am for short, was previously an airline.

  5. Suspension of Honduras

    The Organization of American States (OAS) suspended Honduras from 2009 to 2011.

Why Pan American Day is Important

  1. It celebrates oneness

    One of the main focuses of this festival is to honor the unity of American countries. This one-of-a-kind festival reminds everyone that the OAS was established in the first place to improve people's relationships with one another.

  2. Have a good time

    Because this is a celebration, the gathering will be jam-packed with enjoyable activities. Throughout the day, the President himself encourages many activities and ceremonies.

  3. It's part of America's history

    Pan American Day is notable because it is historically significant. It reminds Americans of the sacrifices and solidarity of their forefathers.

Pan American Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 April 14 Friday
2024 April 14 Sunday
2025 April 14 Monday
2026 April 14 Tuesday
2027 April 14 Wednesday