Pick A Pathologist Pal Day - Let’s look at how pathologists diagnose disease — analyzing tissue, cell, and body fluid samples.

Pick A Pathologist Pal Day 2024 – December 13, 2024

Pick a Pathologist Pal Day is observed on December 13 in the United Kingdom. A pathologist is the doctor of doctors, meaning that they are involved in teaching, investigating, and diagnosing disease or medical conditions. Every doctor has to follow the instructions and interpretation of the pathologist for effective treatment of the patient. Coroners are people who investigate and determine the manner of death. They rely on the medical officers and the forensic pathologist to accurately determine the causes. Both pathologists and coroners have high-pressure jobs which require sensitivity and expertise. While a pathologist is occupied with academic pursuits and critical decision-making regarding treatments, the coroners are responsible for dispatching correct information regarding deaths.

History of Pick A Pathologist Pal Day

The study of pathology, the detailed examination of the body, including dissection and inquiry into specific illnesses, dates back to antiquity. Hippocrates was renowned for making diagnoses based on the study of the body. Many of the breakthroughs in pathology came from the medieval era of Islam, and the field blossomed after the Renaissance. Pathology deals with processes and tests which fall within the contemporary medical field of “general pathology”. This includes a number of related medical specialties that diagnose disease, mostly through examining tissue, cell, and body fluid samples. “A pathology” may also refer to the predicted or actual progression of particular diseases, such as cancer or multiple sclerosis. Thus, the laboratories where blood samples are analyzed, are known as pathologists too. It is a broader field than one thinks when watching crime series.Pathology as a medical specialty was not fully developed until the late 19th and early 20th centuries when technology enabled life to be studied in microbiology. In the 19th century, physicians had begun to understand that ‘germs’ (disease-causing microbes, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, amoebae, molds, protists, and prions) existed. This replaced earlier beliefs in humors or even spiritual agents that had dominated the previous 1,500 years in European medicine.Pick a Pathologist Pal Day was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy, the owners of wellcat.com. It is unclear when the first one was celebrated, although it looks to be as recent as 2017. Their contention: befriending a pathologist or a coroner can be a reminder that life comes with no guarantee and to live every moment to the fullest.

Pick A Pathologist Pal Day timeline

1st Century A.D.
Early Post Mortem Dissections

The first recorded postmortem dissections are done by the Arabian physician, Avenzoar.

Rudolf Virchow

Rudolf Virchow, the “father of modern pathology" and the “Pope of medicine”, is born.

Research Articles Gain Traction

The first edition of the journal “Modern Pathology” is published.

Blood Groups are Discovered

The ABO blood group system is discovered, which revolutionizes modern treatment.

AI to Help Pathologists

In 2019 Artificial Intelligence is developed to aid breakthroughs in the pathology field.

Pick A Pathologist Pal Day FAQs

Is a pathologist a doctor?

A pathologist is a medical doctor with additional training in laboratory techniques used to study disease. Pathologists may work in a lab alongside scientists with special medical training. Pathologists study tissues and other materials taken from the body. 

How do I become a pathologist?

To be a pathologist, you must first train as a doctor, followed by at least five years of training in an accredited pathology laboratory and the completion of a number of examinations. A pathologist is a specialist.

What kinds of pathology fields are there?

Clinical pathology includes the fields of hematology (blood disease), chemical pathology (investigation of bodily fluids such as blood, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid), microbiology (study of microorganisms), and serology (study of blood serum).

How To Celebrate Pick a Pathologist Pal Day

  1. Become friends with a pathologist or a coroner

    Social media and LinkedIn profiles can help you initiate a friendship with pathologists and coroners. Express your thanks and extend a hand of friendship.

  2. Create awareness

    Host a pathology party and watch exciting crime dramas to see what kinds of things pathologists do. It may be fun to compare older movies with newer series to see the progress made in the field.

  3. Post on social media

    Promote the holiday on social media using #PickAPathologistPalDay. Send texts of appreciation to your pathologist and coroner friends.

5 Facts About The Human Body That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. We are all spit machines

    We produce about four gallons of saliva a day.

  2. We breathe an impressive amount of air

    We take 12–16 breaths a minute, which is around two gallons of air.

  3. Flavor combines taste and smell

    Around 80% of what we think is taste is actually smell.

  4. All organisms shed

    Humans shed about 600,000 particles of skin every hour.

  5. The small intestine isn’t small at all

    The small intestine is roughly 23 feet long, so the name has to do with the girth, and not the length.

Why We Observe Pick a Pathologist Pal Day

  1. An opportunity to learn

    Pick a Pathologist Pal Day reminds us of the many fascinating aspects of microbiology. It is a good day to do some light investigation into the field. Maybe share your new insights on social media to create awareness of how many facets of life, pathologists deal with.

  2. A day to appreciate pathologists and coroners.

    Pathologists often work in sterile laboratories, so it may be a good idea to go to the lab closest to you and give them a box of cookies or donuts. This would show them some appreciation for their time-driven, rather stressful work.

  3. A reminder to live life fully.

    Pick a Pathologist Day is a reminder that we don’t know how long we are here. It focuses on the fact that we should live our lives meaningfully, thoughtfully, and with joy.

Pick A Pathologist Pal Day dates

Year Date Day
2022 December 13 Tuesday
2023 December 13 Wednesday
2024 December 13 Friday
2025 December 13 Saturday
2026 December 13 Sunday