Play the Recorder Month - Get ready to play some beautiful music with all our great information and tips on recorders this Play the Recorder Month.

Play the Recorder Month 2024 – March 2024

Play the Recorder Month is celebrated in March every year throughout the country. This event is an occasion to honor the recorder, a woodwind musical instrument that has a rich history and enjoyed a lot of popularity during the Renaissance periods. The month is celebrated by recorder players across the country, with the focus on Play the Recorder Day which is celebrated on the third Saturday in March. The month is usually characterized by several events organized by recorder enthusiasts who share music and play for and with each other.

History of Play the Recorder Month

Play the Recorder Month is a month-long celebration of the recorder that is held in March every year since 1993. The event is organized by the American Recorder Society (A.R.S.) The month is characterized by many activities organized and hosted by the A.R.S. as well as local chapters of the Society in various states.The main highlight of Play the Recorder Month is Play the Recorder Day which is celebrated on the third Saturday of March every year.The celebrations are aimed to build a sense of enthusiasm and excitement among members of the A.R.S., as well as welcome new members who may have just picked up the instrument.The recorder, a woodwind instrument, first made an appearance during the 1300s in Europe. It was very popular during the Renaissance but fell out of favor during the Classical and Romantic periods. In the 1900s, interest in the recorder was revived. Originally used in orchestras with other instruments, the recorder was eventually redesigned to be used as a solo instrument.The A.R.S. was founded to promote the recorder and support its members in finding music, community, and information related to the instrument. It has members of all kinds — from professional recorder players to students and teachers of the recorder. The organization also has several vendors and donors who aren’t members of the organization.

Play the Recorder Month timeline

The First Recorder is Used

A fruitwood instrument is the first recorder of medieval times, and it is found in a castle in Germany.

The Recorder is Depicted in Paintings

Recorders are first depicted in a painting called “The Mocking of Christ” in a church in Macedonia, attributed to Pedro Serra.

The Use of Recorders is Documented

During the Renaissance, the recorder is used extensively, and the music, structure, and performance of the recorder are well documented.

Recorders are Revived

During the Classical, Romantic, and Baroque periods, recorders weren’t used at all, until the instrument is revived as part of the 20th-century interest in early music.

Play the Recorder Month FAQs

What is the difference between a recorder and a flute?

The main difference between a recorder and a flute is the playing position. Recorders are held vertically while flutes are held from the mouth to the right shoulder.

Why do we learn to play the recorder?

Recorders are simple instruments that are easy to get into with direct melodies. Recorders are also light, making them easy to carry.

Is the recorder a serious instrument?

Although a lot of people associate recorders with children, it does carry weight as an instrument because of their rich history.

Play the Recorder Month Activities

  1. Start playing the recorder

    We think that a great way of celebrating the recorder is to try and play it. Who knows, you may discover a new hobby or even a new profession.

  2. Go to a recorder concert

    Going to a recorder concert lets you support musicians. Find a local A.R.S. chapter near you and join in the Play the Recorder Month festivities.

  3. Donate to the A.R.S.

    The A.R.S. relies on the donations of independent donors to keep working to promote recorders and their music. Set some money aside so they can continue their good work.

5 Interesting Facts About Recorders That Will Surprise You

  1. Recorders were important instruments of the Renaissance

    Recorders were considered to be the most important instrument of the Renaissance period and were used in orchestras and solos.

  2. They’re mentioned in famous literature

    Recorders were mentioned by Shakespeare in “Hamlet,” and by John Milton in “Paradise Lost.”

  3. There a different types of recorders

    The types of recorders correspond with different vocal ranges.

  4. The Brussels Conservatoire revived recorders

    Musicians at the Brussels Conservatoire, including Arnold Dolmetsch, are associated with the revival of recorders in the 20th century.

  5. Recorder players reached the B.B.C. Y.M.o.Y. finals

    Twice, recorder players have been finalists in the B.B.C. Young Musician of the Year.

Why We Love Play the Recorder Month

  1. We love learning about interesting instruments

    Different instruments have different ways of channeling music. Play the Recorder Month is an opportunity to learn about wind instruments and what inspires musical arrangements.

  2. We love the enthusiasm

    The community of recorder players is tight-knit, welcoming, and very enthusiastic. We love to watch how they celebrate this month.

  3. We love the music

    We love listening to the compositions written for the recorder come to life. We love the clarity and harmony of sound that it produces.

Play the Recorder Month dates

Year Date Day
2023 March 1 Wednesday
2024 March 1 Friday
2025 March 1 Saturday
2026 March 1 Sunday
2027 March 1 Monday
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