Prune Breakfast Month is celebrated in January to honor prunes — an utterly scrumptious delight that fits right in with all our breakfast recipes. Tangy and sweet on the tongue and easy on the stomach, prunes make themselves useful in every possible way. Braving the harsh winds of winter gets easier with the fruit of the month in our belly. Throughout the month, home cooks are encouraged to incorporate prunes in breakfast recipes. It ain’t hard, though. Sweet or savory, hot or cold, nothing is out of reach for this stunning gift of nature.

History of Prune Breakfast Month

The history of prunes in the United States stands out from its contemporaries, as it is one of the few propagated fruits whose farming was popularized to combat the European imports of the time. The California prune industry dates back to the mid-1800s — right at the dawn of the era of the California Gold Rush when the state became a hotspot for innovation, immigration, and fortune.Among the hoards setting camp in the golden state was a French statesman by the name of Louis Pellier, who grafted a plum tree with d’Agen rootstock of his country. In a couple of years, the tree spouted a special fruit, which later came to be known as California Prunes. Soon enough, the offspring became a distinguished delicacy in itself and spread through the entire San Jose farming belt. The rest of the state caught wind of the product pretty fast and within 15 years, American homegrown prunes took over the European imports.Prunes are amazing for your health. A single serving of five prunes contains three grams of dietary fiber. In addition to this, prunes also offer ample carbohydrates to keep you energetic and full for the day. High in potassium and entirely fat-free, adding prunes to your daily bowl of breakfast is the best way to get some healthy nutrients in your body. Prunes are moist, chewy, and pack a flavorful punch with every bite. While we continue to research the origins of this super healthy and fun celebration, this is your sign to really get into prunes. Thirty-one days, 31 breakfast dishes. Let’s go!

Prune Breakfast Month timeline

The Fruits of French Labor

French immigrant Louis Pellier grafts plum trees with d’Agen rootstock to produce California prunes.

The Americans Catch Up

Farmers across the state begin planting California prune plums.

Above and Beyond

Homegrown California prunes take over the European imports and the land perks up with more than 85 prune packing plants.

The Official Status

Prune farmers and packers adopt the Federal Marketing Agreement and Order and officiate the California prune industry.

Prune Breakfast Month FAQs

Are prunes the same as plums?

A prune is a variety of plums, grown from the propagation of the plum tree. While plums are round in shape with a firm and juicy texture, prunes are oval-shaped with a dense and chewy texture.

Are prunes sweet?

Prunes carry the concentrated sweetness of plums and have the plumpest texture for dried fruit.

Are prunes good for you?

Yes. Prunes are a dignified source of fiber and chlorogenic acid, which act as a laxative for the body.

Prune Breakfast Month Activities

  1. Prepare a prune breakfast

    Go all out with your love for prunes and prepare a new breakfast featuring prunes every day of the month. Sprinkle chopped prune all over your cereal or bake an English muffin. Trust that you will not run out of recipes. Sweet or savory, the fruit of the month works in every breakfast recipe.

  2. Gift a prune basket

    Why celebrate alone when you can rope in your friends and family for this super healthy and delicious month-long observation. Pack a basket with raw prunes, cookies, and other homemade delicacies and gift it to your loved ones.

  3. Plant a plum tree in your backyard

    Sun, water, and love are all that a plum tree needs. Take the month of January to plant plum trees in your home. The best time to plant plum trees is late winter, while the saplings are dormant. This timeline gets them to sync with the spring and later flourish in the summer.

5 Fantastic Breakfast Ideas Featuring Prunes

  1. Walnut prune yogurt

    Russia’s special walnut stuffed prunes with a dollop of fresh yogurt on top.

  2. Prune protein bars

    A layer of diced prunes takes your average homemade protein bar to another level.

  3. Chia prune cookies

    Replace the sugar with naturally sweet prunes for an unforgettable batch of sugar-free chia cookies.

  4. Prune bread

    Add pitted prunes to your regular bread mix and start the day with unmatched joy.

  5. Quinoa prune porridge

    Mix in the prune puree while preparing your porridge for a plate-licking delicacy.

Why We Love Prune Breakfast Month

  1. A tasty addition to every dish

    Want a fancy twist to your everyday omelets? Give prunes a chance. From yogurt to cereal, there’s no dish that doesn’t gain from the addition of prunes. When it comes to taste, prunes are unbeatable. Additionally, they are the plumpest dried fruits available on the market.

  2. A quick nutrient bump

    Prune Breakfast Month inspires us to eat prunes every day. Not only is the addition of prunes an immediate taste enhancer, but the nutrient index of this delectable dried fruit is the best way to take your breakfast from average to nutrition-dense in mere seconds.

  3. There are ample recipes to go through

    A month isn’t enough to fully explore the wonder of prunes, but we’ll settle with what we have. Preparing grand dishes with prune puree or using the chopped bits as a last-minute addition, the fruit qualifies for all. The sweet and fibrous prune makes for an excellent partner for all your breakfast recipes. The best part of it is you’ll never get tired of its taste.

Prune Breakfast Month dates

Year Date Day
2023 January 2 Monday
2024 January 1 Monday
2025 January 1 Wednesday
2026 January 1 Thursday
2026 January 1 Friday
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