Rissa G. - Today, we celebrate Rissa G., a YouTuber who has proven that it's possible to have a blissful, cuddly relationship both offline and online.

Rissa G.'s Birthday 2024 – November 4, 2024

Clarissa Caleb, popularly known as Rissa G., is an American YouTube star and social media personality born on November 4, 1997. She is best known for posting fun, challenge, prank, and personal videos on her couple-managed YouTube channel, “Riss and Quan.” She manages the channel alongside her boyfriend, who is also a YouTube star. The most interesting part about Caleb’s life is her loving relationship with her boyfriend, with whom she even has a child. One cannot speak about Caleb as a YouTube star without speaking about her boyfriend. Together, they have garnered over two million subscribers on their channel and are bound to add more in the future.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Clarissa Caleb


Rissa G., Riss

Birth date:

November 04, 1997


26 years, 8 months

Zodiac Sign:



5' 4"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$1.8 million

Rissa G.'s Social Media:


Clarissa Caleb, commonly known as Rissa G., is a 24-year-old American YouTuber and social media star who is gradually becoming a household name because of the number of subscribers, followers, and viewers she is accumulating across different social media platforms, particularly on YouTube and Instagram. She was born to a Jamaican father and a dual ancestry mother, who runs a hair studio in New York. At a young age, Caleb had a passion for fashion, which is clear in many of the posts on her Instagram account — her boisterous body shape emphasizes her beauty.She is best known for the YouTube channel “Riss and Quan,” which started in January 2018. The couple’s account is controlled by Caleb and her boyfriend Shaquan Roberts, who is also a YouTuber and the father of their child. The channel has over two million subscribers and has been viewed over 279 million times. Caleb owns an Instagram account she registered in 2013, where she has about 600,000 followers with over 160 posts. On her boyfriend’s birthday in 2020, she took to her Instagram to share a picture of them with a romantic caption, reiterating her love for him and how she feels blessed to have him.In May 2021, the couple shared a snippet on their YouTube channel titled ‘We are pregnant!!’ Shaquan posted a video on his Instagram account with the caption ‘When Two Becomes Three…’ and Caleb ‌posted the video on her Instagram with the caption, ‘Flower Child, Beautiful Child.’ Fans expressed their excitement over the announcement and wished them well. They welcomed their child, Shine Anthony Roberts, later that year. In 2022, they announced their engagement.

Career timeline

The Debut Instagram Account

Caleb registers the Instagram account, Rissag97.

The YouTube Channel is Launched

Caleb starts the YouTube channel, “Riss and Quan,” together with her boyfriend Roberts.

The College Graduate

Caleb graduates from the State University of New York, popularly known as the University at Albany (UAlbany), with a Bachelor's degree.

The Blooming Love

Caleb shares a picture of her boyfriend and her on Instagram with the caption, 'Baby, I love you & appreciate you to the fullest.'

The Couple Welcome Their First Child

Caleb gives birth to her child.

Robert Proposes to Rissa

Caleb gets engaged to Roberts.

Rissa G. FAQs

Is Rissa G. Italian?

Rissa G. was born in America to a Jamaican father and an Italian-Swiss mother.

Is Rissa G. pregnant?

Rissa G. and her boyfriend announced ‌they were expecting a baby in May 2021.

Is Rissa G. and Quan on Instagram?

Both Rissa and Roberts are on Instagram, but individually manage their accounts. Rissa G.’s account is: @Rissag97.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. The most popular video on YouTube

    “Our Couples Morning Routine,” is the most popular video on their YouTube channel.

  2. She has a joint Facebook account

    Caleb also has a joint account on Facebook, which she and Roberts manage.

  3. She loves tattoos

    Caleb has a tattoo on her shoulder and another covering her rib and thigh.

  4. She has a belly button piercing

    The social media personality has a piercing in her belly button.

  5. She graduated college with Roberts

    Both Caleb and her boyfriend graduated from the same college on the same day.

Why We Love Rissa G.

  1. She is educated

    Caleb values education and did well to get a Bachelor's degree from UAlbany together with her boyfriend, an act that further affirms their love for one another. It also shows that they are willing to grow together and help each other achieve their goals.

  2. She is loyal

    Despite being individually popular, Caleb hasn't opted to register an individual YouTube channel. This shows just how loyal she is to her fiancé and how much longer she wishes to continue growing with him, in love and finances.

  3. She is all grateful

    After reaching a milestone on her account, she and Roberts shared a video appreciating their fans. They even organized a giveaway in which one of their fans may get to win a Honda Civic car. How much more grateful can someone ever be?

Rissa G.’s birthday dates

Year Date Day
2022 November 4 Friday
2023 November 4 Saturday
2024 November 4 Monday
2025 November 4 Tuesday
2026 November 4 Wednesday