Roseanne Park - Roseanne Park is a famous Australian/Korean singer, dancer, and performer. Find out all about her career timeline here.

Roseanne Park's Birthday 2025 – February 11, 2025

Roseanne Chae-young Park or better known as Rosé Park was born in Auckland, New Zealand on February 11, 1997. She was born to parents Mason Clarke and Clare Park. Her parents gave her the Korean name ‘Park Chae-young’. She is most famously known for her involvement in the Korean pop band “Blackpink,” she is a trained dancer and vocalist for the band. In 2012 Park attended an audition in Sydney, Australia to be a performer through “YG Entertainment” — a South Korean entertainment industry. She became part of “YG Entertainment” on the same day and received two years of training for her preparation as a member of “Blackpink.”

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Roseanne Chae-young Park



Birth date:

February 11, 1997


27 years, 5 months

Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$8.0 million

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Roseanne Park was born in Auckland, New Zealand on February 11, 1997. She was born to South Korean parents Mason Clarke, a successful lawyer, and her mother Clare Park who is a businesswoman. She has an older sister named Alice Park who is also a lawyer like her father. Her Korean name is Roseanne Chae-young Park but she prefers to go by Roseanne or Rosé. She is currently based in South Korea and is a member of the popular Korean girl group “Blackpink” with other Korean members including Lisa as the main dancer, Jennie as the lead vocalist, and Jisoo, the other lead vocalist.In 2004 Park and her family moved to Melbourn, Australia where she grew up. She had a huge passion for singing early on in her life — Park was part of her church’s choir group before she discovered her love for K-pop. She completed her formative schooling at the “Kew East Primary School” in Australia, moving to the “Canterbury Girls Secondary College” in Melbourne. Park attended college but soon after dropped out to pursue her vocal career. In 2012 at the age of only 15, she traveled to Sydney from Melbourne to audition for “YG Entertainment”— a South Korean entertainment industry. Park was one of 700 other candidates to audition, she was accepted by the industry the same day and became a trainee. After four years of training in the art of dance and music, she was placed as one of the lead dancers and vocalists in the k-pop girl group “Blackpink.”In 2020 she also became the first global ambassador in the last 59 years for “Yves Saint Laurent” by Anthony Vaccarello. For the fall 2020 campaign of “Saint Laurent,” she was the global face. Recently, in 2021, her solo lead single titled “Gone” was released which gained massive amounts of positive feedback. This year, she also became the muse for “Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.”

Career timeline

The Lead Dancer and Vocalist

Park joins the K-pop girl group “Blackpink” as the lead dancer and vocalist.

The Endorsement Model

Park becomes an endorsement model for the South Korean cosmetics brand titled "Kiss Me".

The Brand Ambassador

Park announces her role as the brand ambassador for “Perfect World Entertainment’s MMORPG Perfect World Mobile.”

The Face of “Yves Saint Laurent”

Park becomes the first global ambassador in the last 59 years for “Yves Saint Laurent'' by Anthony Vaccarello and in the fall campaign, she is the global face of the brand.

The First Solo Album

Park releases her first solo album titled “R” which is a huge success.

Roseanne Park FAQs

How did Rosé learn Korean?

Park spoke mainly English growing up and is more fluent in English than in Korean. She states in an interview that during her training with YG Entertainment, learning Korean was a requirement and she quickly picked up the skill.

How many languages can Rosé speak?

She can speak English, Japanese, and Korean fluently.

Who is “Blackpink” visual?

Kim Jisoo (age 25) is the visual and lead vocalist of “Blackpink.”

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She has friends in “Red Velvet”

    Park is friends with Joy and Yeri from the popular Korean girl group “Red Velvet.”

  2. She loves to dye her hair

    Park has dyed her hair about five times, starting with light orange, then pink, dark brown, red, and now it's rose gold.

  3. She has an ideal dream man

    In an interview, Park confesses her dream man’s personality type would be someone kind, well-mannered, and can sing well.

  4. She’s on a dating ban

    Much like other Korean girl singers who have signed with “YG Entertainment,” it states in their contract that the performers are prohibited from dating while signed with the agency.

  5. She has her ears pierced

    Park has stated in an interview that she has a total of five piercings, three on her left ear and two on her right.

Why We Love Roseanne Park

  1. She was born in New Zealand

    Although having a Korean name and Korean parents, Park was born in Auckland, New Zealand, and grew up in Australia for most of her life. She now lives in South Korea as a part of her contract with “YG Entertainment.”

  2. She’s a Taylor Swift fan

    Park has said her musical idols include Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Tori Kelly. She says these ladies inspire her as an upcoming female musician.

  3. She loves food

    It is said that Park loves food very much. Her fellow band member Jisoo has noted how sometimes Park will cry when she eats food that is very delicious.

Roseanne Park’s birthday dates

Year Date Day
2023 February 11 Saturday
2024 February 11 Sunday
2025 February 11 Tuesday
2026 February 11 Wednesday
2027 February 11 Thursday