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Ryan Adams's Birthday 2024 – November 5, 2024

Ryan Adams, born on September 5, 1974, discovered his talent for music at a young age. He is a force to reckon with in the music industry and also as a poet and record producer. Over the years, he has risen to become a household name, with renowned musicians like Taylor Swift acknowledging his musical prowess. His debut solo album, “Heartbreaker” (2000), did well. As a poet, he has written an anthology called “Infinity Blues” and “Hello Sunshine,” a collection of poems and short stories published in 2009. We’ll celebrate this talented singer’s birthday right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

David Ryan Adams

Birth date:

November 05, 1974


49 years, 8 months

Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$15.0 million

Ryan Adams's Social Media:


David Ryan Adams, born on November 5, 1974, in Jacksonville, North Carolina, is an accomplished songwriter, singer, artist, poet, and record producer. He stands out as a rock singer and poet. His zodiac sign is Scorpio. His parents, Robert and Susan Adams, separated when he was five. He credits his upbringing to his grandparents, with whom he shared his entire childhood. Adams and Mandy Moore got married on March 10, 2009. However, they divorced in June 2016.Adams is known for his “Heartbreaker” (2000) and “Gold” (2001) albums that did well on the U.S. Billboard chart. Adams has won two N.M.E. Awards, in 2003 and 2004, for Best Solo Artist. In 2007, he also won a Q Merit Award for Excellence in Music. As a poet, he has written an anthology called “Infinity Blues” as well as “Hello Sunshine,” which is a collection of poems and short stories.Adams has had his own share of scandals. In 2019, seven women alleged that he sexually harassed them. These allegations caused the delay of his three albums that were set to be released that year. Luckily, he was cleared of the charges on grounds of lack of proof and has since released the three pending albums, namely “Wednesdays,” “Big Colors,” and “Chris.” In 2006, Adams intimated his personal struggle with drug addiction; he also suffers from bouts of depression and anxiety.

Career timeline

TheSolo Album Debuts

Adams’ "Heartbreaker" album is released.

The Hit Album

Adams’ thirteenth album, “Ashes & Fire,” becomes highly successful and ranks seventh on the Billboard Hot 200.

The Sexual Harassment Allegations

Multiple women come forward during the #MeToo campaign to allege that Adams sexually harassed them.

The Cancelled Tour

In light of his sexual harassment allegations, S.J.M. Concerts reveal that Adams’ tour, scheduled to start in Dublin, has been canceled and ticket holders will be refunded.

Ryan Adams FAQs

Is ‘Motion Sickness’ about Ryan Adams?

Yes. The song, co-written by Bridgers, is about Adams, her ex-boyfriend.

Is Ryan Adams related to Bryan Adams?

No, they are not related. Sharing the same last name and birthday is purely coincidental.

Is Ryan Adams’ career over?

We cannot categorically say that his career is over. However, we know that his career and relationships faced a deep nosedive in light of the sexual harassment allegations.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He frequently abused drugs

    Adams once had an extended period of substance abuse which ceased in 2006.

  2. He suffers from Ménière’s disease and tinnitus

    Adams experiences vertigo and perceives a ringing noise inside his ear.

  3. He and Bryan Adams are friends

    Surprisingly, the two Adams, who are both rock singers and are frequently confused for one another, are friends.

  4. His ex-wife accused him too

    Adams’ ex-wife is among the several women who have leveled sexual harassment allegations against him.

  5. He was a school dropout

    At 16 years old, Adams dropped out of Jacksonville High School to pursue his love for music.

Why We Love Ryan Adams

  1. He is apologetic

    Adams understands that it is not a weakness to issue an apology. Although he was cleared of the sexual harassment charges, he still apologized.

  2. He handles his health challenges well

    Adams has struggled with challenges revolving around having ringing sounds in his ears and imbalance. These symptoms can be very debilitating but he has learned to rise above them and have a productive life.

  3. He is a warrior

    Adams has faced a lot of challenges in his life. He however doesn’t remain on the ground. He reels back makes notable moves, and the world adjusts to his reality.

Ryan Adams’s birthday dates

Year Date Day
2022 November 5 Saturday
2023 November 5 Sunday
2024 November 5 Tuesday
2025 November 5 Wednesday
2026 November 5 Thursday