Secretaries' Day (Colombia) - We celebrate Secretaries’ Day in Colombia to appreciate our unsung heroes. Continue reading to discover fantastic ways to mark the occasion!

Secretaries' Day (Colombia) 2025 – April 26, 2025

Secretaries’ Day in Colombia takes place on April 26. It’s a day when people are encouraged to recognize and appreciate professional secretaries and support experts they know, usually through greeting cards, flowers, or candy. Many also choose to observe the day by buying them lunch or giving them the day off. Although most people don’t think much about secretaries or their jobs, they play an important role in most companies. This celebration honors the unrecognized work they often do to keep businesses thriving.

History of Secretaries' Day (Colombia)

A secretary, administrative professional, or personal assistant works with an organization’s management and executives using their project management, communication, and organizational abilities. While a secretary also handles correspondence, onboards fresh hires, and arranges various meetings and events, a personal assistant may work solely with one employee or many. Until the late 19th century, men who managed executives’ daily correspondence and tasks were called ‘secretaries.’ As with many names, the word evolved to include additional functions over time, leading to various titles, like general secretary or financial secretary.Following birth rate declines during the Great Depression and booming post-war business, the United States faced a lack of skilled administrators. The National Secretaries Association was established in 1942 to recognize administrative personnel’s contributions to the economy, promote personal growth, and attract new workers to the administrative field. In 1982, the National Secretaries Association was renamed Professional Secretaries International, and in 1998, it was renamed the International Association of Administrative Professionals (I.A.A.P.), which it still goes by today.The president of Dictaphone Corporation, C. King Woodbridge; the president of the National Secretaries Association, Mary Barrett; and public relations account executives at Young & Rubicam, Harry F. Klemfuss and Daren Ball, created the holiday to honor all administrative personnel. U.S. Secretary of Commerce Charles W. Sawyer initially proclaimed June 1 to 7 as National Secretaries Week in 1952, with Wednesday, June 4, designated National Secretaries Day. The first Secretaries’ Day was sponsored by the American Association and supported by several corporate groups.

Secretaries' Day (Colombia) timeline

Men Dominate the Industry

During the Middle Ages, secretarial work is mainly done by men.

A Shortage of Workers

The National Secretaries Association (N.S.A.) is founded in response to a shortage of skilled administrative workers.

Certifications are Introduced

The N.S.A issues the first Certified Professional Secretary assessment.

Secretaries’ Day

Secretaries’ Day is established by Mary Barrett, C. King Woodbridge, and Harry F. Klemfuss.

Secretaries' Day (Colombia) FAQs

What is the role of a secretary?

Their typical duties include taking messages, answering phones, and handling correspondence. They also make appointments, maintain calendars, and prepare reports.

What skills do secretaries need?

One of the most important skills a secretary must have is the ability to multitask and think quickly on their feet. A highly organized mindset is also a big plus.

What should you study to become a secretary?

Those who want to become secretaries often study finance in high school business and economics.

Secretaries' Day (Colombia) Activities

  1. Show your appreciation

    Give a speech at work to show your secretaries how much you value them. Share some stories about your secretaries and how they’ve come to your aid.

  2. Share information on social media

    Why not make a heartfelt post on social media? Demonstrate to others the importance of respecting and honoring everyone you work with!

  3. Send a gift

    Send your secretary a gift card. Reimbursing them for their coffee expenses is also an excellent option.

5 Fascinating Facts About Secretaries

  1. Secretary positions are changing

    Secretary jobs are evolving, and the first indication is that secretaries are no longer referred to as such.

  2. Secretaries run their respective offices

    Indeed, secretary jobs are so crucial that many movers and shakers would’ve been lost without them.

  3. Some have specialized training

    Not all secretaries are made equal, and some positions may require specific training or experience.

  4. The second most famous Bond character

    Miss Moneypenny, a secretary, is the second most successful character in the “James Bond” franchise.

  5. There are millions of them

    Secretaries account for over 22 million of the United States workforce.

Why We Love Secretaries' Day (Colombia)

  1. It encourages equality

    No matter how essential their work or how much they make, everyone deserves to be respected and appreciated in their workplaces. Nobody can accomplish anything on their own, and those who receive the least recognition often deserve it the most.

  2. It motivates employees

    Nothing boosts company morale like thanking every team member. Recognizing employees for their achievements encourages them to keep working hard.

  3. It acknowledges unseen efforts

    Secretaries’ Day honors the unseen efforts of people who work tirelessly to improve our daily lives. This is a great day to recognize their efforts.

Secretaries' Day (Colombia) dates

Year Date Day
2023 April 26 Wednesday
2024 April 26 Friday
2025 April 26 Saturday
2026 April 26 Sunday
2027 April 26 Monday