Self-Love Month is in January. It’s much too easy to get carried away by life’s troubles and forget to appreciate yourself. Self-Love Month is a time to appreciate yourself and invest time in conscious physical, spiritual, and psychological growth. It involves prioritizing your happiness and well-being. Your needs won’t take care of themselves, pay attention to yourself on this amazing holiday. Self-Love Month is all about building self-worth and getting what you deserve.

History of Self-Love Month

The 1950s Beat Generation and the early Hippie Age of the 1960s were the first to advocate for self-love. Following the catastrophic impacts of World War II and with troops still waging war in Vietnam, western societies began promoting love and peace.They aimed to aid the advancement of the concept of positive energy and environmental preservation with the upsurge in oil pipelines and the awareness of pollution due to greenhouse gas emissions.In the United States, self-love has also been employed as a weapon in black communities. The “Black is beautiful” slogan became a platform for African-Americans to reject the burden of primarily White beauty standards during the Black Power movement in the 1970s. Before the 1970s, the typical cultural ideal was to use perms or a hot comb to straighten Black hair.The afro became the most fashionable hairdo during the Black Power movement. It meant allowing Black hair to grow freely, without chemical treatment, to embrace and showcase its curly hair texture. A pick was used to tease the hair out.The idea was to have the hair form a halo around the wearer’s head, highlighting their Blackness. During the 1970s, this type of self-love and empowerment was a strategy for African-Americans to battle the stigma associated with their natural hair texture, which was and still is viewed as inappropriate in the professional world.

Self-Love Month timeline

Self-preservation is the Highest Virtue

Baruch Spinoza’s “Ethics” proclaims self-preservation as the highest virtue.

Extreme Self-lovers

In his renowned textbook, “Principles of Psychology,” psychologist William James studies the concept of self-esteem.

Self-love Enters Medical Literature

The concept and language are used in research records to discuss how first responders can manage the impact of the trauma their job exposes them to.

Self-love is Promoted

Self-care is promoted by several Black political movements.

Self-Love Month FAQs

What are some of the steps to self-love?

Make peace with your fears, find out what is essential to you, accept that there is no such thing as perfection and accept your “faults,” row in aspects that help you achieve your goals, and recognize your persisting anxieties and forgive yourself for them.

What are the signs of self-love?

Here are some signs that you are on the right track towards self-love: You pay attention to your body, you enjoy being able to experience strong emotions, you’ve got a lot of connections, you have a strong sense of why you’re doing what you’re doing, you are mindful of your potencies and weaknesses, and you celebrate your wins.

How do you know if you lack self-love?

You could be putting everyone else first — your career, family, friendships, and community — at the expense of your own needs. Lack of self-love manifests itself in working too hard, burnout, and overload. The foundation of a person’s health, happiness, relationships, job, and everything else is self-love.

Self-Love Month Activities

  1. Start a new diet

    Committing to a new diet is the perfect way to kick off your self-love campaign. Cut out junk food and boost your health with a new regimen.

  2. Spoil yourself

    Do something new just for you. Go out for dinner or buy yourself a gift to celebrate to pamper yourself.

  3. Celebrate small victories

    Practice positive reinforcement in every area of your life. Reward yourself for achieving set goals or even completing small milestones. Encouragement goes a long way towards success.

5 Important Facts About Self-Care

  1. It’s in the blood

    Genes and the environment you grow up in influence your self-esteem.

  2. Emotional immunity

    High self-esteem can give you emotional immunity.

  3. Self-love is not self-indulgent

    Self-esteem can experience frequent fluctuations.

  4. Anti-suicidal

    The American Association of Suicidology claims that self-love reduces the risk of suicide.

  5. Self-love enhances cognitive functions

    People who take the time to look after themselves and focus more on self-love have better cognitive abilities.

Why We Love Self-Love Month

  1. Health benefits

    Self-love means being more conscious about things that affect your health and lifestyle. People who practice self-love enjoy numerous mental and physical health benefits.

  2. Positivity

    Love starts from within. We can only love others when we learn to love ourselves.

  3. Encouraging growth

    Self-Love Month reminds you to appreciate yourself and invest in personal growth. It is the ideal time to prioritize your happiness and well-being.

Self-Love Month dates

Year Date Day
2023 January 2 Monday
2024 January 1 Monday
2025 January 1 Wednesday
2026 January 1 Thursday
2026 January 1 Friday
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