Supermarket Employee Day - Supermarket Employee Day celebrates the heroes who work the grocery beat and help us keep our bellies happy.

Supermarket Employee Day 2025 – February 22, 2025

After a great first year and sustained valiant efforts by grocery employees and other personnel, the Food Industry Association’s Supermarket Employee Day makes its much-anticipated return on February 22. The industry-wide initiative, which first took place in 2021 to commemorate the contributions of the grocery industry’s staff, will continue for the second year running and will become an annual affair.

History of Supermarket Employee Day

The Food Industry Association (F.M.I.) established the first National Supermarket Employee Day in 2021 to honor supermarket employees who deserve national recognition. The first commemoration attracted virtually all levels and types of F.M.I. participation from across the globe. Eleven states have since made proclamations. Local and national reports on events across the country were also featured in the media coverage. The F.M.I. highlighted that the return of Supermarket Employee Day reflected the positive reaction it received when it first launched in 2021, with participation from wholesalers, retailers, state association partners, and suppliers.The F.M.I. has designed an online cache of comprehensive resources and tools to ensure members can commemorate Supermarket Employee Day according to their budgets and brand. Messages, logos, assertions, celebration ideas, infographics, stickers, badges, banners, press releases, and strategies to nurture talent among teams are among the tools available.In 2021, state and municipal proclamations, programs inviting customers to nominate store heroes, award sweepstakes, video homages, headquarters parties, supply chain gratitude efforts, social media promotion, and in-store festivities were used to commemorate the holiday.Supermarkets are a community’s backbone. According to the F.M.I., 83% of supermarket staff positively impact their hometowns, participating in community outreach and creating local links via educational, charitable, public-health, and awareness campaigns, in addition to keeping pantries and refrigerators full. Through the Feeding America initiative in 2020, food retailers delivered over 1.5 billion meals to Americans in need.

Supermarket Employee Day timeline

The F.M.I. is Established

The Food Marketing Institute is established with the National Association of Food Chains and the Super Market Institute.

Mid-1800s — Mid-1900s
Department Stores are Introduced

The first department stores (Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Sears) are launched in states such as Chicago and New York.

The F.M.I. is Renamed

In January, the organization's name is changed to the Food Industry Association.

The Inaugural Supermarket Employee Day Celebration

The F.M.I.declares the first-ever National Supermarket Employee Day celebration.

Supermarket Employee Day FAQs

Who is a supermarket assistant?

Supermarket assistants are responsible for several tasks such as serving and advising customers, replenishing and removing stock, and conducting card and cash transactions.

How long do supermarket employees work daily?

According to DataUSA, full-time employees can complete up to 42.1 work hours weekly and earn an average of $36,630 annually. Part-time employees complete about 22.3 work hours with a $10,790 yearly salary average.

What are supermarket employees called?

They can be called ‘grocery clerks’ or ‘supermarket clerks.’ Their duties involve keeping the store clean, ordering and restocking shelves, and assisting shoppers.

Supermarket Employee Day Activities

  1. Celebrate supermarket employees

    Celebrate this holiday by appreciating the employees at your favorite supermarket. Make sure you participate in the festivities at local outlets.

  2. Go the extra mile

    Supermarket Employee Day is getting attention, and you can play a part in that progress. Do your part by encouraging local and state reps to declare the holiday.

  3. Join the social media movement

    Take part in social media campaigns to celebrate. Share photos and use hashtags to make supermarket employees feel special.

5 Shopping Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Strategic positioning

    Escalators are purposely located to ensure shoppers go past as many storefronts as possible.

  2. Seven times that

    The Mall of America can contain over seven Yankee Stadiums.

  3. Rising stats

    The U.S. has about 46,990 malls.

  4. Record-breaking

    Canada’s West Edmonton Mall in Alberta holds the record for being the largest shopping mall in the world.

  5. Unsatisfactory service

    The earliest record of a customer service complaint goes back 4,000 years in Mesopotamia; the customer complained about the inferior quality of the copper ingots he purchased.

Why We Love Supermarket Employee Day

  1. Supermarkets are a part of the community

    Supermarkets form a crucial part of the backbone of any community. Without their contributions, we would most certainly be unable to cope.

  2. Heroes in dark times

    Supermarket employees remain steadfast contributors in crises. Over the years, several instances of outbreaks and catastrophic collapses have seen them display courage and dedication to service.

  3. The reward for hard workers

    Supermarket employees have done more than enough to earn our gratitude. Their service should not go unnoticed, and it’s only right they get a day to celebrate their contributions.

Supermarket Employee Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 February 22 Wednesday
2024 February 22 Thursday
2025 February 22 Saturday
2026 February 22 Sunday
2027 February 22 Monday