Take Your Parents To The Playground Day - A day dedicated to playing outdoors — for parents.

Take Your Parents To The Playground Day 2025 – May 18, 2025

Take Your Parents To The Playground Day is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of May, falling on May 16 this year. This is a great way for children to show how hard they work at their job — playing! Playing outdoors is extremely important for a child’s development in their developmental years. Playing outdoors with others, especially parents, makes the experience even better and this day is perfect for parents and children to have an absolute blast.

History of Take Your Parents To The Playground Day

Throughout history, children have played outdoors in their neighborhoods, on streets, and in parks. However, the concept of playgrounds only emerged in the 1800s.The super fun Take Your Parents To The Playground Day was founded on April 4, 2009, by PDPlay’s president John Ogden. He said that “The future of play is rooted in the past. We created this day for outdoor play to motivate children and their parents to get outside for some old-fashioned fun at the local playground, the park, or even in their backyard.” It’s associated with Children & Nature Awareness Month, which was established by the Children & Nature Network (C&NN) to highlight the importance of children experiencing outdoor play in natural surroundings.The day motivates children to go outdoors and take their parents along to the playground. Outdoor play boosts the physical and mental development and well-being of a child and even helps parents catch a breather from their daily lives. Outdoor play not only helps to stimulate a child’s imagination but also strengthens their focus and attention and develops strong muscles and bones. Moreover, going to the playground with parents and engaging in activities helps to create a strong bond between families. Professionals even state that the social skills that children develop on the playground can become lifelong skills that will be carried forward into their adult lives.For a decade now, this day is a great opportunity for children to take their parents out and just be themselves and enjoy some much-needed fresh air.

Take Your Parents To The Playground Day timeline

First Sketch of a Playground

Henry Barnard produces the first sketched concept of a playground that features a large shaded area with teachers looking at children playing with wooden blocks, toy carts, and two rotary swings.

The First Playground

The first playground is built in Manchester, England based on an idea that originated in Germany.

The First American Playground

The first American playground that consists of swings, slides, and a carousel opens in San Francisco at Golden Gate Park.

Playground Association of America

The official Playground Association of America is formed to promote the idea of playgrounds to Americans.

Take Your Parents To The Playground Day FAQs

Who invented the first playground?

The idea of playgrounds was actually started in Germany by Henry Barnard and the idea behind them was to create a platform for teaching children the correct ways to play.

What are some of the best playgrounds in the world?

Playgrounds are available across the globe. Some of the best ones are Belleville Park in Paris, France, Jungle Gym in Nashville, Tennessee, Nishi-Rokugo Park in Tokyo, Japan, Clemyjontri Park in McLean, Virginia, and Adventure Playground in Berkeley, California to name a few.

What makes a good playground?

Playgrounds come in all forms and sizes however an ideal playground would provide space for kids to run, jump, toss, throw, hop, slide, swing, climb, basically just move around freely. It would also make it better if they’re surrounded by nature.

How To Celebrate Take Your Parents To The Playground Day

  1. Go to a playground

    What better way to celebrate Take Your Parents To The Playground Day than by going to the playground? Head to your nearby playground, bring some friends and their parents, indulge in some fun games and food, swing and slide, and just let your inner child out in all its glory.

  2. Head to the state park or backyard

    If you don’t have access to a playground nearby, it’s okay! You can go for a hike to a state park and enjoy it just as much. You can even make your backyard your playground and spend all day there. Set up a picnic in your backyard or rent some playground equipment to get an authentic playground experience.

  3. Share your playground stories

    Children can share their funny, embarrassing, or memorable playground stories. Even parents can tell their stories from when they were kids. You can do this at home if it’s not possible to head outdoors.

5 Cool Facts About Playgrounds Around The World

  1. Sculpture ParkPod in Tokyo

    The Hakone Open-Air Sculpture Park Pod was knit entirely by hand.

  2. Australia's Pod Playground

    This playground has six unique huge wooden acorns that kids can climb inside and explore.

  3. Gulliver Park in Spain

    This park will allow kids to connect to their inner historian and literature lover.

  4. Teardrop Park in New York

    In winters, the bluestone wall that has an in-built water source becomes beautifully covered in icicles.

  5. LEGO House playground in Denmark

    There are nine brightly colored playgrounds that will let kids play out scenes like dodging a sea monster or balancing on surfboards near an oversized shark.

Why We Love Take Your Parents To The Playground Day

  1. It builds a strong bond between children and parents

    It has been proven that children and parents spending time engaging in any activity helps strengthen their bond and provides holistic development. Take Your Parents To The Playground is a perfect opportunity to enhance that. In fact, even if you’re an adult, you can take your aged parents to the playground and relive memories.

  2. It’s a great opportunity to step outdoors

    Sometimes, we can get stuck in a routine and forget that the beautiful outdoors exist. Take Your Parents To The Playground Day is a great reminder for you to step out, take some fresh air in, see your children all happy and playful, and relive your childhood days with them.

  3. Playgrounds are fun

    Playgrounds are a lot of fun, and there should be more of them for adults, too! Take Your Parents To The Playground Day is a great way to experience the abundant fun playgrounds provide and take a break from daily life.

Take Your Parents To The Playground Day dates

Year Date Day
2022 May 15 Sunday
2023 May 21 Sunday
2024 May 19 Sunday
2025 May 18 Sunday
2026 May 17 Sunday