Thank Your Mentor Day - Show your appreciation and gratitude towards your mentor as we prepare to honor them on Thank Your Mentor Day.

Thank Your Mentor Day 2025 – January 21, 2025

Thank Your Mentor Day is annually celebrated on January 21 as a day to express gratitude and appreciation towards your mentor. Mentors are extremely honorable people who help people in dire need of life support (not medical life support, mind you!) and elevate them from a crisis. These people make remarkable differences in the lives of others and so they deserve a day of their own to be honored as a mentor. This Thank Your Mentor Day, express your gratitude the way your mentor would like it to make his day.

History of Thank Your Mentor Day

We do not necessarily need to delve into the history of the mentor-mentee relationship and how it began, why it began, and how to be a mentor. This is pretty much obvious that now and then, everyone needs a person who could guide him or her out of a tough situation. Whenever we are low, we want a person who could make us feel better about ourselves and would tell us that all is not lost and there is still hope for us in the world. A person who comes in, and makes a difference in our lives, is our mentor.A mentor does not come to help while seeking a reward, or a bounty. A mentor comes out of sheer concern for you. The basic of human emotions is sympathy, but you can always find hundreds of sympathizers. These sympathizers only pity you or feel sorry for you in your moments of despair or sadness but in every hundred or maybe thousand sympathizers you would probably find one who has a deeper emotion for you. That emotion is empathy, and this emotion brings out a mentor who would not pity you, would not feel sorry for you, but would make your sadness their sadness and would work with you to lift you out of that tough situation.When the world laughed at you or ignored you, your mentor would make you feel better about yourself by igniting a flame of hope in you. He would make you aware of your capability, which may not be visible to you, and with this awareness, you would find the courage to lift yourself. Again, we do not need to go into examples as the concept of mentorship is known to everyone. I can guarantee you that every single person had a mentor in their life, and if you are blessed to have a mentor who still exists, Thank Your Mentor Day is a perfect day to appreciate your mentor in front of him.The Mentor Org. has been a leading organization when it comes to providing mentorship to those for mentors, and like its other flagship event Be A Mentor Day, Thank Your Mentor Day is an initiative to build more mentors in the society who would in due time elevate the society. So, celebrate this year’s Thank Your Mentor Day in style to make your mentor proud!

Thank Your Mentor Day timeline

3000 Years Ago
Homer’s "Odyssey

Legend has it that Odysseus entrusts his young son Telemachus to the care of Athena before leaving for the Trojan War.

Matching Individual and Organizational Needs

Edgar Schein, an M.I.T. Scholar, identifies seven types of mentoring roles for successful mentors in his book.

1980s, a social service organization, is formed to provide mentorship to children.

A Significant Impact

It was reported that people who have a mentor had 46% less inclination towards getting involved in malpractices.

Thank Your Mentor Day FAQs

What is a good way to say thank you to my mentor?

If you have spent time with your mentor, you would know about their likes and interests. A surprise fulfillment of that desire would be a great way to express your thankfulness.

How can I be a mentor?

Mentoring is an art and science simultaneously. There is no fixed way to be a mentor, but if you think you are a good listener, have analytical capabilities, and can make yourself available for the person in need, then usually you will naturally become a mentor to someone unintentionally.

Who is the most decorated mentor?

Aristotle, the teacher of Alexander the Great, is probably the most decorated mentor in history.

Thank Your Mentor Day Activities

  1. Give your mentor a gift

    Gifts can be of any kind and can be a very expressive way to say thank you to your mentor for all he or she has done for you. Why not take the time out to show them how much you appreciate them?

  2. Write a letter

    If you find it hard to say it, then write it. Write a letter to your mentor stating all the ways you feel better because of him or her, and tell them how thankful you are, and what their presence means to you.

  3. Be a mentor

    One way of saying thank you is by passing on the legacy. Be a mentor to someone with all the experience you gained with your mentor and use it to help someone else who is going through a hard time.

5 Interesting Facts About Mentors

  1. 90% success factor

    Those who have a mentor, are 90% more likely to be successful in life than those who do not have a mentor.

  2. Anyone can be a mentor

    A person learns from his experiences, those who use this experience to transform the lives of others become mentors.

  3. The three A's of a mentor

    A mentor needs to be available, analytical, and should also be an active listener.

  4. Traditional mentoring is the best

    A one-on-one traditional way to mentor a student is the most beneficial and effective.

  5. Letters are more impactful

    A written note or letter to a mentor is always the best way to express your thanks, it has a more personal touch to it.

Why We Love Thank Your Mentor Day

  1. Need for Awareness

    Our society is being tainted by new and advanced problems for which no effective solutions exist. Helping a child or a young person with your knowledge and experience can always improve the conditions in our society. You'd be surprised to learn that our society today requires mentors far more than it did 50 years ago

  2. Mentors get to feel good about themselves

    Mentors make their mentees feel better, but what about the mentors themselves? After all, they are humans too and carry emotions in them. This day is a great day to make these beautiful people feel good about themselves.

  3. A Gift Day

    Why wouldn’t the mentors love this day? Fun stuff aside, mentors do not become mentors because they are seeking financial returns or gifts, but then who doesn’t like a gift? A small gift as a token of gratitude is always a treat.

Thank Your Mentor Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 January 21 Saturday
2024 January 21 Sunday
2025 January 21 Tuesday
2026 January 21 Wednesday
2027 January 21 Thursday