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Toni Logan's Birthday 2024 – November 2, 2024

Toni Logan, born on November 2, 2006, is an Instagram star and YouTuber who became famous for her lifestyle content. She has almost 700,000 followers on her Instagram account while she has more than 100,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. She is a brand ambassador for Curlyme Hair, a hair care company. She hopes to become one of the top YouTube content creators one day. We are happy with what Logan has achieved, and we will celebrate her special day right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Toni Logan



Birth date:

November 02, 2006


17 years, 7 months

Zodiac Sign:



5' 3"

Net Worth:


Toni Logan's Social Media:


Toni Logan was born on November 2, 2006, in Houston, Harris County, Texas. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio, and she is of African American ethnicity. She lives with her parents and brothers in Houston, Texas. She watched many YouTube videos as a child and fell in love with the lifestyle of YouTube content creators. Logan created her YouTube channel in 2016, but she didn’t upload videos to it for the next four years. She started on Instagram by posting videos of herself dancing to popular songs. In 2020, she got around to creating YouTube videos and uploaded her first video.Since dropping her debut video, she has been entertaining her subscribers on YouTube with various content, including vlogs, pranks, questions and answers, and even ‘mukbang’ videos. She frequently collaborates with other YouTube stars like Mya Nicole and Funny Mike. The teenage content creator is a member of the Bad Kids group, which is why she is referred to as “BadKidToniLogan.” The group is a community of young YouTubers who regularly collaborate to create content. The Bad Kids’ friendship also enables them to produce entertainment based on their interactions.Logan works hard at her craft and hopes to make a lot of money from it. One day, she hopes to purchase her dream car, a Chevrolet Camaro. She has deleted most of her early videos from her Instagram account. This action shows that the young lady is growing and quickly becoming a much better version of herself.

Career timeline

She creates Her YouTube Channel

Logan creates a YouTube channel but she doesn't post any videos on it.

She Creates Her Instagram Account

She signs up for an Instagram account, and she starts uploading videos immediately.

She Posts Her First YouTube Video

She uploads her first YouTube video, "MALL VLOG!

She Sets Up a Twitter Account

Logan joins Twitter to engage with more of her followers.

Toni Logan FAQs

Who is Toni Logan dating?

Logan is dating RichBoyTroy. They also appear in videos together.

Did Toni Logan cut her hair?

Logan’s hairdresser cut her hair by mistake. Her hair has now grown back to its former length.

Who is Toni Logan's favorite uncle?

Logan’s favorite uncle is Jefe Jefe. He is also a YouTuber.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Her favorite rappers

    Logan is a big fan of Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat.

  2. Her favorite music

    She loves Japanese music.

  3. Her favorite hairstyles

    She loves wearing her hair in braids or curls, and she doesn't like it straight.

  4. Her favorite animes

    Logan's favorite animes are "Hunter x Hunter," "Naruto," and "Dragon Ball Z.

  5. Her favorite movie

    She loves the comedy film "Mean Girls.

Why We Love Toni Logan

  1. She’s an obedient daughter

    In one of her videos, Logan said she wouldn't be friends with a person if her parents disapproved of him/her. We think Logan has a great attitude.

  2. She doesn't judge people based on hearsays

    Judging people based on what others say is probably not the smartest way to live. We are happy that Logan is an intelligent person who can think for herself.

  3. She has excellent conflict resolution skills

    Logan holds conversations with people whenever she has problems with them. She tries to avoid violence, and we are proud of her.

Toni Logan’s birthday dates

Year Date Day
2022 November 2 Wednesday
2023 November 2 Thursday
2024 November 2 Saturday
2025 November 2 Sunday
2026 November 2 Monday