US Bowling League Day - Strike your best game on US Bowling League Day. Get ‘bowled’ over by history, facts, and rolling a perfect game.

US Bowling League Day 2024 – September 3, 2024

We are geared up to bowl a perfect game this US Bowling League Day on September 3. Bowling is an ideal activity to enjoy any time of the year. Heading to the bowling alley with friends or family never gets old or dull. Did you know that bowling originally featured nine-pins?

History of US Bowling League Day

In the 1830s and 1840s, a ban was placed on bowling by officials based in Connecticut. Excessive gambling was linked with the activity, posing a threat to public welfare. At the time, bowling featured nine pins, which is what was specifically outlawed. Players found a way around this by adding an extra pin, making the game 10-pin. The next evolution of the game happened when the automatic pinsetter revolutionized bowling in the 1950s.On US Bowling League Day, leagues and sportsmanship are celebrated. In a bowling league, teams face off during a season. There are three games in each match, with teams facing each other either once a week, or once every other week. The standard number of players is four, but it is also common to have three or five players in a team. The leagues are not limited to any one gender.Scoring depends on the league; points may be awarded for every game won, or to the team who bowls over more pins than other teams by the end of the week. A player’s average is based on their bowling, which is pooled in the team’s average score. Teams with higher averages bowl against those with lower averages. Winning teams are often given cash prizes or other incentives.

US Bowling League Day timeline

5200 B.C.
Good Old Sport

Bowling is traced back to ancient Egypt.

The First Reference

The earliest recorded reference to bowling in America is made by Washington Irving in “Rip Van Winkle.

The American Bowling Congress

A group of die-hard bowlers form the American Bowling Congress.

The Dude

“The Big Lebowski” becomes one of the biggest movies ever to feature bowling.

US Bowling League Day FAQs

What do you do in a bowling league?

In most bowling leagues, each team plays three games per scheduled match.

How long is a bowling league season?

A typical bowling season lasts between eight to 12 weeks.

What is a good league bowling average?

In bowling, an average is between 140 — 170 points. To be considered good, bowling scores must average between 190 — 220.

US Bowling League Day Activities

  1. Buy a custom gift

    Whether you are a bowling enthusiast or know someone who is one, buy a custom bowling gift: a mini bowling set, a bowling trophy, or novelty food items in the shape of bowling pins.

  2. Join a bowling league

    Bring your best game and join a bowling league. Team up with your friends and face-off in the (bowling) alley.

  3. Learn from the experts

    Bowling experts give their best tips and share tricks on different platforms. Learn from the best and improve your bowling.

5 Facts About Bowling That Are A Strike

  1. America’s favorite activity?

    More than 67 million people in the United States bowl every year.

  2. The big leagues

    More than 1.2 million people compete in certified league play sponsored by the United States Bowling Congress.

  3. Maximum bowling ball holes

    Bowling balls can have as many as 12 holes.

  4. Kings loved bowling

    Bowling was the most popular sport among kings and soldiers in the Middle Ages.

  5. Bowling balls are complex

    Creating the perfect shape that will remain balanced and have perfectly spaced holes is a special technique.

Why We Love US Bowling League Day

  1. We love competition

    Nothing like some friendly competition to really spice up a monotonous routine. Bowling is fun, but the stakes are high all the same.

  2. A fun activity for all

    Bowling is inclusive to all. Anyone can play it and everyone has their unique bowling style. A game for all? We love it!

  3. The evolution of bowling

    We love how a loophole in the law evolved the game from featuring nine pins to 10 pins. What a story.

US Bowling League Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 September 3 Sunday
2024 September 3 Tuesday
2025 September 3 Wednesday
2026 September 3 Thursday
2027 September 3 Friday