Victory Day - Today is Victory Day! Join the festivities as you help Turkish people all over the world celebrate this very important day in their nation’s history.

Victory Day 2024 – August 30, 2024

Victory Day is an annual holiday celebrated in Turkey on August 30. Also known as Turkish Armed Forces Day, this holiday commemorates the Turkish victory over the Greeks in the 1922 Battle of Dumlupınar. After the First World War in 1918, the victorious Allied Powers divided the destroyed Ottoman Empire. As a result, when the ‘Treaty of Sèvres’ was inscribed on August 10, 1920, the ‘Triple Entente’ gave Greece ownership of some territories in Turkey. These regions included Western Anatolia, Imbros (now Gökçeada), Tenedos, and Eastern Thrace (Smyrna). The nationalist Turks consequently rejected this incursion.

History of Victory Day

Victory Day is a holiday that commemorates the victory of the Turkish Army in the Battle of ‘Dumlupınar.’ The Ottoman Empire was divided among the Allied Powers following the First World War, which ended in 1918. As a result, when the Treaty of Sèvres was signed on August 10, 1920, the Triple Entente gave Greece ownership of some territory in Turkey. These regions included Western Anatolia, Imbros (now Gökçeada), Tenedos, and Eastern Thrace (Smyrna).In May 1919, 20,000 Greek soldiers had already landed in Smyrna and began launching successful offensives the following summer. One of the reasons proposed by the Greek government was that there was a sizable population of Greek-speaking Orthodox Christians in Anatolia in need of protection. By October 1920, the army began to advance further east as the ill-equipped Turkish forces continued to retreat into the recesses of Anatolia. However, after the 21-day Battle of Sakarya, August 23 – September 13, 1921, the Greek army could no longer advance and was forced to retreat.The Turks ultimately launched a counterattack on August 26, 1922, after a series of battles, including the Battles of Inonu and Afyonkarahisar-Eskisehir. This became known as the “Great Offensive” among Turks. At the Battle of Dumlupnar on August 30, the Turkish Army beat the Greek Army, taking numerous Greek soldiers prisoner and killing two Greek generals. Victory Day was initially observed in Turkey in 1923. It was declared a federal holiday in 1926. A military ceremony is held at the War Academy in Istanbul on a particular day, and military parades are held in the nation’s major cities.

Victory Day timeline

The Treaty is Signed

The Treaty of Sèvres is signed on August 10.

The Decisive Win

Turkey wins a decisive victory over Greece in the Battle of Dumlupınar.

The First Celebration of Victory Day

Victory Day is celebrated for the first time in Turkey.

The Day Receives Official Recognition

Victory Day becomes an official holiday in Turkey.

Victory Day FAQs

Who is the President of Turkey?

The current president of Turkey is Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

What are special days in Turkey?

Holidays in Turkey include Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Feast, Republic Day, and New Year’s Day.

What is Eid called in Turkey?

In Turkey, Eid is called Bayram.

How to Observe Victory Day

  1. Send best wishes to the Turks

    Celebrate with Turks all over the world. Post a goodwill message on your social media accounts, wishing all Turkish people a happy Victory Day!

  2. Learn more about Turkey

    Learn more about the fascinating country. Take a virtual tour to understand more about the country’s culture, language, landscape, and food. You’ll be glad you did!

  3. Learn a new word

    Give yourself a linguistic challenge by learning a new word in Turkish, Kurdish, or Arabic. Try learning to say ‘hello’ or ‘thank you’ in those languages.

5 Important Facts About Turkey

  1. Istanbul is on two different continents

    Turkey’s Istanbul is situated on the continents of Europe and Asia.

  2. Santa Claus originated in Turkey

    Popular legend has it that Saint Nicholas was born in the Turkish city of Patara.

  3. Turks love to drink tea

    About 96% of people in Turkey drink at least one cup of tea per day.

  4. Turkey is predominantly Muslim

    About 99% of people in Turkey are Muslims.

  5. ‘Turquoise’ comes from Turkey!

    The word ‘turquoise’ actually means ‘Turkish stone.’

Why Victory Day is Important

  1. The Turks protected their land

    Victory Day celebrates the bravery and fierce protectiveness of the Turkish people. Even in the face of war, they held fast and protected their land from being intruded upon.

  2. It promotes national pride

    This national holiday is a source of pride for all Turks who love their country. It’s a reminder and celebration of the brave ancestors who fought for their country and came out victorious.

  3. It promotes historical awareness

    To make the right decisions for the future, we must first have a sound understanding of our past. Victory Day is an opportunity to promote historical awareness in the present generation of Turks.

Victory Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 August 30 Wednesday
2024 August 30 Friday
2025 August 30 Saturday
2026 August 30 Sunday
2027 August 30 Monday