Virgin of Suyapa's Day - Virgin of Suyapa’s Day is a celebration of the Virgin Mary and uplifts the values of servitude in the Catholic community of Honduras.

Virgin of Suyapa's Day 2025 – February 3, 2025

Virgin of Suyapa’s Day is celebrated on February 3 each year. The celebration is held in honor of the rediscovery of the stolen statue of the Virgin of Suyapa. Legend says that the statue was discovered by a laborer to bestow light on the lost people of Honduras. The day is marked with feasts across Honduras, as devotees step out of their homes to celebrate the miracle of the Virgin Mary and the anniversary of her veneration.

History of Virgin of Suyapa's Day

Virgin of Suyapa’s Day, also known as Suyapa Day, is celebrated every year on February 3. Centuries ago, a remote town in Honduras was in the midst of intense social and political turmoil when a discovery bestowed its light on the people of the country. It is believed that the statue was discovered on February 3, 1747, by Alejandro Colindres, a laborer. That day, he and an eight-year-old child were sent by his mother to the fields to toil. Nightfall caught up to them on their way back home, so they decided to sleep outside. In the middle of the night, a sharp object pierced through Colindres’ side. Upon inspection, he discovered a battered statue lying beneath him. Unaware of its significance, he tossed it aside and went back to sleep. When he woke up the next morning, he found the statue lying beneath him again. Puzzled by the incident, he took the statue and placed it on an altar. The statue remained in his house for the next two decades. Seasons passed, and his affection for the statue continued to bloom.When the young man shared the tale with the villagers, a majority of them discarded it as a fairy tale. It wasn’t until 1777 that the statue gained its due recognition. Many legends are attached to the statue, including the end of the Football War between El Salvador and Honduras. The tales of the statue’s miraculous powers spread like wildfire across the continent in the following years. In the early 20th century, Pope Pius XI paid a visit to the town and declared February 3 as the Feast Day of Lady Suyapa. Present-day Hondurans celebrate the day with a mass in the chapel.

Virgin of Suyapa's Day timeline

The Great Rediscovery

Laborer Alejandro Colindres discovers the statue while sleeping outdoors.

National Acceptance

The Honduran community accepts the statue of Suyapa, and a chapel is consecrated in its honor.

Patronhood is Declared

Pope Pius XI announces Our Lady of Suyapa as the patroness of Honduras.

Patroness of a Continent

Our Lady of Suyapa is accepted as the patroness of Central America.

Virgin of Suyapa's Day FAQs

Who is the patron saint of the Honduran community?

Our Lady of Suyapa is the patron saint of Honduras.

What is the significance of ‘Suyapa’ in Spanish?

‘Suyapa’ is the Spanish title given to Virgin Mary.

Is Honduras a Catholic country?

Honduras is a secular nation with a majority Catholic population. Nearly 70% of Hondurans are followers of Christianity.

How to Observe Virgin of Suyapa's Day

  1. Attend a mass

    Our Lady of Suyapa Day is one of the holiest days for Roman Catholics in Honduras. Preachers come together to mark the day with a church mass. Join the spirit of the celebration with your local church and get a step closer to the divinity of Lady Suyapa.

  2. Explore the history

    Cultures around the world have different interpretations of Christianity and its symbols, but the common thread guiding their faith is the miracle of birth from the womb of the Virgin Mary. Hondurans share an impressionable history of the day, which is worthy of comprehension by followers around the world.

  3. Visit Honduras

    Honduras is a beautiful Central American country with a stunning hospitality culture. The nation relies on tourism as one of the drivers of its economy. The months between January and April are the best times to pay a visit to Honduras.

5 Thrilling Facts About The Statue Of Our Lady Of Suyapa

  1. A survivor of tragedy

    The statue of Our Lady of Suyapa has withstood two major robberies.

  2. A copy for preservation

    To preserve the statue, a 20-feet replica has been established in the main chapel.

  3. A local creation

    The image of the statue was crafted by Don Roman Sanchez Diaz, a self-taught, Honduran-born artist.

  4. A statue of cedar and gold

    The statue is built with special cedar from the Patuca Reserve Basin, and the display is made with a mahogany stand.

  5. A site of miracles

    Since 1796, Our Lady of Suyapa has bestowed many miracles on its devotees.

Why Virgin of Suyapa's Day is Important

  1. It brings the Hispanic community together

    Day of the Virgin of Suyapa is a day of celebration for the proud people of Honduras and beyond. Devotees welcome the day with candles and sweets and pledge good behavior in front of Lady Immaculate. It is also the day of rediscovery, as people from all walks ask for forgiveness for their past sins and begin a new life under the patronage of Lady Suyapa.

  2. It’s a day of service

    While most Catholic holidays are all about relish and merriment, Our Day of Lady Suyapa represents a day of service to the cause of Christianity. It is through our service that our Lady in Heaven can bestow us a miracle.

  3. It represents the patronage of Honduras

    Our Lady of Suyapa is the official patron saint of Honduras and one of the most revered religious figures of the nation. The statue was venerated by Pope Pius XI in 1925, who also declared her Patroness of Honduras under the title Our Lady of Suyapa. Since then, February 3 of each year is celebrated as the Feast Day of Lady Suyapa.

Virgin of Suyapa's Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 February 3 Friday
2024 February 3 Saturday
2025 February 3 Monday
2026 February 3 Tuesday
2027 February 3 Wednesday