Wash Your Nose Day - Keep airborne bacteria away and leave your nasal passages a lot cleaner on Wash Your Nose Day.

Wash Your Nose Day 2025 – March 11, 2025

Wash Your Nose Day, an important health and pro-personal hygiene event, falls on March 11 every year. It was created by Xlear, a leading xylitol-based sinus, and dental care company, to highlight the importance of sinus flushing. Xlear wishes to encourage the general public to take some time out today, and every other day, to wash our noses just as much as we watch our hands and faces.

History of Wash Your Nose Day

A day like this seems unlikely for a lot of us, and will possibly have us asking how or why. However, the professionals say washing your nose is just as important as washing your hands or face. Nasal washing, nasal flushing, nasal irrigation, whatever you prefer to call it, the objective is pretty clear — wash your noses. This personal hygiene practice is all about washing the nasal cavity to flush out mucus, bacteria, any other unwanted debris, and pathogens, to enhance breathing and the overall health of the nasal airways. It is also effective for treating colds and sinusitis.Our noses are the bedrock inlet to our eyes, ears, and lungs. This means that it’s also the easiest nest location for bacteria and viruses. Seeing as these bacteria can spread to other parts of the body easily, it is important to build up our nasal defenses to help flush away the threats. That’s where nasal washing comes in. There are many ways to wash your nose: nasal sprays or nebulizers from doctors, or by yourself right in the comfort of your home. To perform a nasal wash, you need a saline solution, a squeeze bottle, bulb syringe, or neti pot, a sink, and some tissue paper. Read on to discover the exact steps to take.This day was created in 2021 by Xlear. With one astounding nasal spray, Xlear has become the leading manufacturer of xylitol-based nasal and dental products. Its founder Nathan Jones started the holiday on the anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic declaration, to educate people on the long-term benefits of nasal washing.

Wash Your Nose Day timeline

1000 B.C. — 900 B.C.
The Hindus Wash Their Noses

Hindus perform nasal washing daily, as seen in the “Atharvaveda.”

Xylitol is Key

Sugar rationing in World War II leads to interest in xylitol and other substitutes.

The Future is Clear

Xlear Inc. is founded.

Clean Your Noses

Xlear creates Wash Your Nose Day.

Wash Your Nose Day FAQs

When is the best time to wash my nose?

It is advisable to perform nasal washing as often as we can; every day if possible. If this seems like a lot, at least, prioritize performing regular nasal irrigation during allergy season. If you opt to wash your nose daily, the perfect time to do this will be right before bedtime so you can breathe and sleep better, and wash away the trapped particles from the entire day.

Are there kits for nasal washing?

Nasal washing kits are available for purchase in online stores or pharmacies. These kits often come with all the necessary equipment for performing nasal washes, such as saline solution and neti pots.

Can I use bottled water for a nasal rinse?

For a nasal rinse, distilled water, bottled water, or boiled tap water, are the healthiest recommended options. However, make sure the bottled water is from a trusted brand.

How to Observe Wash Your Nose Day

  1. Wash your nose

    The most important way to celebrate a day like this is simply by doing it. To perform a nose wash at home, make some saline solution by boiling some tap water for a minute, allowing it to cool a little, then adding non-iodized salt and a pinch of baking soda. Fill a bulb syringe or neti pot with the solution, and lean over a sink. Squeeze or pour the solution into one end of your nose, and watch it flush down the other end while breathing through your mouth. Repeat the process a few more times.

  2. Learn more about it

    The best way to know all the benefits of nose washing is to educate yourself. The nasal airway is the top site for infections affecting the human body. Learn all the dangers associated with nasal infections, and the multiple benefits that come with washing your nose. Make sure to seek some professional advice for an even clearer perspective.

  3. Buy a nasal spray

    There is a popular misconception that nasal sprays should only be bought and used when there is an actual infection. This could not be farther from the truth. Take the time out today to purchase a xylitol-based nasal spray that can help you keep your nose clean daily.

5 Interesting Facts About Your Nose

  1. It doesn’t smell

    It may come as a shock but while the nose captures scents, the brain is actually responsible for identifying them.

  2. Your sneeze is inherited

    The way you sneeze is genetically determined and inherited from your parents.

  3. It has a lot of mucus

    On average, the nose produces 34 ounces of mucus every day.

  4. The roof or the floor

    The roof of your mouth is the floor of the nasal cavity.

  5. Women smell better

    The part of the brain responsible for smell is about 50% larger in women.

Why Wash Your Nose Day is Important

  1. It raises awareness

    Wash Your Nose Day raises awareness of the multiple benefits that come with nasal washing. This is particularly important because a lot of these benefits are completely unknown to the public.

  2. A campaign for better breathing

    One of the benefits of nasal washing is that it helps to reduce nasal swelling, which ultimately leads to an increase in airflow. Wouldn’t we all love to breathe a little better and take in all the wonderful scents around us?

  3. It celebrates overall health

    As stated earlier, the nose is a major connection point to other vital organs. Washing our noses helps us reduce the risk of having bacteria, viruses, and allergenic particles trapped in our airways.

Wash Your Nose Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 March 11 Saturday
2024 March 11 Monday
2025 March 11 Tuesday
2026 March 11 Wednesday
2027 March 11 Thursday