World Anthropology Day - World Anthropology Day is a holiday when anthropologists get to celebrate their field and share it with others.

World Anthropology Day 2024 – February 15, 2024

World Anthropology Day is a holiday that falls on the third Thursday of February — it takes place on February 16 this year. The day is set aside to celebrate the field and share information about anthropology with the public. Anthropology can be explained as the scientific study of humanity. It covers human behavior, biology, and how human societies function. It considers past and present information and looks to explore the future. Anthropology helps explain the origins of humans and what makes us unique as a species. It helps us understand how our world works, why we behave the way we do, and how we influence our environments.

History of World Anthropology Day

The American Anthropological Association (A.A.A.) started World Anthropology Day in 2015. It was initially called National Anthropology day, but it was changed in 2016. World Anthropology day seemed more appropriate since anthropology is essential to the whole world and not just one nation.Anthropology studies the origin and development of human cultures as well as societies. It examines characteristics in the past and present communities using different scientific methods. Studying cultures shows the learned behaviors of a people, their belief systems, institutions, languages, and social structures. The field investigates how various people in the world lived over time. The study is required to present human subjects in a clear and unbiased manner.To accomplish this, subjects are usually observed in their local environments. Anthropologists then use the process of ethnography to describe the local customs and interactions. Participating in the everyday lives of their subjects allows anthropologists to observe and explain the real purpose of people’s cultures, institutions, and practices. This is an anthropological process called participant observation.To ensure they are unbiased, anthropologists must assess their interpretations of the cultures and societies they study. This is to avoid ethnocentrism. Ethnocentrism is the biased view that all groups are less than another, usually their personal social or cultural group. The goal of an anthropologist is to describe a society and its culture in the local people’s terms.

World Anthropology Day timeline

5th Century
The Romans and Greeks Study History

The study of history becomes an integral part of Roman and Greek cultures.

18th Century
Scholars Aim to Understand Human Behavior

Age of Enlightenment scholars seeks to understand society and behavior patterns that followed definite principles.

19th Century
Evolutionism and Diffusionism

Two main theories, evolutionism and diffusionism, attempt to explain how societies develop.

20th Century
Culture-centered Studies Emerge

Anthropologists begin to understand different cultures independently, without comparing them to European culture.

World Anthropology Day FAQs

How is anthropology useful in everyday life?

Anthropology helps us discover facts and information about everything, including politics, economics, food, race, parenting, and other topics that influence human life.

Where do anthropologists work?

Anthropologists and archeologists usually work in research organizations, consulting firms, and the government.

What are the types of anthropology?

The branches of anthropology include archeology, biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, and linguistic anthropology.

How to Observe World Anthropology Day

  1. Study anthropology

    Take the time to learn something new about anthropology. You’ll find a topic area you find interesting.

  2. Discuss anthropology with others

    Enjoy having fun conversations about your favorite anthropology topics. Share some facts and learn something new.

  3. Share the holiday on social media

    Share information about the holiday with friends and loved ones on social media. Someone may get to learn something beneficial.

5 Important Facts About Anthropology

  1. Anthropology studies human behavior

    This study includes exploring cultural traditions, music, art, food, and human relationships.

  2. It considers migration

    Some anthropologists study the detailed migration patterns of humans over the years.

  3. It studies changes

    Anthropology considers human adaptations and changes.

  4. Anthropologists work in academia

    Anthropologists usually work as researchers or professors in universities.

  5. Professionals require higher education

    Most anthropologists earn a master’s degree or doctorate.

Why World Anthropology Day is Important

  1. It broadens our understanding

    It helps spread information about anthropology topics that affect our everyday lives. The information helps us understand life better and teaches others about our findings.

  2. It celebrates researchers

    It allows researchers to share their work and enlighten the general public. It also paves the way for new research, making our world progress.

  3. It sparks interest in the field

    The holiday creates awareness about anthropology, increasing people’s interest in the field. It may also give people the opportunity to find out more about anthropology and decide if they would also like to become anthropologists.

World Anthropology Day dates

Year Date Day
2022 February 17 Thursday
2023 February 16 Thursday
2024 February 15 Thursday
2025 February 20 Thursday
2026 February 19 Thursday