World Lewis Day - Awareness is raised on hundreds of displaced koalas due to the recent Australian bushfires.

World Lewis Day 2024 – November 26, 2024

What is World Lewis Day?World Lewis Day, observed November 26, serves to raise awareness about the hundreds of koalas who have passed or have been displaced due to the recent Australian bushfires, and encourages people to donate to charity groups working to help them in anyway they can. 

World Lewis Day timeline

January 17, 1986
Australian Koala Foundation is founded

The Australian Koala Foundation is founded to diminish the dangers to the survival of koalas and raise awareness to protect endangered fauna and flora.

September 2019
Black Summer begins.

Following a prolonged drought, deadly bushfires spark in Australia.

November 20, 2020
Lewis the Koala's sad end.

Lewis the koala dies one week after getting rescued due to severe burns.

March 31, 2020
Black Summer ends.

The country's most devastating bushfire season on record gradually comes to an end.

How to Observe World Lewis Day

  1. Donate to the Australian Koala Foundation

    The AKF is a non-profit and non-government organization dedicated to the conservation and effective management of the koala and its habitat. Visit their site to figure out how you can help make a difference. 

  2. Plant eucalyptus

    If you live in a koala inhabited area, plant eucalyptus in your yard to add another source of food. The recent Australian fires not only burned down the homes of hundreds of koalas, but also the leaves they need to survive. Planting gum trees gives your local koalas a fighting chance.

  3. Volunteer

    Hundreds of koalas are still displaced due to the recent Australian bushfire. If you live in Australia, volunteer to help locate the furry marsupials and bring them to the nearest koala hospital. 

Why World Lewis Day is Important

  1. It raises awareness

    Prior to the viral video, very few people outside of Australia were aware of the roaring bushfires harming not only koalas, but also other wildlife and people. Because of Lewis, thousands are rushing to donate to the families and koalas who have lost their homes due to the devastating occurrence. 

  2. It encourages people to volunteer

    People living near Australia's recent fire zone are rushing to volunteer. Lewis' rescue, and his fight in the hospital, brought to light just how dangerous the conditions are for the hundreds of other koalas in need of help. 

  3. It acknowledges a beautiful act of courage 

    Toni Doherty, the Australian grandmother seen in the viral video, used the shirt off her back in order to rescue Lewis, who had climbed up a tree to escape the flames. Toni put herself in danger and risked her own life in order to save the life of a small creature. She has inspired countless people to keep an eye out for local wildlife who may be in need of a rescue of their own. 

World Lewis Day dates

Year Date Day
2022 November 26 Saturday
2023 November 26 Sunday
2024 November 26 Tuesday
2025 November 26 Wednesday
2026 November 26 Thursday