Bavarian Crepes Day - Did you know that a Bavarian crepe from Bavaria is called a ‘palatschinke?'

Bavarian Crepes Day 2025 – March 22, 2025

National Bavarian Crepes Day is celebrated every year on March 22. Did you know that a Bavarian crepe from Bavaria is called a ‘palatschinke’? This food holiday is celebrated each year to enjoy and honor Bavarian crepes. It’s time for you to start baking some mouthwatering Bavarian crepes on this festive day!

History of Bavarian Crepes Day

A Bavarian crepe is a tempting, pancake-like dessert, which is made from buckwheat flour or wheat flour. It is usually filled with Bavarian cream and is then topped with fruits, glaze, chocolate, and whipped cream. Doesn’t it sound delicious? Bavarian Crepes are popular in Central and Eastern Europe, these crepes are almost similar to French crepes (thin pancakes). The history of crepes dates back to the 13th century.The name ‘palatschinke’ comes from the Latin word ‘placenta,’ which is derived from the Greek word ‘plakous,’ meaning ‘flatbread.’ Bavarian crepes got their name during the ancient Roman era in Central Europe.Crepes originated from France but, back then, crepes were mostly consumed as bread. The reason behind the popularity of Bavarian crepes is because they are generously filled with rich Bavarian cream. A few food historians state that Bavarian cream was introduced in Bavaria by a French chef living there. Although there is no proof of where the Bavarian crepe filling was first created, what we know for sure is that Bavarian cream recipes that were found in the 1800s, around the time of French chef Marie-Antoine Carême, were written in the French Language.Bavarian crepes are a fantastic snack or breakfast meal for all sweet lovers! There are several recipes for making the perfect crispy crepes and there are also so many other ingredients that you can have them with. People around the U.S. celebrate National Bavarian Crepes Day to enjoy crepes with the people they love while indulging their sweet tooths.

Bavarian Crepes Day timeline

350 B.C.
The Origin of Bavarian Crepes

The Greek poets mention the name of this yummy dish as ‘plakous.’

160 B.C.
First Recipe of Bavarian Crepes

A famous Roman soldier, Cato the Elder, includes a detailed recipe of the ‘palatschinke’ in his book called “De Agri Cultura.”

13th century
Discovery of Crepes

Crepes are accidentally made in Brittany, France when a housewife accidentally spills some porridge onto a hot, flat cooktop.

18th century
Bavarian Cream is Made by French Chefs

A couple of chefs working at the court of the Wittelsbach Princes make Bavarian cream.

Bavarian Crepes Day FAQs

What is National Bavarian Crepes Day?

It is a fun-filled holiday in the honor of crepes. People around the world celebrate it by making flavorful Bavarian crepes. 

What is the best recipe for Bavarian Crepes?

You can fill the crepes with Bavarian cream that is made by adding gelatin to beaten eggs and whipped cream and top it up with chocolate syrup. 

What are the different types of Bavarian crepes?

There are two types of Bavarian crepes: you can make a sweet crepe or a savory one.

Bavarian Crepes Day Activities

  1. Prepare Bavarian crepes at home

    Try your hand at making Bavarian Crepes at home. You can search for some easy recipes to make it in flavors of your choice. Ask your loved ones to help you out in the making of these succulent crepes. All of you can enjoy spending some quality time together and enjoy having this sweet dessert.

  2. Tweet about it

    There is a saying that if it is not on social media then it doesn’t exist! Spread the word on social media platforms. You can even use some hashtags like #NationalBavarianCrepesDay and #BavarianCrepes, to let the world know that you are celebrating this food holiday.

  3. Share it with your friends and family

    Don’t celebrate it alone, share it with your loved ones, too! Send some freshly made Bavarian crepes to your friends and family to make their day special.

5 Fun Facts About Bavarian Cream

  1. It is considered a French dessert

    Bavarian cream was first invented as a French dessert — it included egg custard mixed with gelatin and whipped cream, and then placed in a mold or used as a filling.

  2. It was made in the 1700s

    The dish is known to have emerged in the late 1700s and was made by a famous French chef, Marie-Antoine Carême.

  3. There’s another similar holiday

    There is a day to celebrate Bavarian cream, called National Bavarian Cream Pie Day.

  4. The origin of Bavarian cream

    No one is certain where the Bavarian cream originated from, but some say it was invented by French chefs who worked at the court of the Wittelsbach Princes.

  5. Meaning of ‘crème’

    The word ‘crème’ in German-speaking areas is a term for the gelatin mold.

Why We Love Bavarian Crepes Day

  1. For the love of crepes

    Bavarian crepes are not like typical crepes, that is why they have their own day! These crepes are thick, crispy, and better in flavor and consistency than other forms of crepes.

  2. Crepes are healthy

    Since these crepes are made using eggs, milk, and flour, they are not only more healthy but also super tasty.

  3. There are so many recipes!

    You can have crepes with so many different flavored fillings inside them. Try adding a fruit topping or a sweet syrup, or you can even add flavors in the batter before you pour it into a pan. Our personal favorite is having coffee crepes with fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and mascarpone.

Bavarian Crepes Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 March 22 Wednesday
2024 March 22 Friday
2025 March 22 Saturday
2026 March 22 Sunday
2027 March 22 Monday