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Brittany Murphy's Birthday 2024 – November 10, 2024

Brittany Murphy, born on November 10, 1977, rose to prominence with her performances in films such as “Freeway” and “Bongwater.” Her first significant part was in the romantic comedy “Clueless,” which was a critical and financial hit and a cult favorite. She went on to star in films including “The Prophecy II,” “Girl Interrupted,” “Riding in Cars with Boys,” and “8 Mile,” among others. She is also recognized for her television work, appearing in the American sitcom “Drexell’s Class” as a supporting character. Working as a vocalist boosted her career as well. We owe her a magnificent birthday tribute!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Brittany Anne Murphy



Birth date:

November 10, 1977

Death date:

December 20, 2009


32 years, 1 month

Zodiac Sign:



5' 3"

Net Worth:

$10.0 million


Brittany Anne Murphy was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on November 10, 1977, to Angelo Bertolotti and Sharon Murphy. Her father is of Italian ancestry and her mother has an Irish and Slovak background. She grew up as a Baptist before becoming a non-denominational Christian. She had a younger half-sister and two older half-brothers. After her parents’ divorce, Murphy and her mother moved to Edison, New Jersey. She developed an interest in acting as a child. Murphy’s mother encouraged her to pursue her dreams and enrolled her at Verne Fowler’s School of Dance and Theater in Colonia, New Jersey when she was five. She began appearing in television ads when she was about 12 years old. She eventually got minor roles in television sitcoms like “Murphy Brown” and “Kids Incorporated.” She was a supporting character in the American sitcom “Drexell’s Class” from 1991 to 1992. Meanwhile, she continued her schooling at Burbank, California’s John Burroughs High School.Murphy’s first major film appearance was in Amy Heckerling’s teen romantic comedy “Clueless,” released in 1995. The picture was a financial success, grossing roughly $57 million on a budget of $12 million. It also earned favorable reviews and grew to have a cult following over time. She played a significant role in the 1999 drama film “Girl, Interrupted” after starring in various films such as “Freeway” (1996), “Bongwater” (1997), “The Prophecy II” (1998), and “Zack and Reba” (1998). Commercially and critically, the film was a big hit. Over the years, she appeared in several films, including “Cherry Falls” (2000), “The Audition” (2000), “Sidewalks of New York” (2001), “Don’t Say A Word” (2001), and “8 Mile” (2002). She had a vital role in the criminal anthology film “Sin City” in 2005. Commercially, the picture was a great hit, grossing roughly three times its budget. The critics appreciated it as well. Throughout her career, she appeared in several television programs, including “Boy Meets World,” “Murder One,” and “Pepper Ann.” After she died, the films “Abandoned” (2010) and “Something Wicked” (2014) were released posthumously.Murphy and Ashton Kutcher began dating in 2002, but they separated, and she got engaged to Joe Macaluso in 2005. In 2006, they ended their relationship. Murphy married British screenwriter Simon Monjack in a private Jewish wedding ceremony in Los Angeles in May 2007. On December 20, 2009, the actress died of pneumonia, and on December 24, 2009, she was laid to rest in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills.

Career timeline

She Gets Her Breakthrough Role

Murphy's breakthrough comes in her second feature film "Clueless," broadly based on the novel "Emma" by Jane Austen; the film is a commercial success and receives favorable reviews.

A Nomination for a T.V. Film

She showcases her musical and artistic abilities in both serious and funny parts, earning a Young Artist Award nomination for outstanding leading female performance for her appearance in the television film "David and Lisa.

An Important Role

Her performance in "Girl, Interrupted," which becomes a financial success, garners her a lot of attention.

Another Major Role

Murphy is one of the central characters in Curtis Hanson's hip-hop drama film "8 Mile," based on Eminem's background, for which she earns critical accolades.

A Critically Acclaimed Role

She stars in the criminal anthology film "Sin City," directed by Frank Miller and based on his graphic novel of the same name, for which the picture grosses over three times its budget and is critically acclaimed.

Brittany Murphy FAQs

How did Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack die?

Monjack died in May 2010, precisely five months after Murphy, and was 40 years old at the time. Surprisingly, the causes of his death were nearly identical to those of Murphy’s — pneumonia and anemia — and he was discovered dead in the same room of their Los Angeles home as she was.

What were Brittany Murphy's last words?

On Larry King Live, Murphy’s mother Sharon Murphy, and husband Monjack claimed the actress’ final words were, “I’m dying. I’m going to die. Mommy, I love you.”

Who inherited Brittany Murphy's estate?

Murphy’s estate was estimated to be worth $10 million when she died, according to a report on Her husband was not the beneficiary of her fortune. Her mother was the one who received it.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She was a talented singer

    She was a member of the band Blessed Soul, for which she released the single ‘Faster Kill Pussycat,’ which became a club hit and reached number one on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play chart as well as number seven in the U.K.

  2. She was a voice artist

    She voiced one of the notable characters in the animated sitcom "King of the Hill," which was a huge hit, garnering numerous accolades, including multiple Emmys.

  3. She took dance classes

    She used to go to dancing classes six days a week when she was younger.

  4. She had interesting hobbies

    She had a habit of keeping a notebook beside her bed and writing poems in the middle of the night.

  5. She had diabetes

    In a few interviews, her mother indicated that she had diabetes, which could lead to weight loss if left unmanaged or untreated.

Why We Love Brittany Murphy

  1. She was a talented artist

    She was an excellent artist. She excelled in every field she picked as a career, whether as an actress or a musician.

  2. She was a strict disciplinarian

    Despite her status as a media star, we never heard of her engaging in unethical behavior. She never had any trouble with the law. She was not a substance user. She was always the person dancing at a party with a big smile!

  3. Her mom was her best friend

    Her mother was her best friend, regarded as the most incredible person in the world. She uttered her mother's name even on her deathbed. Except for her mother, she didn't feel close to anyone else. Her mother, she always said, was the pillar of her strength.

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