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Draya Michele's Birthday 2025 – January 23, 2025

Draya Michele is an American actress, model, fashion designer, and reality TV star born on January 23rd, 1985 in Reading, Pennsylvania. Michele is also an Instagram influencer, YouTuber, and content creator. Her fame rose from her appearance in the reality TV show “Basketball Wives LA” in 2011. She continues to create content on multiple social media platforms such as Twitter (@drayamichele) and Instagram (@drayamichele). She is seen as a prominent media personality and self-employed businesswoman. She is currently in a relationship with Houston Texas quarterback Tyrod Taylor. Join us as we celebrate her special day.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Andraya Michele Howard



Birth date:

January 23, 1985


39 years, 6 months

Zodiac Sign:



5' 7"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:


Draya Michele's Social Media:


Andraya Michele was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, U.S. on January 23, 1985. She graduated from Reading Senior High school in 2004 and was interested in the beauty industry from a young age. Michele signed with a few modeling agencies in an attempt to start her career early on. Her debut was on the reality show “Basketball Wives” in 2011 until the show ended in the fourth season in 2015. Michele made use of her popularity from the show and began her first swimwear line titled Mint Swim, which launched in 2011. Michelle’s second clothing line launched in 2013 under the name “Fine Ass Girls”.Michele has two children. Her elder son, Kniko Howard, was born in 2002. Her youngest, Jru Howard, was born in 2016 with her former fiancé and American footballer Orlando Scandrick. Draya had her first son Kniko when she was 17 and has been very open and honest about the ups and downs of raising a child on her own, for example allegedly never received any child support from the father, whose identity remained somewhat a secret. Michele was shamed for being a bad mom on social media after being arrested for child endangerment in 2011.While the reality star originally kept the secret of who Kniko’s father was for many years, Draya eventually came out to the public on the whereabouts of her baby daddy, who is a barber residing in Pennsylvania.

Career timeline

The Appearance on “Basketball Wives”

Michele makes her first appearance on “Basketball Wives”, a reality television show that aired for four seasons.

The First Clothing Line

Michele starts her first clothing line called ‘Mint Swim’, a swimwear line.

The Role on “Real Husbands of Hollywood”

Michele appears on the reality TV show “Real Husbands of Hollywood” as herself.

The Second Clothing Line

Michele launches her second clothing line called “Fine Ass Girls”.

The Debut in Film

Michele acts and stars in her first movie called “We Belong Together” as Tracy Jacobs.

Draya Michele FAQs

What is Draya Michele known for?

Michele is known for her airtime on “Basketball Wives”, a reality television show that aired for four seasons, starting in 2011 and ending in 2015.

What is Draya’s ethnicity?

Draya’s ethnicity is African American from her father’s side and Italian from her mother’s side.

How many clothing lines did Draya Michele launch?

She launched a line of swimwear, then ‘Bad Ass Women’ and lastly ‘Beige and Coco.”

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Michele wanted to be an aesthetician

    Before she was a Hollywood star, Michele originally wanted to be an aesthetician.

  2. She regrets her time on “Basketball Wives”

    Michele expressed her regret during her time on “Basketball Wives”, stating in an interview that she regrets the picture that it portrays of black women.

  3. Michele listens to Frank Ocean

    Michele explains how her friend introduced her to the musician, and she’s recently become a huge fan.

  4. Michele’s son Kniko is in college

    Michele has expressed how she is proud of her son, and we’re all wondering where the time went!

  5. She uses a fake name at Starbucks

    Michele prefers to keep a low-key appearance when out in public and chooses the name Nicole when asked at Starbucks.

Why We Love Draya Michele

  1. Michele understands single mothers

    Michele was a teen mom and single mother. This gives her compassion for other single mothers.

  2. She has a great business

    Her clothing line "Fine Ass Girls" is so stylish! Follow them on Instagram and look at all the amazing products they have on offer.

  3. Michele uses her friends as models for her clothing line

    Michele has her own friends model the swimwear. She prefers not to use models and feels more comfortable using women she knows.

Draya Michele’s birthday dates

Year Date Day
2023 January 23 Monday
2024 January 23 Tuesday
2025 January 23 Thursday
2026 January 23 Friday
2027 January 23 Saturday