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Ellie Thumann's Birthday 2024 – October 29, 2024

Ellie Thumann, born on October 29, 2001, is an American YouTuber best known for her beauty and vlogging channels. Her content covers many topics, including beauty, lifestyle, fashion, shopping, and travel. Thumann has been obsessed with fashion and beauty since she was young. She first appeared on YouTube in 2014, when she was barely a teenager. Since then, she’s built an impressive social media following, with 2.2 million YouTube subscribers and 1.7 million Instagram followers.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Ellie Thumann



Birth date:

October 29, 2001


22 years, 8 months

Zodiac Sign:



5' 11"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$3.0 million

Ellie Thumann's Social Media:


Ellie Thumann was born in Arizona on October 29, 2001. She has a sister and brother, Erin and Will, who have appeared in several of her videos, such as “Sister Tag” and “my brother turns me into a gamer. Minecraft baby.” At age 5, Thumann chose to follow in her mother’s footsteps and began modeling. She joined the Next Models kid models list in Arizona and tried out for various modeling companies.Thumann launched her self-named YouTube account in March 2014, and her debut video was titled “10 Facts About Me.” She promised her followers an abundance of fashion, lifestyle, and do-it-yourself videos. Since then, she has produced videos like a pro, earning millions of fans, which she calls ‘Elliephants.’ Thumann was a Vlogger of the Year finalist at the 2019 Shorty Awards. Her top video of the year, “Letting Starbucks Baristas Pick Our Drinks for a Week,” received nearly three million video views. This was followed by a do-it-yourself video titled “DIY Easter Eggs,” where she taught her viewers how to make elaborate and unique Easter eggs. The famous YouTuber also uploads fashion, cosmetics, and beauty–related videos that depict various beauty hacks and suggestions. Her entertaining and informative videos have gained her 2.22 million YouTube subscribers.Thumann signed with IMG Models in 2019 and collaborated with prestigious businesses, including Chanel, Vera Wang Fragrances, Converse, and more. She travels frequently for her modeling career and often shares footage of her journeys online. During her sophomore year at the University of Arizona, Thumann struggled to balance her modeling and social media careers with her academics. She opted to take classes online after consulting with her parents. Since then, she’s been a proponent of online education and often discusses how it has benefited her career.

Career timeline

Thumann’s Career Beginnings

She creates her YouTube channel.

The Shorty Award Nomination

Thumann’s is chosen as a finalist for the Vlogger of the Year category.

The Step to Modelling

IMG Models signs Thumann.

The Move to College

In a video, “College Decision Reveal 2020 (where I’m going to school!!!),” Thumann reveals that she was accepted into the University of Arizona.

Ellie Thumann FAQs

What modeling agency is Ellie Thumann with?

Thumann is associated with IMG Models, an international modeling agency.

What does Ellie Thumann study?

In her YouTube video, Thumann revealed that she planned to major in journalism.

Does Ellie Thumann have a twin?

She doesn’t have a twin, but she does have an older sister, Erin Thumann.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She’s an introvert

    Ellie Thumann has revealed that she has intense social anxiety and enjoys spending time alone.

  2. She idolizes Taylor Swift

    She loves Taylor Swift’s lyrics and ability to express what everyone feels in various stages of life, helping them feel less alone.

  3. She’s intuitive

    During an interview, she stated that her favorite things about herself are her intuition and ability to understand other people and circumstances.

  4. Thumann has therapy earphones

    She often wears headphones in her vlogs because she enjoys going for walks and listening to therapy playlists that empower her.

  5. She got her dream car

    In one of her vlogs, she mentions getting her first car, a Mazda 3, when she was 16.

Why We Love Ellie Thumann

  1. She works for a cause

    Ellie Thumann produced and released her first fashion designs through a bonfire.com campaign. Her collection included a crewneck sweater and unisex tee with a simple cactus illustration. A portion of her earnings was donated to St. Vincent de Paul, the favorite organization of her grandfather, who had just been diagnosed with stage four brain cancer.

  2. She prioritizes her mental health

    She stated in an interview that she constantly values her mental health, especially with a career that puts her in the public eye. She encourages her fans to take care of themselves and gives them an excellent example to look up to.

  3. She’s true to herself

    Thumann confessed that she doesn’t always present the best version of herself and believes this is the key to authenticity. She isn’t afraid of being judged. She knows that what is most important is having friends and family that know the real her.

Ellie Thumann’s birthday dates

Year Date Day
2022 October 29 Saturday
2023 October 29 Sunday
2024 October 29 Tuesday
2025 October 29 Wednesday
2026 October 29 Thursday