God of Medicine's Birthday - Let's celebrate the God of Medicine, Baosheng Dadi's birthday, annually on day 15 of the third lunar month.

God of Medicine's Birthday 2025 – April 12, 2025

God of Medicine’s Birthday is a holiday celebrated in Taiwan every year on the 15th day of the third lunar month; it falls on May 4 this year. This event celebrates the birthday of the deity Baosheng Dadi. Temples across Taiwan hold celebrations in his honor. Baosheng Dadi was an actual person who lived in the 10th century, even though he is now regarded as the deity of medicine. He was a talented Taoist practitioner and physician known for his miraculous healing abilities. In Taiwan’s municipality of Taipei and Fujian province, his birthday is frequently observed with celebrations and parades.

History of God of Medicine's Birthday

Baosheng Dadi was born as Wu Tao in the Fujian Province’s Bnailia village. In 979, he was born in the Song Dynasty. He went on to become a Taoist practitioner and a skillful doctor, performing numerous medical miracles during his lifetime. Some people began to worship him as a deity when he died in 1036, and as time passed, more and more individuals began to do so. Zhu Giochi, the Ming Dynasty’s fourth Emperor, bestowed the titles of Imperial Inspector at Heavenly Gate, The Great Taoist Immortal, The Miracle Doctor of Compassion Relief, and Long-lived, life Protection Emperor upon Baosheng Dadi.Baosheng Dadi’s birthday is observed as a happy occasion. The Dalongdong Baoan Temple in Taipei was in a sad state following the Chinese Nationalist Party’s withdrawal from Taiwan in 1949. Approximately 200 refugees and military dependents had taken over the 119-year-old structure and established a makeshift camp.When writer Wu Chao-lun arrived in Dalongdong in 1950, he found it filthy. Locals formed a repair committee in 1952 to save the temple, with wealthy businessman Lin Kung-Chen at the forefront. Lin is most known for heading a scripture chanting choir composed solely of female laborers in 1957. The Taipei City Government ultimately intervened in 1966 and assisted in relocating the squatters. More than 200 shrines in Taiwan are dedicated to Baosheng Dadi, the Taoist God of medicine. Dalongdong Baoan Temple is one of them.

God of Medicine's Birthday timeline

979 A.D.
Birth of Baosheng Dadi

Baosheng Dadi is born during the Song Dynasty.

1036 A.D.
Worship of Baosheng Dadi

After Baosheng Dadi's death, some people begin worshiping him as a deity.

Dalongdong Baoan Temple Repair Committee

Locals form a repair committee to save the Dalongdong Baoan temple.

Relocation of Temple Squatters

The Taipei City Government assist in relocating the Dalongdong Baoan squatters.

God of Medicine's Birthday FAQs

Who is the most revered deity in Taiwan?

The sea goddess Mazu is Taiwan’s most popular deity.

What is Taiwan's most popular religion?

Buddhism is the most popular religion in Taiwan.

What is Taiwan's claim to fame?

Taiwan is known for its delectable street cuisine, Shilin Night Market, and the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival.

God of Medicine's Birthday Activities

  1. Read about Baosheng Dadi

    Learn about Taoism and Chinese folk religion. Find out more about this ancient deity Baosheng and his role in Taiwanese history.

  2. Travel to Taipei

    Before the holiday, pay a visit to Taiwan's municipal government. Actors execute a dragon dance in Taipei, Taiwan, in honor of the Chinese God of medicine, Baosheng the Great's birthday.

  3. Take part in the special candle-lighting occasion

    This occasion is celebrated with special candle-lighting and incense-burning events across Fujian, Taiwan, and Taipei. You can virtually attend these events or host your own.

5 Interesting Facts About Taiwan

  1. No shoes at the temple

    In Taiwan, visitors are expected to remove their shoes before visiting temples.

  2. Oldest temple in Taiwan

    The Penghu Tianhou temple was built in 1604 and is the oldest temple in Taiwan.

  3. 15,000 official temples

    Around Taiwan, there are 15,000 official temples dedicated to hundreds of gods.

  4. Largest Buddhist temple

    The Fo Guang Shan Monastery is Taiwan's largest Buddhist temple.

  5. Main religion in Taiwan

    Taiwan's most common traditional faiths are Buddhism, Taoism, and folk religions.

Why We Love God of Medicine's Birthday

  1. It is a long-standing Taiwanese tradition

    According to Taiwanese history, celebrating the God of medicine started shortly after his death in 1036. The Taiwanese still observe this long-standing deity celebration from that day until now.

  2. It brings communities together

    Communities gather during this time to pray at the temple. All around Taiwan, events are held, and activities are carried out for all ages.

  3. It showcases Taiwanese culture

    We learn about Taiwanese culture through the celebration of the birthday of the God of Medicines. It aids in our understanding of their religious practices and beliefs.

God of Medicine's Birthday dates

Year Date Day
2022 April 15 Friday
2023 May 4 Thursday
2024 April 23 Tuesday
2025 April 12 Saturday
2026 May 1 Friday