National Fast and Prayer Day - It’s National Fast and Prayer Day. Observe the day and pray for God’s guidance and protection.

National Fast and Prayer Day 2025 – April 11, 2025

National Fast and Prayer Day is a national holiday observed on the second Friday of April in Liberia. This year, it takes place on April 14. It’s a day of supplication, meditation, fasting, and prayer, dedicated to collective reflection and self-discipline. On this day, public offices, business houses, and marketplaces are suggested to remain closed. All residents throughout the country — no matter their religious creeds — are asked to gather together with one accord in their respective places of worship. So, gather with your family or friends to observe the day together.

History of National Fast and Prayer Day

National Fast and Prayer Day was observed following a bill enacted by the Legislature of Liberia in 1883, declaring the second Friday in April as “National Fast and Prayer Day” for the safety and welfare of the nation and its people with penitent reverence to God. The day is usually observed as a day of supplication, meditation, fasting, and prayer. Citizens and foreign residents are called upon to stop from their daily occupations and avocations to recognize and further God’s love and guidance.The President of Liberia proclaims this national holiday each year. Fast and Prayer Day was a Christian holiday at first. But today, the holiday is for all residents to join, regardless of their religious creeds. The fast starts at 8 a.m. and ends at 6 p.m. People will meet in the places of worship, and some of them will wear sackcloth and ashes as in the Bible. The day is focused on the prayer for the prosperity as well as guidance, protection, and peace of the country.The day is dedicated to reflection and self-disciplined, which can be attained through prayer, fasting, and meditation. Prayer can be a way to reflect on oneself, thinking seriously about what one needs, lacks, or wants while directing those to almighty God. And fasting or meditation can teach a person about self-discipline. Fasting requires a serious commitment, and so does meditation. And both use the same method, which is refrainment. While fasting, one refrains from eating and drinking, and in meditation, one tries to focus, refraining from unwanted intrusive thoughts. If a person successfully fasts and meditates, it’s possible to acquire self-discipline.

National Fast and Prayer Day timeline

Liberian Declaration of Independence

The Republic of Liberia is declared an independent state.

Recognition by the United States

The United States recognizes the Republic of Liberia on September 23.

National Fast and Prayer Day

The Legislature of Liberia enacts a bill that declares the second Friday in April as National Fast and Prayer Day.

United Nations Charter

The Republic of Liberia signs the Charter of the United Nations on June 26, among other 50 countries.

National Fast and Prayer Day FAQs

What prayers can I say while fasting?

“Lord, thank you for the lessons you taught me during fasting. Thank you for the ways you grew me in fruits of the spirit like patience and self-control. I know I could not have accomplished this by my own power, but only because of Your work in me. Guide me as I move forward.”

What is a dirty fast?

Dirty fasting means you consume some calories during a fasting window.

How long can you fast without food?

It is said that the body can survive for eight to 21 days without food and water.

How to Observe National Fast and Prayer Day

  1. Fast and pray

    Both fasting and prayer have benefits. Fasting can support weight loss and improve heart health and brain function. On the other hand, prayer can be a way for you to talk to God, releasing you from negative feelings like anger, disappointment, or resentment.

  2. Meditate

    Meditation can be challenging, so it will take time to master. You may want to spend some time meditating on this particular day while you’re fasting.

  3. Spend quality time

    Since it’s a national holiday, your family members may be home. The quality can include meditating and breaking your fasts together.

5 Facts About Liberia You Need To Know

  1. It means free

    Liberia is derived from the Latin word ‘liber’ which means ‘free.’

  2. Its flag is like America’s

    The flag of the Republic of Liberia is similar to that of the United States of America, with one large star and 11 stripes.

  3. It’s home to the pygmy hippopotamus

    The pygmy hippopotamus, native to Liberia, is a small hippopotamid and is categorized as endangered species.

  4. It has 16 ethnic groups

    There are 16 ethnic groups in Liberia, making up its indigenous population.

  5. Its first president was not born there

    The first president of Liberia was Joseph Jenkins Roberts, an African-American man who was born in Norfolk, Virginia.

Why National Fast and Prayer Day is Important

  1. It’s a chance to repent

    Sometimes we forget to pray due to our busy schedules, let alone repent. National Fast and Prayer is one of the best chances we have to repent.

  2. It’s a time to learn

    Fasting and meditation can teach us. We can learn commitment and patience from both of them. Besides, it can be a time to better our meditation.

  3. It can be for quality time

    National Fast and Prayer Day can be spent on quality time with our loved ones. Whether it’s meditating together in the backyard or breaking fasts in the dining room, quality time is a good time.

National Fast and Prayer Day dates

Year Date Day
2022 April 8 Friday
2023 April 14 Friday
2024 April 12 Friday
2025 April 11 Friday
2026 April 10 Friday