National Golf Month is celebrated in August each year, and we promise to bring you the best golf puns around, as well as some golfing tidbits which are sure to be un-fore-gettable; and have you going clubbing (the outdoor kind, on the green). Whether you want to golf like a pro on an actual course or try your hand at mini-golf, we urge you to give it a go — it’s a lot more fun than it looks! So let’s get this par-tee started by bringing you some of the history and lesser-known facts about golf, which may inspire you to try your hand at it. For instance, did you know that dimpled golf balls fly twice as far as plain ones? If you’re already an avid golfer, you may still learn something new too. We happen to be in the know when it comes to the fact that August is the time when many golf courses and driving ranges offer super discounts and deals to get you out and onto the range. So even if it’s just a chance to ride around in a golf cart, don your sun visor, shades, polo shirt, and shorts/skorts and get to it.

History of National Golf Month

It was the Professional Golfer’s Association of America (P.G.A.) who founded the first National Golf Month back in August 1993. The purpose of this was to promote golf as a family-friendly and inclusive sport that could be accessible to all ages, genders, and skill levels. Initially, the P.G.A. used to host an annual charity event on National Golf Day (which falls on a different day each year), and due to the success of this, they decided to make the entire month a promotion and celebration of the sport.Although most historians would agree on the fact that the modern-day version of golf (involving 18 holes) originated in Scotland in the 1400s, there are some who contest this. Some versions of golf can be traced back to The Netherlands (the 1200s), while at the same time, there is still some debate about the origins of golf tracing back all the way to the Roman Empire. The Roman game referred to was called ‘paganica,’ and it involved the use of a bent stick to hit a wool or feather-stuffed leather ball. Since the Roman Empire had so much influence across Europe, it is thought that ‘paganica’ spread and evolved this way. Still, others say that the Chinese game of ‘chuiwan,’ played during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), was the original, which spanned the evolution of the sport as we know it today.Many decide to go with the theory of Scottish origins based on the fact that it involved knocking a ball into a hole, as well as being called ‘golf.’ A 1457 Act of the Scottish Parliament even banned golf as a sport because King James II of Scotland considered it a distraction from military training. However, it quickly became popular with future monarchs, including Mary Queen of Scots, and by the 1900s, more than 1000 golf clubs were established in the U.S. alone. Through major funding and sponsorship, the U.S. quickly became the epicenter of professional golf. However, the oldest golf tournament still takes place at the Prestwick Golf Club in Ayrshire, Scotland.

National Golf Month timeline

Golf is Born

The modern game of golf as we know it, is born in Scotland (although the origins are still hotly debated).

The First Golfing Rules Manual is Written

The Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers publishes “Articles and Laws in Playing at Golf.”

Golf Begins to Spread

In Britain and across the world, golf begins to spread and gain popularity, especially in European colonies.

Golf Becomes Popular in the U.S.

Following the establishment of the United States Golf Association in 1894, by 1900, more than 1,000 golf clubs are formed in the U.S.

National Golf Month FAQs

Who is the richest caddy in golf?

Currently, the richest caddy is named Jimmy Johnson — he is the caddy of golfer Justin Thomas.

What is the hardest golf course in the world?

Currently, the toughest course, which can even reduce professional golfers to tears, is The Ocean Course, Kiawah Island, South Carolina, U.S. It is designed by Pete Dye and combines sand dunes, thorny marshes, pot bunkers, and slick greens to make it nigh impossible to win on.

Is Tiger Woods a member of Augusta National?

Augusta National Golf Club is the site of the iconic annual Masters Tournament and is the most famous course in the world. Tiger Woods is not a member.

National Golf Month Activities

  1. Get out onto the green

    There are so many different types of golf ranges out there to explore, so whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or pro, there’s something for everyone. It may be worthwhile investing in golfing lessons if you find yourself loving the sport. Additionally, mini-golf promises fun for the whole gang without the commitment of ‘serious’ golfing.

  2. Create your own backyard course

    Get creative and plan out your own backyard golf course. The sky’s the limit in terms of the different themes and materials you can use, and the best part is that you can adjust the difficulty level to suit the players (so maybe even your neighborhood toddler gang can take a shot).

  3. 3. Plan a golfing trip

    Golf courses can be in surprising places. Some camping sites come complete with a course of their own, so why not plan a trip this summer that includes a day stop at a golfing course or even a complete camping trip with golf as the chosen outdoor activity.

5 Important Facts About Golfing Terms

  1. Bogey

    Completing a hole, one stroke over the par limit.

  2. Birdie

    Completing a hole, one stroke under par.

  3. Fore

    Shouted out to warn anyone around of impending danger due to the ball heading in that general vicinity.

  4. Par

    The expected number of strokes it should take to sink your ball into the hole, or the expected total strokes for the entire course of 18 holes.

  5. Ace

    A hole-in-one — the chances of this are apparently 1:12,000!

Why We Love National Golf Month

  1. It’s a celebration of sport

    Any month which celebrates a sport is bound to get our heart rate up, both literally and figuratively. You don’t need us telling you how great sports are overall, so to dedicate an entire month to a sport is always encouraged. Since it’s great stress relief too, maybe your next office outing could be on the green.

  2. The benefits of golfing

    Though it may not seem so sporty on T.V., golfing actually burns a lot of calories, thanks to all the walking around, and it’s, therefore, a great form of low-impact exercise. While it can be frustrating, it’s also great as a form of mental exercise, as it takes some strategizing and a very level head to stay on track.

  3. The Fun factor

    Golf is so popular and played the world over because it can actually be fun especially when it comes to mini-golf, which is open for all ages and often features exciting themed courses with a range of difficulty levels. So instead of going out bowling with the gang next time, why not mix it up and try your hand at putting?

National Golf Month dates

Year Date Day
2023 August 1 Tuesday
2024 August 1 Thursday
2025 August 1 Friday
2026 August 1 Saturday
2027 August 1 Sunday
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