National Name Your Car Day - Name your little red corvette, "Swifty," and see what happens.

National Name Your Car Day 2024 – October 2, 2024

Name your little red corvette, “Swifty,” and see what happens. National Name Your Car Day every year on October 2, pays homage to those of us who love our rides so much — we name them!Although it sounds crazy, studies reveal that when we name inanimate objects, like our cars, we assign almost human-like attributes that make us feel more in control.  National Name Your Car Day is yet another demonstration of that love thang we Americans have with our rides. So, today, jump in “Birdie” and take off!

National Name Your Car Day timeline

​Focus on seat belt safety

Car manufacturers are required to install front, rear and shoulder seat belts.

​Airbags are manufactured

​Airbags make their appearance in the 70s but car makers are not legally required to install them until airbag technology improves in the late 90s.

​Hybrids arrive

Hybrids from Honda, Toyota and Ford experience increased sales because these vehicles are fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly.

​Nevada issues self-driving car licenses

​Nevada becomes the first state in the U.S. to issue licenses for self-driving cars.

​Tesla exceeds its weekly total

​For the first time, Tesla delivers 7,000 cars per week including 5,000 Model 3s and a combination of 2,000 Models S and X.

National Name Your Car Day Activities

  1. Name your car

    Some people name their cars based on its make or model. Does the Volkswagen Bug sound familiar? Other folks give their cars popular old school names like Fred, Suzy, or Betsy. Then again, there are descriptive names based on the appearance of the car like "Black Bart" or "Purple People Eater." Whatever name you give your car should make your car feel special to you.

  2. Love up your car

    If you haven't washed your car in such a long time that people are writing "wash me" on your windows, then you need to use National Name Your Car Day to show your neglected ride some love. Get an oil change or even a tune-up. Take the time to check on your car's safety features and make sure "Baby Girl" is in good, running condition. National Name Your Car Day is all about your ride as well as your safety.

  3. Take a ride

    You named her and gave her a custom car wash, so now "Maxine" is ready for a spin. Nothing makes you appreciate a car more than revving up the engine on a safe but robust ride in the fast lane. Cars give Americans that sense of freedom that we value so highly. A roll down the highway or bumping along a country lane doesn't have to take long, but it should provide that good quality time you crave between you and your car.

Drive Away With These 5 Car Facts

  1. Students break Guinness world record

    ​19 female students in Karachi, Pakistani stuffed themselves into a Smart Car.

  2. ​Wash your car — or else — in Russia

    ​Drive a dirty car in Russia and you risk getting a ticket.

  3. ​Cruisin' with cruise control

    ​The person who invented cruise control was blind.

  4. ​Do they EVER walk in L.A?

    The number of cars in L.A. exceeds the population of almost 4 million people.

  5. ​Don't become a statistic

    ​The number one cause of death for Americans under age 35 is car accidents.

Why We Love National Name Your Car Day

  1. Naming our cars may make us feel safe

    Whether your car is called, "Buffy," "Bruiser," or "Belladonna," Americans enjoy naming their cars. Some of us even talk to our cars, especially in situations we can't control such as when "Gigi" won't start or the "Mean Green Machine" blows a tire. Despite our trepidation, calling the car by name and coaxing it to start in a loving tone makes us feel as though we're with a trusted friend that's just having a moment.

  2. Naming our cars make them seem human

    How many movies have we seen where the car with a name takes on human characteristics? There's "Herbie, the Love Bug," "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang," (more of a sound than a name but you get our drift) and, of course, "Tucker." What all these vehicles have in common is a sense of being more human than car. They exhibit personality and many times our car names reflect how we see ourselves.

  3. Naming our cars make them seem more intelligent

    If you're driving Minnie the MINI and you're in an accident, some studies show that you may not find Minnie at fault. According to a study in the "Journal of Experimental Social Psychology," drivers in unnamed cars who had accidents tend to assign blame to the car, the engineers, and the car maker. Researchers found that car names seemed to encourage a sense of trust in the drivers. So it follows that when the driver feels that the car is competent, drivers are rewarded with a much more satisfying experience.

National Name Your Car Day dates

Year Date Day
2022 October 2 Sunday
2023 October 2 Monday
2024 October 2 Wednesday
2025 October 2 Thursday
2026 October 2 Friday