Once upon a time, the beer lovers of the United States were very sad. The government ratified the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1920, banning all intoxicating liquors, including beer, beginning the period of American history we now know as Prohibition. However, in 1933, Prohibition came to an end. The date was April 7, so now we celebrate New Beer’s Eve each year on April 6! So grab a beer and toast to your ability to drink it!

New Beer's Eve timeline

1800 BC
The First Ode to Beer

The Hymn to Ninkasi, the Sumerian goddess of beer, is inscribed on a tablet.

The 18th Amendment Passes

Prohibition goes into effect and all intoxicating alcohols are banned.

Prohibition Ends

The Prohibition comes to an end on December 5.

Hops is Introduced

Cascade hops were developed in Corvallis, Oregon in 1956. They weren’t released to brewers until 1972, becoming the hallmark aroma of American beers.

New Beer's Eve Activities

  1. Enjoy happy hour

    Grab your friends and head out for those beer specials! It’s a good time to reconnect with friends, kick back, relax, and enjoy some brews!

  2. Try a new craft beer

    We know there are always new craft beers popping up on your grocer’s shelf. You’ve looked at them, you’ve considered purchasing them, but instead you’ve gone with a more familiar beer. Why not make this the day you try something new?

  3. Have a party

    You’ve purchased those new beers, so why not invite everyone over for a New Beer’s Eve bash? It only comes once a year, so gather your friends together and celebrate!

5 Awesome Beer Facts That'll Have You Looking For The Liquor Store

  1. It’s good for your bones

    Craft beer has plenty of silicon in it, which helps build and maintain strong bones.

  2. India Pale Ale is everyone’s favorite

    Well, maybe not everyone’s, but India Pale Ale is the most popular craft beer in America.

  3. Presidents make their own

    George Washington, Barack Obama, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison all brewed their own craft beers at home—while in office.

  4. Sometimes your cup runs out

    Cenosillicaphobia" is the fear of an empty beer glass

  5. It's the MVD (most valuable drink)

    Beer is the world's most widely-consumed alcoholic beverage

Why We Love New Beer's Eve

  1. Bars celebrate in a big way

    Every year, bars around the country celebrate New Beer’s Eve with specials, like two for one brews or dollar beers. It’s a great excuse to gather the gang together for happy hour!

  2. New beers

    In addition to specials, many brewers release new beers on this date each year. For example, Diamond Knot Brewing released four new beers last year on April 6th.

  3. History can be fun

    Often, we learn the dry, dull facts of our country, rather than the fun stuff. Picturing President Roosevelt kicking back with a beer just brings a smile to our face. Sometimes, history can be fun!

New Beer's Eve dates

Year Date Day
2023 April 6 Thursday
2024 April 6 Saturday
2025 April 6 Sunday
2026 April 6 Monday
2027 April 6 Tuesday