Superhuman Day - Superhuman Day is nothing short of a special tribute to honor those who overcame the challenges of a disability.

Superhuman Day 2024 – September 7, 2024

Superhuman Day takes place on September 7 every year. The day honors people with disabilities who face and overcome the challenges, disgrace, and dishonor that they experience. Did you know that everybody is likely to experience some kind of disability at some point in time? This is why this day also honors and recognizes hundreds of athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs, educationalists, and individuals who have proved themselves, regardless of what society labels them as.

History of Superhuman Day

Superhumans — and we’re not talking about the ones with hi-tech weapons in their metal suit or with the power to spin webs with their hands — live among us. We are talking about people with disabilities, who, with their hard work and persistence, navigated this tough world.Superhuman Day was first celebrated in 2016. A media company, Channel 4, came up with an extraordinary idea to highlight the extraordinary athletes at the Summer Paralympic Games. During the Paralympics in 2016, Channel 4 decided to run a campaign that acknowledged these underrated superhumans and their amazing achievements.Although the Paralympics started in 1948, people did not give it as much attention as they did to the Olympics. So, to change this mindset, Channel 4 started an ad campaign called ‘We are the superhumans’ The campaign presented 140 disabled people who were facing and trying to change the attitude of society towards them.This is what this day is all about — to move away from and eradicate the stigma that is forced upon people with disabilities and treat them equally. Support those with disabilities in any way you can and do everything in your power to help them live peacefully in this amazing world. Moreover, anyone who faces and overcomes the challenges that they face in their lives is a superhuman. So, pat yourself on the back and go conquer the world!

Superhuman Day timeline

The Wheelchair Games

WWII veterans with spinal injuries compete in the Stoke Mandeville Games.

The First Paralympics

The Paralympics are officially established and are open to people from around the world.

The Paralympics Get Bigger

1,600 athletes from 40 countries attend the Paralympics.

The Superhuman Campaign

Channel 4 creates a campaign called ‘We are the superhumans’ to highlight the Paralympics.

Superhuman Day FAQs

Why is it called the Paralympics?

The word ‘Paralympics’ is derived from the Greek preposition ‘para’ meaning ‘alongside.’ Its meaning is that Paralympics are the parallel games to the Olympics.

What are the disability groups in the Paralympics?

The main categories in the Paralympics are impaired muscle power, impaired passive range of movement, limb deficiency, leg length difference, short stature, hypertonia, ataxia, athetosis, vision impairment, and intellectual impairment.

When are the next Paralympic Games?

The next Paralympics will take place in 2024 in Paris.

How to Observe Superhuman Day

  1. Encourage and empower

    If you know someone who is disabled, you need to encourage them for their amazing achievements. Empower them to do more amazing things. Do everything to acknowledge their superpowers.

  2. Learn about other superhumans

    You would be amazed to find out about the many amazing superhumans who are navigating this world. Learn about people who have not let their disabilities hold them back.

  3. Support the Paralympics

    This day is a reminder to set your calendar to view the Paralympics. Watch and witness the heights that people can reach when they do not let their perceived stigmas hold them down.

5 Sobering Facts About Disabilities

  1. 15% of people

    15% of the world’s population, i.e. 93 million children and 720 million adults live with a disability.

  2. Not all disabilities are due to accidents

    Only 9% of disabilities are caused by accidents — the rest are due to natural causes or other reasons.

  3. The numbers need to increase

    Only 31% of the workforce is covered by employer-provided disability insurance.

  4. The sad fact about unemployment

    Only 25% of the working-age adults with disabilities are employed.

  5. Assistance is not always needed

    Although anyone may offer assistance, most people with a disability prefer to be responsible for themselves.

Why Superhuman Day is Important

  1. We all are the same

    People with disabilities go to school, get married, work, cry, laugh, dream, and do everything everyone else does. We should not let our stigmas and prejudices hold them back.

  2. It highlight the Paralympics

    The Paralympics encourage people with disabilities to go above and beyond. By celebrating Superhuman Day, we are promoting the Paralympics and encouraging people with disabilities.

  3. This is a much-needed day

    One wonderful thing we can take home from Superhuman Day is that people with disabilities prefer to be treated the same way. We should not see them as incapable.

Superhuman Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 September 7 Thursday
2024 September 7 Saturday
2025 September 7 Sunday
2026 September 7 Monday
2027 September 7 Tuesday