Eggplant Month is celebrated every year in July. It aims to celebrate the eggplant vegetable, which can come in a range of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Japanese eggplants are long and narrow, Indian eggplants are small and reddish-purple, and some Thai eggplants are green when ripe. July happens to be a great month to plant eggplants if you happen to be so inclined. They are easy to grow in warm, sunny locations. Eggplants are also called ‘aubergines’ and ‘brinjals’ in different cultures. They were initially domesticated from a wild nightshade plant ‘bitter apple.’

History of Eggplant Month

There is no agreed-upon place of origin for the eggplant. However, there are mentions of it originating in India according to a few sources. The first written record of the eggplant is found in “Qimin Yaoshu,” a 544 B.C. Ancient Chinese text. Etymology and the presence of names for the vegetable suggest that the plant was not common in Greece and Rome. It is believed that they were grown in the Mediterranean region in the Middle Ages. A 12th-century book on agriculture by Ibn Al-Awwam already described how to grow eggplants.The eggplant escaped British attention until the 16th century. As per a 1597 English botany book, written by John Gerrde, “this plant groweth in Egypt almost everywhere… bringing foorth fruite of the bignes of a great Cucumber…. We have had the same in our London gardens, where it hath borne flowers, but the winter approching before the time of ripening, it perished: notwithstanding it came to beare fruite of the bignes of a goose egge one extraordinarie temperate yeere… but never to the full ripenesse.” The eggplant has also been a part of folkloric traditions. Also, according to an Italian belief, eggplants can cause insanity.While raw, the eggplant has a bitter taste. However, after being cooked, it becomes tender and has a rich taste. The vegetable is also very versatile, as it can be eaten by itself, as a filling for recipes, or even as a main course in vegan cuisine.

Eggplant Month timeline

544 B.C.
“Qimin Yaoshu”

Qimin Yaoshu" mentions the eggplant.

12th Century
Mediterranean Growth

Ibn Al-Awwam describes how to cook the eggplant in his book.

13th Century

Italians believe that eggplants cause insanity.

16th Century
British Aubergines

The British begin consuming the eggplant.

Eggplant Month FAQs

Do you have to peel an eggplant?

You can eat the skin of the eggplant, but you should cut off the tip and remove the leaves.

Is eggplant good for weight loss?

Since eggplants are very healthy and nutritious, yes, it is! You should always eat in moderation and pay attention to how you prepare the vegetable, but the eggplant can be a great ally to weight loss.

Can the eggplant be eaten raw?

Yes, you can eat the eggplant itself raw or cooked. However, the leaves and flowers should not be eaten.

Eggplant Month Activities

  1. Try a few recipes

    If you are contemplating eating aubergines, go through a few recipes to see what suits you best. There are a ton of recipes to choose from!

  2. Buy aubergines

    Go to your local mart and buy different kinds of eggplants. You can have more versatile dishes by buying different kinds.

  3. Grow an eggplant

    Eggplants are famously easy to grow. Give it a shot! You’ll have a great meal and the satisfaction of growing the vegetable all by yourself.

5 Interesting Facts About Vegetables

  1. Hornworms

    A hornworm can eat through a tomato plant by itself in a day!

  2. Yams

    Yams and sweet potatoes are not the same — they come from different plant families.

  3. Californian broccoli

    Almost all broccoli sold in the U.S. is grown in California.

  4. The Supreme Court

    Tomatoes are considered vegetables as per a Supreme Court ruling.

  5. Immunity

    Mushrooms have their own immune systems.

Why We Love Eggplant Month

  1. It’s an excuse to eat yummy food

    Eggplants are delicious. Eggplant Month is a great excuse to eat them!

  2. Eggplants have a fun history

    The eggplant has traveled the world. Reading up on it is great fun!

  3. It’s an excuse to grow your own

    Eggplants are easy to grow. Use Eggplant Month to try it out yourself!

Eggplant Month dates

Year Date Day
2023 July 1 Saturday
2024 July 1 Monday
2025 July 1 Tuesday
2026 July 1 Wednesday
2027 July 1 Thursday
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