Global Garbage Man Day - Celebrate Global Garbage Man Day by offering smiles and appreciation to these hard workers!

Global Garbage Man Day 2025 – June 17, 2025

The Global Garbage Man Day on June 17 honors the garbage man and woman of the world. From collecting our garbage to seeing it through the entire disposal process, the garbage collectors provide their services to the world relentlessly each day. Even a day’s delay in taking away the garbage can result in inconveniences and the risk of diseases spreading. Thus, garbage collectors and the associated sanitation workers do society a great service by keeping it healthy and clean, day in and day out. The day also sheds light on the job’s dangers as garbage collecting and disposing of is considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the world due to things like inhaling odors, chemicals, and broken glass. All of these can lead to serious repercussions.  

History of Global Garbage Man Day

Global Garbage Man Day was started in 2011 by John Arwood. Arwood is an American businessman and the CEO of JDA company, which specializes in garbage disposal and demolition. During his childhood, Arwood was an avid recycler who collected bottles and general waste with his father to lessen the burden of waste on the environment. In 1997, Arwood recognized the potential the internet has for the business world, and thus, he launched his company’s website. Slowly and steadily, his business grew all over the country. But, Arwood soon realized that his garbage disposal staff was underappreciated by the community at large. Therefore, he started the Global Garbage Man Day in 2011, and from then onwards, people have been showering the garbage disposal community with appreciation and recognition. The Global Garbage Man celebrates all garbage collectors regardless of gender as the ‘man’ is an abbreviation of ‘human’. Arwood went on to extend the Global Garbage Man Day to a Waste & Recycling Workers Week to envelope all of the garbage workers community. Since the beginning, the day and the week have collected several awards and proclamations from state mayors and important political figures in America. Apart from showing appreciation, the day also aims to spread awareness about the dangers of the job. Garbage collectors and disposers fall sick due to the unhealthy odors and chemicals they are exposed to. There’s also always the risk of cutting themselves on broken glassware or other sharp items or becoming prey to diseases due to the unsanitary nature of their jobs. Many garbage collectors, both men and women, end up in the hospital due to their injuries sustained at their jobs that resulted in injuries, in the best case scenarios, or serious disabilities or death, in the worst-case scenarios. 

Global Garbage Man Day timeline

2000 B.C.
China’s Composting/Recycling Mission

China builds a composting/recycling program to reduce waste and garbage on the streets.

First Global Garbage Man Day

John D. Arwood, the CEO of JDA companies, commemorates the world’s first Global Garbage Man Day to show appreciation to garbage collectors and disposers.

First Garbage Man in England

Europe is hit with the Black Plague, a deadly disease, and it is around this time that England introduces ‘rakers’ who are garbage collectors that ‘rake’ all the trash on the streets onto a cart.

1995 — 2000s
Modern Truck Design for Efficiency

A special modern truck is designed to collect garbage efficiently from busy urban areas like apartment and office complexes.

Global Garbage Man Day FAQs

When does Global Garbage Man Day take place?

The Global Garbage Man Day takes place on June 17 every year.

What is a garbage man called?

A garbage man can be called a waste collector, or a trashman, or binman, or refuse collector. 

Who created the first garbage truck?

The first garbage truck was created by George Dempster, an American businessman, and inventor. He called his invention the ‘Dempster-Dumpster’ system, which had wheeled waste containers that were mechanically lifted and tipped into a truck. 

How To Celebrate Global Garbage Man Day

  1. Recognize the garbage disposal community

    While they collect your garbage every day, make sure you show them some form of recognition on their day. Offer them a word of thanks with a smile, and/or with a flower or a cupcake. You can get the kids to join in too to teach them about the importance of the garbage disposal community.

  2. Help them

    On the days when your garbage is spilling from its container, give the garbage collectors a helping hand by handing the garbage to them on the curb. But you can still do the same even on days when your garbage containers are not filled to the brim.

  3. Reduce and recycle

    Reduce your waste by recycling it. Sort your garbage by paper, plastic, metal, glass, and general. It will not only be easier on the garbage collectors, but it will also benefit the environment in the long run.

5 Facts About Sanitation That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Pay-as-you-throw program to reduce waste

    Since 2000, about 5000 cities in America have had the pay-as-you-throw system to reduce waste.

  2. Hygiene a privilege for the world

    4.5 billion people around the world are living in unhygienic conditions due to the lack of proper sanitation systems.

  3. Newborn deaths due to dirtiness

    Every minute, a newborn baby succumbs to death due to unclean environments.

  4. Almost one billion school children at risk of infection

    More than 900 million school children worldwide are at risk of getting infections just because they do not have access to clean water to wash their hands.

  5. Diarrhea second leading cause of child death

    Diarrhea, which is an infectious disease caused by an unsanitary environment, is the second leading cause of death for children under the age of five.

Why We Love Global Garbage Man Day

  1. It’s a celebration of the garbage disposal community

    The garbage disposal community works daily to provide us with a clean living environment. They work through the heat of the summer and the biting cold of the winter. They also risk their health while on the job. Therefore, we must show our appreciation for them and the work they do.

  2. It’s a celebration of cleanliness

    Science and history show us that cleanliness ensures a long and healthy life. The garbage disposal community helps our societies maintain the hygienic environments that are a basic need and right. Without them, our environment would be rampant with diseases and death.

  3. It’s a celebration of hygienic living

    You can have all the wealth and luxuries in the world, but they would mean nothing if you do not have good hygienic living. Maintaining hygiene allows for good living with good health and great positivity.

Global Garbage Man Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 June 17 Saturday
2024 June 17 Monday
2025 June 17 Tuesday
2026 June 17 Wednesday
2027 June 17 Thursday